Sunday, March 31, 2013


FOR YOUR EYES ONLY opens with my prophetic 007 INVISIBLE MAN figure flying a helicopter over London. That was just confirmed by the new pix of LL arriving the very same way, on the very same day I reviewed it again, at: ~ The nice thing about being born again is that it makes you a herpes-free virgin again. Which is why FOR YOUR EYES ONLY opens with the newly risen Sheena [Easter] singing the latter-days theme song. Who looks so much like today's virgin movie star Emma Watson. ~ And then we get right into the very sexy not-so-virgin Kristen Stewart look alike plot that was just introduced by that baptism age virgin getting shot in her sexy thighs by a cupid's cross-bow arrow in the Gay Area. Because her liberal school teachers and parents were making her ride that big black Negro whale model at the Lawrence Pierson science center for 666ers. That looks exactly like a British submarine in the 12th Bond movie, at: ~ Ergo, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY starts out with the ST GEORGES Christian fisherman boat sinking in confirmation of George Albert Smith's vision about today's Greek homosexual president; that he was given in St George, Utah, Washington County, right after WW II. ~ And then KS and I get chased by Obama's henchmen niggers in black French sedans who end up getting blocked by my sidekick's no.44 tourist love bus from hell. So see this Money Penny report, at: ~ Of course, A VIEW TO A KILL was also a prophecy about the time when California's Google Valley would also become underwater. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GOLDMEMBER SUB NOTES: One of the world's greatest translators of Isaiah lives in the Auburn, Kent, Washington area. Hence the shoostings there last night at THE SPORTS PAGE bar. See: ~ TEMPLAR NOTES: All those underwater REV.13:1 temple columns that we see in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY are the same Greek pillars that we see in front of today's desecrated temple White House in Washington, DC. ~ SAME DAY NOTES: I watched that British intelligence ship get sunk by a WW II mine, then read about that U.S. mine-sweeper ship get pulled up from the bottom; off the 1776 Chocolate Hills country, at: ~ 75 cars piled up in the fog on Jen Garmer's I-77 out of West Virginia. Right there is Mel's Beamer Knob light house in FOREVER YOUNG, etc. ~ To the south in North Carolina is a place called Toast. For that big black crow who flew over me at the JET STREAM car wash [Think CAR WASH movie.] on Easter with a big piece of burned toast in it's mouth. ~ HELPFUL NOTES: ~ God is going to make you whole again; physically, financially, and most of all, spiritually.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Mel Gibson was punished for his apostate Catholic sins by some hot Russian babe who plays the piano. Like this crazy one from Orange County, California, at: ~ According to the Mexican Book of Mormon, if you do not act like a man, then you get a childish nigger up your ass until it hurts so much that you finally grow up and come to your senses. ~ Think Jim Carrey making fun of the Nazi killer gun nuts in GLORIOUS BASTARDS meets THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS. ~ And then later he dies in a movie theater explosion of news reels on FOX NEWS. And then he is born again IN LIVING COLOR meets CAR WASH. ~ In fact, last night I watched CASINO ROYALE's prophecy about Woody Allen's born again April Fools Day assassination plot to rule the world with an army of illegal alien UFO space ship look alikes. ~ Who were based in some underground lair that was fronted by one of Senator Reid's casinos in Las Vegas. ~ Where Jen Garner asked me to explain a couple sections of the SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS, if you recall. ~ As explained in the violent ending whererin we see that mulatto ape hiding under an evergreen gaming table wearing an Irish white man's hair replacement wig. ~ Think Larry David meets Frasier at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ OH GOD YES! NOTES: ~ John Denver's two OH GOD movies about Colorado's Barack Obama being the black Egyptian G-d of today's doomed 666,666,666 Jews says it all. No need to even waste your time watching them. ~ CD is having fun role playing my 20ish blond wife in WHATEVER WORKS meets NYC because, typically, those tennis balls in MATCH POINT are bright yellow, like at: ~ SIDE NOTES: Me posting porn clips on my blog is the equivalent of Isaiah walking around for the three years of the future day 1260 two witnesses; with his naked balls swinging in the breeze, at: ~ If you read through Isaiah's many prophetic verses about yours truly, you will also learn that he had a rather filthy tongue.

Friday, March 29, 2013


All you sub mental apostate Mormon Christians out there have just two choices right now. Either you accept plural marriage, or you accept traditional Catholic style homosexual monogamy and fascistic social justice. ~ Check this. Last night I put in an old 1992 tape of FOREVER YOUNG, just as I noticed that a black gentile T-shirt in my closet had fallen off it's wire coat hanger in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS; thereby covering a lighthouse model I have siting in there; completely extinguishing it's guiding light beacon on the top of it. ~ Then the prophetic movie about the tree house of Israel on Orley [Taitz] Street went on the brink right after the two kids of Judah and Ephraim were told that Mrs [Emma] Watson had arrived. And Mel was just starting to enjoy his white bread banana sandwich. ~ Because in the end, Mel suddenly becomes an old man. Due to his apostate Christianity which does not lead to eternal life; in the full first class heaven sense of the word. ~ In other words, Catholicism is a very nice religion for kids, who aren't supposed to be having sex anyway, and Book of Mormonism is for more mature adult audiences. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BUD LIGHT NOTES: I found my one buck light house model at that ALASKA pilot's garage sale on Evergreen Drive a couple years ago. [Think forever being young and green, and alive for ever and ever; if you are a relatively new reader.] ~ The Orley Taitz dentist angle in FOREVER YOUNG is made clear in the movie's [LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS] dental treatments for those two young boys. Since my 29ish looking 85ish protagonist in the movie is desperate to find the original birth records of DANIEL 9's abomination of desolation. ~ Which will become the B2 bomber crash landing of Barack Obama in the near future, after WORLD WAR Z gets started. And yours truly has to eventually take over my secret yellow submarine fleet in the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY prophecy about my Greek president sidekick. ~ Turns out that Mel's prophetic movie was a PLAN B production. Just like the construction of his Catholic church in Malibu will now have to go into it's plan B phase. ~ CONFESSIONAL NOTES: I have to admit, the new Pope from Chile is a pretty cool old dude. Here he is humping that Persian vagina throw-up-rug in THE BIG LEBOWSKI meets BUBBA HO-TEP; laying it on next to all those other vigina icons who are waiting in line next to him, at: ~ Love JT's FOREVER YOUNG test pilot look in this new report from London at: ~ M.A.S.H. NOTES: Alan Alda's 1970s series was written and produced and directed and acted by a bunch of arrogant sub mental inbred Jews in Hollywood meets North Korea. Ergo, Kim is about the same age as your typical physically transfigured Caucasian who is rightfully suspicious of all those dark skinned born again Jesus Christ already Moonies in the Book of Mormon, at: ~ Remember, most of today's liberal Jews don't like guns.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


