Saturday, March 30, 2013


Mel Gibson was punished for his apostate Catholic sins by some hot Russian babe who plays the piano. Like this crazy one from Orange County, California, at: ~ According to the Mexican Book of Mormon, if you do not act like a man, then you get a childish nigger up your ass until it hurts so much that you finally grow up and come to your senses. ~ Think Jim Carrey making fun of the Nazi killer gun nuts in GLORIOUS BASTARDS meets THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS. ~ And then later he dies in a movie theater explosion of news reels on FOX NEWS. And then he is born again IN LIVING COLOR meets CAR WASH. ~ In fact, last night I watched CASINO ROYALE's prophecy about Woody Allen's born again April Fools Day assassination plot to rule the world with an army of illegal alien UFO space ship look alikes. ~ Who were based in some underground lair that was fronted by one of Senator