The reason why Mel's future polygamist Mormon Malibu wife line-leader is Jodie Foster, is because he has such a special place in his heart of hearts for such bisexual babes as Evan Rachel Woods, and Amber Heard, et al, like at: ~ MEETS: ~ And so does Jodie for that matter. ~ Therefore, the half Jew Branch Davidian MAD MAX actor got busted for spiritual drunkenness around the same time that WHATEVER WORKS rolled out. [Woody Allen's semi Jewish nickname is Max.] ~ Wow, the sexy Helen Hunt looks sooo handsome in the above movie poster. ~ I'm thinking MAVERICK meets that crazy upstate Republican Mohawk, NY haircut mother fucker in TAXI DRIVER meets the crazy dentist in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. ~ GSR/TWN ~ QUOTE NOTES: "The horror!!" in WHATEVER WORKS. ~ BASEBALL CARD TRADES: Last year, I dreamed that I made a trade deal with the NYY's rod of Jesse third baseman; wherein he could have either my wife Madonna, or my wife Cameron Diaz, whatever it takes to win. ~ PS MEL: I AM is so graciously hooking you up with your Providential no.19 co-star, and everything that that means, because He wishes to watch me fuck my 19 year-old virgin co-star wife Dakota Fanning. ~ B-2 NOTES: My Casa Blanca sidekick from occupied Africa, America, sent those two stealth [INVISIBLE MAN] B-2 bombers over Korea for an underground bombshell posting about me fucking two at a time. Like in WILD THINGS meets Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN meets WILD ORCHID.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

$155,000,000 DREAM COME TRUE

That prophetic Picasso portrait of Scarlett Johansson dreaming about sitting beside me on the royal Branch of David throne of England was just confirmed, yet again, at: ~ Because the new 666 beast has been stealing at least half of her money for quite some years now. And she is getting tired of it. And furthermore, none of her gay ass husbands, boyfriends, or one night lovers, have the Ravenna Park tennis balls to do anything about it. ~ For example, Woody's WHATEVER WORKS doesn't really work out in the end, because that typical NYC liberal Jew opens the movie with a ridiculous [DUPLICITY] rant about how only Nazis should be allowed to have the guns. And the NRA's obsession with some kind of a potential future fascist tyranny is just your typical cold-hearted Josephite tribe of Joseph paranoia about Jewish homosexuals, niggers, queers, drug addicts, and illegal aliens. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PAINFUL NOTES: Here is the one about that Jewish female dentist from Orange County, USA, meets USSR, Russia, at: ~ Here is an inspired by G-d image about the reason why 666,666,666 Jews needed to be killed by the Nazis. In order that the Christ-killer Jews might overcome their neo con fascistic legalistic nanny state tendencies, at: ~ [Boris's young blond Aryan nation nurse wife from Mississippi becomes a NYC nanny in the above cruel WHATEVER WORKS comedy, etc.] ~ Those fishing lure earrings on Adriana are about that Chilean sea bass dinner scenario in MELINDA AND MELINDA, at: ~ My Brazilian babe wife is a very devout Catholic. So I just might be able to make some kind of a production deal wife-swap trade out with her and Gisele Bundchen with Mel in order to entice him to finance my low budget video bio porno pic of Janis Joplin; co-starring Miley Cyprus and Carey Mulligan. And don't be fooled by Carey's innocent virgin poker face. Hey, WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the job done, as in this painful temple handshake movie about the upcoming physical transfiguration at: ~ I'll let you fuck my wife in WHATEVER WORKS just as long as you let me fuck the next two co-stars in your next picture. You think I'm joking? Then try coming back at me with a double-down offer, and just watch how fast you cave. ~ I'll see your raise, and double it, with an offer that even Oliver Stone could not refuse.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Crazy Melinda and happy Melinda showed up in Melbourne [again] right as my new MELINDA AND MELINDA posting rolled out. In confirmation of Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts role playing their younger ODD COUPLE sisters, Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan over the years, like at: ~ In the above MEL AND MEL prophecy, both the crazy blond and the happy-face blond hook up with the future light skin Barack Obama love guru; who inspires both of them in the end to break it off, one way or the other. ~ And then the 2005 movie about the wise five virgins' oil lamps suddenly comes to an end with the snap of a finger. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PREVIEWS OF COMING ATTRACTIONS: As Goodwill Friday approaches, NOTTING HILL is on deck; so is DECONSTRUCTING HARRY, and MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY; i.e. NO/TTING HILL means no three-way T-boning TTing, nor any hot fucking FFing is allowed either, like at: ~ The Greek homosexual abomination of desolation, who is now illegally occupying the front steps of the White House, appointed a lesbian to head up his own private Nazi SS guards. Make no mistake about it. The new and improved SS is now all about protecting that black shirt nigger in DC from America's white people. ~ Since my ex-wife's Pierson surname has become a popular nail piercing crucifixion reference in many recent prophetic latter-day saints films. No wonder the Supreme Court timing of that brain dead female politician from Arizona being connected to some dog-eat-dog attack in Orange County's popular gay hangout called Laguna Beach, at: ~ At the same time that Jim Carrey's new HEE HAW video came out about crazy white men shooting crazy neo lesbians, neo queers, neo niggers, and neo con half Jews.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Both the production schedules and the release roll outs of MELINDA AND MELINDA and MATCH POINT happened to overlap for a three-way time-line sign from G-d, as per: ~ AND: ~ In fact, at first I thought that I was supposed to watch the inspired struggling actor motifs in MELINDA AND MELINDA. But about one third into it, I was suddenly impressed to overlap my viewing with a look at my long lost dust covered DVD of MATCH POINT. Wherein one of my wives has a cheery disposition, and the other one is your typically crazy Jewish American Princess. ~ [Think JR meets JG meets JA, especially after their looks start to fade.] ~ Hence, the two overlapping story lines in the above two movies are both about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LUCKY U NOTES: This cell phone mirror image mirrors the iPAD mirror image in MATCH POINT where I AM is getting lucky with Scarlett Johansson at 57:... minutes into my DVD, per: ~ AND: ~ The burglary of Keira Knightley's flat was a MATCH POINT prelude. [Almost all your portable DVD players have AM/ FM two witnesses radio.] ~ DARK NOTES: That Barack Obama figure walks by in MATCH POINT when Chris and Chloe come out of the witch doctor's office at 57:... minutes. Who will be the day 1290 Indian medicine doctor who delivers the new baby boy in REV.12.~ Ergo, Jessica Biel is now trying to get pregnant by JT, but it's taking a bit longer than they had hoped.~ PS 770 DAVID BOSE [RADIO] PERSONALITY: The only thing that white American men are interested in right now is the curious case of Barack Obama's well known forged citizenship documents. The more you don't talk about it, the more interesting it gets; "I like to leave something to the imagination..." [Emma Watson] ~ OH YEAH NOTES: Check out my gay-in-the-saddle LONE RANGER meets URBAN COWBOY sidekick, Jim Carrey, role playing all my mindless darkie critics on the left, at: ~ HEE HAWS' 196666s mascock was the Democrat Party's mule/donkey logo and all that hint hint, wink wink, half breed donkey shit. [Never underestimate a crazy vagina comedian from Tonto, Canada who got his big break on some colored tv show for niggers.] ~ THIS JUST IN YOUR ASS: 6.2 in BOOK OF MORMON country for old Mormon faggots, at: ~ March 25 being the Howard Stern anniversary when the swinging 1970s devil made a deal with President Kim/ball in SLC, UT. Who at the time was suffering from DEEP THROAT style XXX cancer. ~ PS BUD: More right-wing conservativism, less half Jewish neo con right-wing populism.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


For some reason, I just wasn't feeling it last night. So I prayed unto Jesus and asked him to give me a more specific vision about which movie I should watch during the upcoming midnights hours. And then during my after-dinner cat nap, I had a vision wherein I was standing at the end of 16th Ave NE, in Seattle, down by Ravenna Park's tennis courts, and I pulled down my unbuttoned 1960s era 501 LEVI jeans [zipper] and pulled out my balls. ~ So later I ended up seeing Woody Allen's LUCKY U tattoo prophecy called MATCH POINT; which opens with a long slow motion shot of a tennis ball bouncing back and forth between the two tennis racket babes of Judah and Ephraim. ~ Which was ultimately about how Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson should just get over their petty little silly girl jealousies and learn what it means to enjoy getting your brains fucked out for all eternity. ~ That happens in the prophetic 2006 release just after the Ms November 22 birthday girl encounters the future born again Barack Obama on her front door steps in London. And then she too dies, and becomes born again, just after she had told him, "Thank you so much for helping me." ~ GSR/TWN ~ DARK KNIGHT NOTES: I see only dark people, who hate white people, in their wild hearts at this JJ gossip link, per: ~ In the MATCH POINT prophecy, we see that sad Barack Obama darkie painting on the wall right after we learn that Ms November 22 was shot, and gone to that evergreen tree paradise of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. ~ Last night, I dreamed that I was holding Neve Campbell's hand while she kept throwing up, over and over, inside of some evergreen forest hiking trail cave somewhere. Then an evergreen CIVIC bearing her '103...' born again birth date plates passed me at the MASSAGE ENVY therapy clinic on 192 Sunday afternoon. Which quickly returned again by me when I saw a loud squawking black crow sitting on the fence at the JET STREAM car wash. ~ MORE DEATH NOTICES: The apostate US Supreme Court of the latter day saints' Sodom and Egypt in REV.11, Utah, will begin their debate about whether homosexuality is normal; on the first day of Passover, per: ~ For goodness sakes guys, get off the fence and make up your minds about this abomination of desolation on the doorsteps of your own holy temples of Israel. ~ And stop listening to that old fag from Barack Obama's Chicago, Elder Oaks, who never had a father figure in his life. Who probably still believes that the obviously unconstitutional 1964 Civil Rights Act, that ended up giving the priesthood to the negro, was the cat's meow. ~ PS Jim Carrey: You are not a real man if you don't have the stomach to kill the women and children first. That's like not having the tennis balls to cut the throat of one of your wives who you had caught committing adultery behind your back. ~ THEATER NOTES: After my above fledging hero metaphorically kills off today's star of CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, he go sees THE WOMAN IN WHITE with one of his other pregnant wives.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Having sex with the same person forever is really a weird idea, from a biblical point of view. Especially if you believe in the Old Testiment and the new SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS, now available for only 22 bucks at [Soon to be available at too.] ~ What? You don't like to get your freak on? ~ Heck, even that proverbial church lady on SNL in the 1980s knew better than that. ~ According to the 2bc revelations from God, in the next life, people who only wanted the things of the spirit in this life, like the Catholic pope, will be sent to a second class heaven where there is no physical touching. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SEXY TIME NOTES: Here is an example of what you will get if you agree to give 10% to the United Order, and stop giving anything to the new 666 based IRS, at: ~ If you want to be like my LUCKY U tattoo fuck buddy forever and ever, then stop being like my enemies. Ergo, Ashley Greene looks a lot like that bitch who tried to stab me in the back in the new iSPY google glasses prophecy update, circa 2013, at: ~ DREAM NOTES: Last night, around 9:00, I dreamed that Woody Allen was totally serious about casting me in some brilliant darkie comedy about a high school math teacher who loves to fuck his 16ish female virgin students. I would go for that in a heart beat. Just as long as the money was right. ~ In my above filmmaker dream, to be financed out of Jen's PLAN B petty cash surplus money partnership with Tom Hanks, etc. ~ Woody Allen makes his new casting decision about a month and a half before my next October 29 birthday. Which is basically the day 1260 anniversary of the Jewish witness in REV.11. ~ STRANGE FFING NOTES: I'll let Woody fuck my English teacher co-star wife, Carey Mulligan, in the above production, [Think Laurence meets Ornella.] if that is what it takes to get him inspired enough to make my next big thing. Believe me you; his current teenager virgin Korean Moonie wife will thank both of us for helping him to turn the corner.

Friday, March 22, 2013


That warm and fuzzy self righteous prison warden from hell was hunted down in Obama's egotistical Monument, Colorado [colored people] state on the eve of his dedication of the five new monuments to the wise five virgins in Wise County, Texas, at: ~ Just because I love my darkie sidekicks, it does not mean that every once in a while I need to whip up one of my White House plantation sex slaves into a sexual frenzy; per that prophetic BLUES BROTHERS II prophecy. ~ Therefore, those two raving lunatic liberals from 666 Hollywood are now making some monumental movie in Berlin; where the first beast's head was wounded in REV.13, but was then miraculously healed by the hand of God, per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PLAIN OLD NOTES: Ashley Greene's first name is a burned ashes prophecy, per: ~ Ashley's LA chateaux shag pad blaze was confirmation of Glenn Beck's [] apostate Christian Mormon belief that there is going to be some kind of a new awful 666 beast in the future based out of Europe. Because Ms Greene's born again Christian father was always talking about the same thing at the dinner table when she was a foolish virgin teen growing up in crazy-as-a-nigger [Jesse] Jacksonville, Florida. ~ Here is the latest report about the U.S. Department of Birth Certificate Security purchasing billions of bullets, at:

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Ironically, Canada's new lunatic homophobic laws will eventually lead to the total elimination of paranoid homosexual phobias. Just because you love to hate the crazy vagina, the crazy vagina will not love you back; and the crazy vagina is pretty much the one who is in control of everything that is crazy right now in Canada. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PLAN B NOTES: Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt's PLAN B wedding production company is/was a Miley Cyprus 'plan B' wedding prophecy, circa 2013. ~ 666 NOTES: Most of today's fake birth certificate born-again Christian apostates who worry about the rise of some future MICKEY MOUSE cartoon 666 beast are actually worried about the end-times of their beloved new 666 beast that was born again under FDR meets David Letterman meets Tammy Faye Messner Bakker, like at: ~ DEVIL LOOK ALIKE BIBLE CABLE MOVIE NOTES: They suspect that the black SEDAN DE VILLE that was bearing Barack Obama's Colorado plates had something to do with the assassination of Larry Sinclair's JAIL HOUSE ROCK prison warden, at: ~ [Think Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, Colo. hot spot for cruising for sex on the down low with Jewish neo con strangers to the truth, etc.] ~ After all, the ex con Larry [King] Sinclair spent all those years in a Colorado jail for making federal reserve notes bank check forgeries. Just like today's crazy 8888s Jew con is now doing at the new 666 fed in NYC.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The 52 PICKUP prophecy runs 111 minutes. Wherein we see the 1986 birth certificate date of Megan Fox when Harry receives his baseball blackmail tickets inside of a Rush Limbaugh cigar box. Because the Jewish run Democrat Party is nothing but an IRS blackmail machine that is backed up by their legions of niggers, queers, drug addicts, and illegal aliens with falsified papers. ~ Hence, that mortar cannon explosion at Walker Lake, Nevada happened in confirmation of the above two Jewish cousins' CANNON FILMS project. ~ Never forget, Jesus suffered and died on the cross in order that all of you unrepentant Gentiles would understand that you too are going to die in the same gruesome way. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RAVING LUNATIC NOTES: This JFK report is a [Love Bus] report about the crazy JFK women who support the rights of crazy emotional JFK female voters who are as crazy as a vampire bat, at: ~ AND: ~ What? You don't believe that Megan Fox is all that crazy? ~ BIBLE MOVIE LOOK ALIKE NOTES: The Jewish guy who directed MR AND MRS SMITH looks like the duplicitous flip flopping Jew named Leo in 52 PICKUP, only younger and trimmer, and with better hair, at:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Who gives a shit if women are not allowed to vote anyway. What? You really wanna fuck women like Hillary Clinton, or Michelle Obama, or even Senator Feinsten? Excuse me while I throw up. [Think Maria Shriever meets Maria Cantwell in some three-way from hell.] ~ Meanwhile, Miley Cyprus and her ATM bank panic girlfriends showed up at that nice mid priced motel with a pool in Palm Springs; that is featured in the 52 PICKUP meets MR IMPERIUM prophecy, at: ~ Because last night at 4:32 am, Jesus said "G7!". And then I found out about those 7 gay ass sailors of the 7 hills beast who got blown by that confetti mortar orgasm blast in Taylor Swift's new number 22 video. ~ In confirmation of my flash vision at 9:39 pm the night before. Where I saw my red light 1970s COSMO bed clock say '7:14'. And so later I checked Jen's cfake marriage,birth certificate image number 714 and saw her wearing a REV.13:1 aquamarine Liz Hurley bikini number, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ SPRING [water] BREAKER NOTES: March 20 is the first day of SPRING TIME FOR HITLER meets BLAZING SADDLES. ~ That background "Tattoo" nickname dude in the above inspired 52 PICKUP link is my alter ego Iggy Pop look alike dude in URBAN COWBOY. ~ The above fake birth certificate image has Jen sitting on Obama's Greek president style stonewall in bankrupt Cyprus with the two olive tree branches of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in the background. Jen's desperate California actor father left medical school in Greece and went back to a good paying soap opera gig in NYC because he was about to go broke. ~ LIFETIME meets SUNDANCE needs to get over themselves and come out with a hard R rated cable soap opera that revolves around Lindsay Lohan. What do you got to lose? Pay everybody minimum scale; keep everybody on set 24/7; in some off Hollywood low rent studio out in the valley; ready to shoot the damn thing whenever Lindsay feels like showing up half drunk in the middle of the night. ~ How could you lose with such a deal? Believe me you, LL knows how to put out like some big time mega star when I AM tells her to get serious. ~ Not that many iconic young ladies in Hollywood have that kind of 1950s type decadent talent anymore. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. ~ Note that SMART WATER baptism by immersion bottle in the above extortionist 52 PICKUP image. So you'all can just start depositing my 5 big ones right now in my Chinatown, Vancouver, BC, BANK OF CANADA passport account right now. [Keep my money in your own name for now. So that no one is that much the wiser. I trust you to do the right thing after all these years; because you owe me big time and you know it. And even the smaller independent banks up in Vancouver, BC, Canada are now better than any bank in DUPLICITY's Switzerland, or even the British Bahamas.] ~ Personally, I don't really need that much money. But I do need that kind of money in order to buy off my niggers with their own private 4000 square foot brick homes, made with old world stucco exteriors, and wet plaster interiors. ~ Hey, I don't want to be always watching my back. I have more important things to think about right now. And if I have to pay out a little protection money, then so be it. ~ Think the suspicious Jew Randy Quaid hiding out in the Vancouver area, because the raving lunatic believes that the Republican Party is trying to assassinate him, at:

Monday, March 18, 2013


LL showed up Monday at street number 111 in LA wearing an amazing pink top STRAWBERRY BUBBLEGUM number, over her endowment house garments, at: ~ Talk about 90 days of 24/7 sexual healing at Charlie Sheen's own private rehab shag pad up in the canyons. ~ No wonder that God has revealed to his lost tribes iSPY revelators, now hiding in plain sight, that the men must come out first in order to protect the women from the LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS beast. Who has the voice of a Negro, and the big needle-stinger injected carp lips of a Jew on some CNN type talk show. ~ Notice all those niggers and that PLANET OF THE APE DOGS Jew who escorted her into court in the above link. ~ Like I give a shit if Lindsay Lohan lied to the same naive Area Code 310 coppers in KEY LARGO who are now lying to us about Barack Obama et al. ~ It sure helps to keep things in perspective. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LOOK ALIKE NOTES: Here is the one about Tiger Woods dating my ex Alison Deetz at: ~ This one is about my PLANET OF THE APES cave dweller sidekick in iSPY, at: ~ It just makes sense that the one in MARK 13:14 should start visiting La Madonna's Judea [Judah] on 3.20. Who is a big supporter of the new Sodom and Egypt starting in REV.11.1. ~ RLDS FLIP FLOP NOTES: Chicago's native Midwest daughter of Israel [HRC] will flip flop back again after those three mind fucking explosions in 1986's 52 PICKUP prophecy. Which is why women will not be allowed to vote in the upcoming Kingdom of God. And the wild at heart sons of Ham will not be allowed to hold the higher priesthood. ~ Women have a God-given right to change their minds. ~ TEMPLE NOTES: You only need to wear your protective LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS garments when you are standing on the sacred grounds of Israel; like when you visit Mel Gibson's Branch Davidian compound above Malibu, etc. Otherwise, the God of Israel really doesn't give a shit if you walk around West Hollywood etc stark naked, rubbing your clit or you dick; "When in Rome..." and all that DUPLICITY meets ROMA FFing shit.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


CPAC ended with not one speaker talking about the established fact that there is a well known illegal alien homosexual murderer sitting in the White House. What's up with that? ~ Who do you guys think you are? Brad Pitt? That lying egotistical phony patriot in MR AND MRS SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON? Who committed spiritual adultery on the above film set and then divorced his fake [Malibu meets Santa Barbara, California] marriage/birth certificate wife of five years? ~ Thereby tempting her to lay with strange flesh. ~ No wonder that about one third of the men in America no longer believe in European style democratic fascism. And about a third of today's Mormons are beginning to wonder if Thomas Momson et al are squaring with them. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FAKER NOTES: ~ That private jet crashed in South Bend in confirmation of my nigger's private presidential jet in iSPY's prophecy about the invisible lost tribes of Israel living completely out in the open all over Eastern Europe. ~ Here is the latest about those iSPY contact lenses at: ~ Check out this foolish virgin fudge packer clip from CPAC. The number '18' is really big among the neo con Jews, like at: ~ I will never forget Steven Fresh joking about his estranged wife, Ornella, sleeping with the future U.S. email man in IT STARTED IN NAPLES.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


That EZE.47:1 year-old librarian mother of whores who was tied up and forced to watch Francis Ford Coppola's foolish virgin daughter get raped, [Per NEW YORK STORIES] was based on my same day dream about watching two John Travolta movies at some library. And then I found URBAN COWBOY's allegory about the insanity of apostate Christian monogamy. ~ Ergo, the better man in the crazy Texas cowboy movie made in 1980 was actually my future Iggy Pop meets Warren Jeffs prison rodeo rider look alike. ~ In the 1980 prophecy, made by a very talented homogaysexual director who died from the film's Scorpio tattoo stinger prophecy in REV.9, Iggy Pop is suddenly turned into a villain just to justify it's gay ass Jews for Jesus plot. ~ Wherein Sissy is forced to lay with strange flesh, and Bud's wounded arm of flesh gets healed rather quickly. ~ Then some guy, whose middle name is Austin [Danger], from Michael Savage's Gay Area suddenly shows up with a wounded head at the SLC, Utah library; for a second witness, CARNIVAL OF SOULS style, at: ~ And then a bus crashes near Dickinson College in PENNSYVANIA 6-5000, because the college kids today are being taught that there is nothing wrong with a man having his dick up your sons' ass. On the very same day that Senator Portman's trusted CNN buttfucker Mr Anderson is being honored by GLAAD. Right after Elton John's concert down in MLK's Atlanta was suddenly cancelled. And all the shit. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN NOTES: Here's the latest about my dark knight sidekick who was born in Africa, at: ~ iSPY just could be my best ever nigger sidekick from Hawaii prophecy out there, at:

Friday, March 15, 2013


That Mohawk, NY loner walked into John Seymour's LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS barbershop only hours after JT's 5 CLUB barbershop quartet spoof on Jimmy Fallon; that was all about bringing the sexy back, like at: ~ AND: ~ ~ Because the guy shot those dirty coppers' black attack dog named 'Ape' with a blast through the closed door in THE BOYZ FROM BRAZIL II; just east of my own private 423' LUCKY U landmark called Utica. Where they make all those fine ass 3-way riding-shotgun icons. ~ Think Ken McLeod's choice of 20 gage grouse shooters. Saddly, OLD GROUSE Scotch has been a little too watered down in recent years. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOWHERE NOTES: The Book of Mormon's Mohawk LA manites were famous for their scalp job haircuts. Hence the upper New York State killings being related to the same region where God hid the Egyptian lettered Letterman gold plates of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt. Double hence, that polite society Republican from DUPLICITY's Cleveland, Ohio area came out in favor of homosexuality during CPAC, etc. Right when Pope Francis was made the new pope of Greenwich Village, NY, etc. ~ The LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS prophecy came out in 86, for that pissed off loner who 86ed all those upstate New York Republican chicken shits who don't have the balls to call a spade a spade. ~ Here is the one about the Navajo LA manites killing the Bible Belt's CPAC Republicans who think that the upper New York State's Book of Mormon is a joke, at: ~ Right there is the JUNGLE QUEEN tourist attraction, due north of REV.13:1's OCEAN WORLD, and John U. Lloyd Beach. ~ Back on 2.27, at 8:10 pm, Lloyd Bridges told me that my postings were, "The smartest thing I ever read". [The Big Lebowski's father of course, co-star of JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO, filmed in Barack Obama's queer-as-orange-soda Hawaii Islands.] ~ It was probably some kind of a hint-hint wink-wink thing about that 3-way trampoline shot in Taylor Swift's new Malibu Beach porno party video. ~ LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is ultimately about Malibu Mel's little endowment houses of the Lord where they conduct the vampiric [AMERICAN VAMPIRE] blood letting that leads to the physical transfiguration magic in all those Branch Davidian motorcycle rider prophecies starring Steve Martin. ~ The director of URBAN COWBOY died of AIDS at age 57. Right when I was starting to write about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11:1 plus. His long time partner was the actor who played the naive liberal news reporter in SUPERMAN. Who was just too stupid to see that Clark Kent was the future masked CAPTAIN AMERICA meets the future fallen SUPERMAN actor who ended his life living in an FDR style wheelchair. NOTHING NEW NOTES: The never ending conflict between North Korea's immature leader, who has a girl's name, and South Korea, lead by a woman, and located on the cut-off penis stump peninsula prophecy, represents the civil war conflict between Obama's northern homogaysexual socialists, and the lesser socialists of the non Biblical Bible Belt who think that King David was a sex pervert. ~ Think Michael Savage meets Michael Medved, both of whom are polite society Jews.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


That 4.5 near Pope Valley, California at 2:09:23 Thursday was for Francis Ford Coppola's contribution to the three NEW YORK STORIES prophecies. That was about my virgin wife who was born on the 23rd, per: ~ Like I said, I would never fuck a 15 year-old who looks like she is 13, unless and until the new Sodom and Egypt of America was destroyed. That would just be too risky from a legal point of view. ~ [Think Woody Allen fucking Soon-mi, because actually, there is nothing wrong with that.] Since right there is Rt.29's Whispering Pines confirmation of that big geyser ejaculation shot in Taylor Swift's new swingers video. Filmed at that 70s shag pad homage to Anderson's BOOGIE NIGHTS baptism pool prophecy. ~ Standing in for Francis' double two-fingers FFing Napa Valley wine glasses and all that loving spoonful stuff. ~ Plus my King of the Cowboys royal castle landmark called Windsor is right there. Since for some reason God told me last night, completely out of the blue, that I now need to see John Travolta's 1980 movie about the Texas style King of the Cowboys in his URBAN COWBOY prophecy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ QUICKIE NOTES: I wasn't going to say anything, but a few days ago I tried to slip in another sneak peek of 52 PICKUP's 1986 prophecy about the 3-way explosions that fuze together the two metals of Judah and Ephraim in EZEKIEL 11:1. But then there was a huge explosion at some metals plant off Rt.111 in Illinois on the same day in Granite City. And now this look alike Hollywood porn theater operator report comes out, so: ~ [See all my wives sitting on those granite Colorado boulders in Taylor's new 22 video.] ~ NEW READERS: That is one of my larger plain brownish GSR/TWN newsletter envelopes from the 90s that Julia Roberts finds hidden under my bed in the opening sequence to DUPLICITY; full of secret Egyptian codes, etc. ~ That crazy shot gunner in Mohawk, NY [Think TAXI DRIVER] was a great church of the whore warning. Because it happened on the same day that they chose the new Pope from the Book of Mormon's Argentina. Who is going to be metaphorically slaughtered by the LA manite darkies in the Book of Mormon. ~ You make a joke out of Jesus, and the Joker and his Batman sidekick will make a joke out of you. In other words, people are going to continue to die until the day 1290 dark knight in the desecrated Casa Blanca takes his mask off. ~ [His Hawaii birth certificate is a smug Jew insider joke, yada yada...] ~ This one is about Bonney Lake's ALASKA AIRLINES bush pilot just getting better and better as he gets older, at: ~ People who think that hot and horny virgin babes don't get to fuck, are the same Dumb Ass, Texas types who think that the Book of Mormon was written by the devil. ~ Here is Mr McCon's way of saying that you all got played big time in his new gay ass movie filmed in Dallas, at:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Jesus Christ already! The new old POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE sounds just as effeminate as the last Pope 16 from Germany. If I had a copy of La Madonna's EVITA prophecy, I would be watching it right now. ~ So for now, I'll settle with this Miley Cyrus look alike 1260 days period movie poster at: ~ Saddly, the new Pope looks and sounds like the 76 year-old poster child for traditional monogamist homosexual values. ~ Which is basically the same duplicitous shit that Keira Knightley's third way mother of whores has been standing in for all of her life. And so now the 27 year-old British actress and her sisters are starting to get pretty sick of it, like at: ~ Francis is a girl's name. ~ GSR/TWN

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The reason why all those virgin CLUB 5 teens died in horrific car crashes surrounding JT's SNL weekend, is because the Jewish Lord of Hollywood wants to maximize the publicity leading up to the opening of Selena Gomez' new SPRING BREAKERS break-up movie. ~ Which I recently read is supposed to come out INSYNC with Jim Carrey's new Las Vegas magic show movie. Wherein he miraculously appears to look like he is a shirtless Iggy Pop in bed with two teenagers every other night. And at the end, it all turns out to be no HARD ROCK CAFE meets CHEAP TRICK illusion. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CHEAP NOTES: Read up on the inspirational ghostings behind Jim Carrey's new 20/20 Las Vegas, Nevada movie at:


That 4.7 earthquake, at 9:56 am LA manite time, hit during the RLDS priesthood meetings going on around Thomas [Monson] Mtn. Rattling the Rt.111 Chocolate Mtns of the new African priesthood of the abominable whore who rides the new 666 beast in D&C 86 and REV.17. ~ Right as all those old men were gathering in Roma at the great and abominable church of the devil in the Book of Mormon. ~ [Not to be confused with the synogog of Satan.] ~ Therefore, another 5 virgins died in a crossroads crash near Dumb Ass, Texas at the same time my dream rolled out about the teen throb Justin Timberlake driving one of those old gasoline tankers in the new and improved MAD MAX remake; filmed in EZE.47:1 South Africa. ~ In confirmation of the GSR/TWN prophecy called DUPLICITY. Wherein yours truly discovers the physical transfiguration cure for baldness. Which represents JT's inspired new FFing missionary style hairdo; that looks so much fuller and thicker that you just want to run your hands through it. ~ Ergo, the new baldness SHAMPOO thing from above is called "...the Holy Grail!" of the Branch Davidian blood line of Christ. ~ And they also voted in Obama's Colorado to approve homosexual chastity between a man and a man on the same day that the black smoke poured out of the chimney at the Vatican. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FRESH NOTES: They started shooting DUPLICITY in March 2008, five years ago, before the Ornella Fresh pizza signs and wonders were revealed. ~ Those two old mechanical 1990s style 'ghost' printers in DUPLICITY are the same two that I used to print out my original [INVISIBLE MAN] two witnesses reports. ~ At the end of the inspired pre-Obama DUPLICITY prophecy, Julia Roberts realizes that she and her man have been played by Barack Obama. As they sip those two glasses that I love to fuck no matter what; sitting inside some fancy ornate hall with double temple pillars at the Vatican, circa 2013, five years later. [Think the Swiss Guards, who are positioned inside and outside, and on top, of the Vatican.]

Monday, March 11, 2013


Miley Cyrus may still be the best three-way fuck in Hollywood. But the old queen of Hollywood is still probably the best suck. ~ I saw DUPLICITY at PISTOL ANNIES right after I had my vivid dream about kissing Julia Roberts, as she sunk lower and lower onto her knees in order to give me a blow job. Exactly like it looks like in this inspired role playing pic at: ~ Shamefully, it took me at least another week before I decided to go back and get it. Partly because I could never remember hearing or seeing anything about it. ~ Anyway; DUPLICITY is sooooo good because the movie makes absolutely no sense at all unless and until you see it at least two times. And when you see it for the second time, it's even more fresh than the first time. Almost as if, weirdly enough, your first viewing of the GSR/TWN allegory had contained practically no plot spoilers whatsoever. ~ Hard as hell to believe, I know. ~ Which is why those Negro teenagers suddenly died when their 4x4 hit the rail on Park Avenue in Warren, Ohio's Cleveland region in confirmation of DUPLICITY's Park Avenue corporate war message. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FUCK ME NOW NOTES: Why fuck around with some stupid inexperienced boy who doesn't even know how to hit it and quit it, like I do, at: ? Note the physical only Warren Jeffs similarities. Because the raving lunatic prison prophet down in Texas is a lot like me. Only I would never fuck a 15 year-old virgin unless God told her that IMDONE4U. ~ PS MISS MONTANA: Give me a good TWO WEEKS NOTICE so that I can hit my mail-order ABs machine that I got for Christmas 5-years ago. Meanwhile, I wish to keep THE BIG LEBOWSKI's overweight gut fucker goatee until the time is right for Charlie Sheen to slim down and start his three-way therapeutic group-fuck sessions with Lindsay Lohan, and Annalyne McCord, and Selena Gomez, and even Emma Stone and Sharon Stone, et al, for all I know. ~ This new 666 beast report is a WOLFEN thing about the future Jewish 666 mayor of the New 666 York at; . ~ In the latter days, the two witnesses will appear in the New Jerusalem's capital of the Jews in the new Sodom and Egypt; like where our Lord was crucified.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Those 5 children died in a house fire south of London, Kentucky at the same time that that sexy bitch from Kentucky, who co-starred in TWISTED, declared that she was going to run for the US Senate. On some kind of a raving lunatic political platform that insists that the problem is that the new 666 government in DC is not spending enough money yet. ~ Perhaps you have seen pix of her going as crazy as Julia Roberts is in recent years, at all those March Madness college basketball games. ~ Whatever; there was a huge 5-alarm fire in northern New Jersey, 5 sailor dogs were rescued off the coast of California, 5 years later I finally saw JR's 'five years earlier' con job movie made 5 years ago about how much I love the flakey double crust frozen pizza with the BIG LEBOWSKI wolf man logo; all INSYNC with JT's CLUB 5 virgins opening act on SNL. ~ GSR/TWN ~ UNCONTROLABLE URGE NOTES: See: ~ My boy JT's new SUIT&TIE song does sound rather mediocre on the radio. But when you see it performed live on the stage you can understand why he did it, at: ~ Could even be the basis for an interesting off Broadway musical. ~ Last year, I had a visionary dream about JT driving one of those gasoline tankers through a destroyed Seattle, as seen in the new MAD MAX remake. Wherein he stopped his old broken down rig to give yours truly a ride in the U-District, even though he really didn't want to that much. Most of the REV.13:1 city was just a pile of bricks by that time. ~ This HONDA PASSPORT death trap sign is confirmation of my physically transfigured skin cream protagonist, [Who holds a dual citizenship Canadian British Australian New Zealand passport.] who gets stranded in Ohio because he had to put up with that crazy dumb bitch Julia Roberts for 5 years in DUPLICITY, at: ~ Every number 5 virgin sign out there right now is about my virgin wife who was born on the 23rd of February in 1994. Everywhere I look these days I see the number 19. ~ It only makes sense that the first "wife of my youth" should be a virgin, as explained in detail at . Here is a prophetic report about the secession of the united [EU] states in REV.16 at:

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I AM is not joking. Why not make the future weird looking FOREVER YOUNG WWII [B-25 lighthouse pilot on a hill] movie star the newer looking face of the new Catholic Church of the seven hills of Malibu, California the new Pope? ~ What? The Branch Davidian actor was caught FFing that whore from Russia? Hell, that whole FFing missionary position Hawaii thing suddenly appeared like a thief in the night when yours truly arrived in Rome. ~ Mark my word. You make Mel the new Pope, church attendence will skyrocket, and so will the tithes and offerings. Not to mention the huge surge in tourism. ~ Per the scenario in the dirty dozen apostles movie where those WWIII misfits suddenly appear out of nowhere and capture that self righteous colonel in THE DIRTY DOZEN dunk'in donuts prophecy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! ~ PS: Right now, as I re-write this new dialogue line, it is exactly 6:00 pm PST; which means that you got about 90 minutes to get your new act together; before going live at 10:30 pm NYC time.


THE DIRTY DOZEN prophecy opens with the black hoodie Barack Obama figure getting lynched by a pack of white men. Then the no nonsense Major from the south goes in for a pre-credits interview with his polite society superiors, and tells them that today's so called Commander in Chief is a "raving lunatic". Whereupon the pussy whipped military brass chastize him and declare that he does not have permission to ask any questions about Obama's obviously forged Selective Service military certificate, etc. ~ "Either ask relevant questions, or shut up!" demands his typical Jewish Hollywood actor superior. ~ Hence, the Franco character who goes into the anti-aircraft missile silo White House of the future, long after FDR and his Jewish socialist infiltrators were there, was actually a Chicago hood figure who had killed some old man in London. ~ GSR/TWN

Friday, March 8, 2013


In THE DIRTY DOZEN scene where the dirty twelve apostles have their last supper before the crucifixion, the misfit major uses a model of today's occupied Casa Blanca to plan out their attack on the fascist leadership of the new 666 beast. ~ The model's older 1960s era bulky anti-aircraft missile silos that surround the desecrated temple chateau were confirmed by that amazing T-boner collision in Versailles, USA. ~ Hence, the code word for their attack on the invaders of France was called, "Project Amnesty". ~ Because in the planning drill, the major says that "...Franco goes in where the others have been." I.e. the first beast's wounded head is miraculously cured. As just confirmed by Danica getting her head wounded by a flying rock at some dirty dirt track in the dirty Senator Reid's Las Vegas 2020 landmark, but then she quickly recovered from it, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ KEY NOTES: In the 1948 prophecy about the dirty neo con Jews who are propping up the undesirable alien in the occupied CASABLANCA meets KEY LARGO, the beast whose head was wounded in REV.13 is portrayed by that naive and simple minded Law&Order conservative [dirty copper] who got his lights turned off two times. ~ Here is a model of the missile silos attached to today's European socialist White House in DC, circa 2013, at: ~ Here is the one about Obama's newer and cooler fascist SUNRISE logo that operates the yellow skin state run school buses that were stolen and scrapped for metal. Because today's death trap schools in Chicago are constantly promoting dirty homosexuality and dirty unAmerican democratic fascism, at:,0,1140694.story?fb_action_ids=10200336910697293&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%7B%2210200336910697293%22%3A269877093146423%7D&action ~ In the Obama lizard prophecy from Indonesia, called THE FRESHMAN, the black government run SEDAN DE VILLE is a word play on 'sedan devil'. ~ Yours truly makes a cameo appearance in THE DIRTY DOZEN prophecy, a.k.a 'Lever, R' sentenced to 20 years. Because I started sending out two witnesses white papers to the dirty twelve apostles of the RLDS church in SLC, Utah in December 1993. That would be 20 years ago, per my Jen Garner dream vision that said, "Not this fall, but next fall." ~ COMEBACK NOTES: Reportedly, Tiger Woods is making some kind of a miraculous and symbolic BIG CAT monkey boy zoo comeback statement in favor of his new and improved 666 beast golf course partner up in the Casa Blanca. Even the same wild-at-heart 666 beast whose knee was wounded, but then it was healed miraculously; like in that born again Israel movie that was made down there in 1948.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I watched 1967's THE DIRTY DOZEN Thursday morning, then later I saw the confirmation about how Maggot loves to stab slutty teen hotties, who look exactly like this one, at: ~ Since most of the prophetic movie was filmed in England. ~ That animal loving cunt who was eaten alive at the wild-at-heart BIG CAT zoo for monkeys, west of Kings Canyon, California, same thing at: ~ Just because you love the new and improved 666 beast, it does not mean that he is going to ever love you back. ~ Ergo, just as many high society type Bill O'Reily neo con Republicans, who love niggers, are going to be shot and or hanged in some nigger hating wild west kangaroo court; as portrayed in the BLAZING SADDLES prophecy, at: ~ Everybody, left and right, who has been making fun of the American citizens who don't want to have a well known illegal alien homosexual murderer to be polluting their sacred White House Greek temple for white people only, are now living in a death trap. ~ Read: "...Now do you Pharisees make clean the outside of the cup and the platter; but your inward part is full of [black] ravening and wickedness." [LUKE 11:39] ~ GSR/TWN ~ FAKE MARRIAGE NOTES: What Demi and Ashton are doing right now is about the opening of the WEDDING CRASHERS meets THE BREAKUP, per: ~ Since the two pop culture clowns were never married anyway in the eyes of God, neither one of them owes either one any money at all. Just like in the case of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt meets Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. In other words, you con me, I con you. [Think Justin and Jessica; both of whom I happen to admire.]

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


CASA BLANCA 1942 was about the time when today's underground liberation movement would consist primarily of my GSR/TWN email letter readers. ~ When all the white people of Israel in the future would be yearning to escape the European style 666 occupation of the USA, and come back to a 1776 style America. Which was originally founded by a small group of white Christians, and a few querky carp lip Jews for Jesus. ~ And all the beautiful young women would also be rounded up along with the usual suspects when it's time to take the last plane out of Dodge City, USA. [Where everyone is dodging the truth about the born again African alien sitting in the Casa Blanca.] ~ GSR/TWN ~ COMPARE NOTES: Hugo Chavez looked like that illegal alien who rammed that Jewish Orthodox couple in Brooklyn meets Jerusalem, at:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/alg-hugo-chavez-speaking-jpg.jpg ~ AND: ~ Just because you love all those cute CASABLANCA monkeys at your local 666 zoo, it does not mean that those same wild-at-heart monkeys are going to love you back. ~ Here is the one about all those stupid people in Rio Linda, California that Rush Limbaugh keeps talking about on his free republic underground radio show, at: ~ Here is the one about those dumb tv actor butt fuckers who got stuck in an elevator DEATH TRAP in Kansas City, at:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hugo Chavez was not allowed to be born again by Jesus in order to confirm the meaning of today's undesirable alien mob boss from Chicago, Cuba meets Miami, Florida; who was hiding out in KEY LARGO meets CASABLANCA. ~ When in the future my wife would sneak into RICK'S CAFE, after hours, and tell me how she had grown up worshipping me with every news letter that she had secretly received, ever since she was a wise virgin teenager, beyond her years, wearing braces on her crooked teeth. ~ Explaining how much my two letters about her spiritual passage to freedom from the new Jewish Nazi 666 beast had opened up her eyes to what was going on in the world. - Hence, right before I introduced GREGORY SCOTT RELF'S TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER in SLC, UT, Colorado's courageous Kevin Costner hero came out with his latter-day prophecy, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ MORE DEATH NOTICES: My good friend BB spoke to my APE PACK friends on live video right after that physically transfigured Jim Carrey look alike died at the crossroads of America in Brooklyn, NY, per:

Monday, March 4, 2013


CASABLANCA's 1942 prophecy about my two signed two witnesses newsletters that would set my two 22 year-old concubine wives in chains free was about today's occupied Casa Blanca. ~ Hence, one of my west coast BRIDES OF DRACULA wives showed up at some born again RICK'S CAFE landmark in LA on Sunday, at: ~ Because in CASABLANCA, the African casino medicine wheel of Senator Reid stops on the number 22 two times. ~ In other words, Ronald Reagan was shot with a .22 by some paranoid schizophrenic out of Barack Obama's Evergreen, Colorado; which means 'colored' in Americano. ~ Hence the 30-car plus pile-up confirmation in temple veil, Colorado of that smash up confirmation of the fusion word play in Stephensburg, Kentucky meets Bonnington, Washingtion, DC. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SIDEKICK NOTES: My abominable sidekick sitting in the Casa Blanca made this KILLER KLOWNS look alike figure his new Energy Secretary; because the energey states in the middle east are about to get killed by some crazy looking mother fucker, at: ~ The future President of the United States of America was supposed to play the lead in the occupied CASABLANCA, Africa prophecy; but the Jews in Hollywood replaced him with some future skinny Barack Obama figure who would actually be born in Africa. ~ Therefore, CASABLANCA opens with the two skinny brown monkeys of Judah and Ephraim sitting on top of the Chinatown bamboo cross of Jesus in the Book of Mormon. ~ We know that AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS is about me and my half-German, half-French, wife getting back together again when that mini me Jew clone appears next to a PEPSI machine; and reports on his walkie-talkie that Charlize's little monkey is in the day care nursery now. ~ Don't get me wrong now. I don't really have a problem with an older now JR sucking my cock dry.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


That Negro homosexual who was a Chicago mayor wanna-be was found murdered down in Clarksdale, Miss when the Congress of Sodom and Egypt was about to sign their own death warrant; and both Obama and Ohio's Mr Boner honored that new bullshit monument to Rosa Parks. ~ Let me make it perfectly clear. I agree with the idea that niggers should not be forced to ride in the back of the bus featured in KEY LARGO. However, I do disagree with the idea that an "undesirable alien" should be allowed to sit in the occupied CASABLANCA White House, circa 2013. ~ Ergo, the cross roads at Hwy.61 and Hwy.49 are the same day 1290 cross roads of America, circa 2013. ~ Therefore, that pregnant Jewish mother was just killed in a cross roads crash in Brooklyn; whose husband looked like a younger Jim Car Rey, at: ~ In other words, all those arrogant orthodox Jews out there who are still pissing on the Book of Mormon, now get to suddenly die. ~ And then be replaced by people like my future Orthodox Jewish wife who was one of the original producers of the SEX, LIES, AND VIDEO prophecy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ KILLER NOTES: Six six six people died in an anal sex style rear-ender near Stephensburg, Kentucky when my last Stephen Spielberg post rolled out about him fucking America in the ass. Right there is the birth place of Abraham Lincoln, and all that shit. ~ Here's the one about my sidekick niggers using a whetstone to sharpen their knives at: ~ Here is the one about Joe Biden leaning on his AG son in Delaware to make a false arrest of the whistle blower Larry Sinclair, at: ~ The only reason he got away with it was because the nigger lovers in the liberal media looked the other way; like Bob Woodward and his alter ego replacement figure Robert Redford. ~ I first set eyes on my future Orthodox Jewish wife who was sitting on Jacob's stairway to heaven, at an indie film workshop up in Cold Springs, NY on The Fourth of July in 1992. The same place where I first met Michael Moore, from SEMI PRO's Flint, Michigan landmark reference to Mitt Romney et al. ~ Last night at 5:44 am, I dreamed that Julia Roberts wanted to suck my cock dry.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I found an old tape of 1948's KEY LARGO for a buck at GOODWIIL, after my new Cara Delevigne news broke; made in the very same year when Israel was born again. ~ I had never seen it before, so I watched it on Texas Independence Day and saw Cara Delevigne playing some older dude's love interest in a DEATH TRAP plot about a certain Mr Brown; a.k.a Barack Obama. ~ Who is trading in counterfeit merchandise that represents his future counterfeit birth certificate. Which all the pollute society neo con Jews out there are trying to hide from all those hicks and squares in Montana and Idaho. ~ No wonder Lauren Bacall's last movie was called THE FORGERY. Compare the similarities at: ~ AND: ~ Now I see Miss Cara Mia at a Ms Bruno show, [Bruno means brown in Italian.]. Wearing a fish scales number that stands in for all those REV.13:1 fish mounted on the walls in KEY LARGO. As the WW III storm arrives outside the windows in the new New Jerusalem, USA. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HOT VIRGIN NOTES: The two oil lamps of the two witnesses in KEY LARGO represent the 50/50 ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25. Those colorful high fashion shirts worn by the two lost tribes LA manites are about the Joseph's coat of many colors in the Old Buck Rd Bible testament. ~ Here's a look at Ms Brown's fishy outfit at: ~ The above 'V' motif is the Roman number 5 of the wise five virgins. ~ Lauren Bacall was born on the September 16 day 1260 anniversary of the witness of Judah in 1996. ~ The impotent old Mr Temple sits in the FDR wheelchair above of the day 1290 abomination of desolation. FDR was a New York Jew of course; who pissed all over the US Constitution, just like today's Jerry Seignfelds and Steven Speilbergs. ~ Cara bella looks just like my first cousin. ~ Don't miss this physically transfigured and revised version of a 29ish Howard Stern at:

Friday, March 1, 2013


That 4.0 earthquake in Caribou County, Idaho was the confirmation of Catherine Zeta-Jones's killer-sex lover who has a cock full of Canadian quarters in AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS. ~ Too bad his fantasy girlfriend was down in Oklahomo at the three-way climax. So then Cara Mia had to step in and take over. ~ You replace me with some other dude in the Chinatown REPLACEMENT KILLERS prophecy, and some even hotter killer-sex babe like Cara Belevigne will step up to the home-run plate and replace you. ~ Believe me, non of you 30-40-50 year-olds got nothing, compared to my younger wives like Cara Belevigne. ~ And that really is saying something. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GIANT NOTES: Here is a look at those giant NBA nigger basketballs in the Flint, Michigan Lake prophecy in SEMI PRO at: ~ Right after the polite country club faction of the Republican Party voted for special treatment for homosexuals and whores, some guy named Jeff Bush was swallowed up by a sink hole from hell in the Tampa, Florida area. The same thing is about to happen to the new leaders of the new and improved RLDS church in SLC, UT. ~ Last week, I dreamed that Gwyneth Paltrow wanted to get in on the action going down over at Charlize Theron's shag pad up in the canyons above Hollywood, LA. ~ After she saw David Lynch hanging around her pool in a European style man bikini. ~ Yeah yeah yeah, we already know that Barack Obama is not really a dictator. And that he just plays one on tv. Which is owned and operated by America's Jews.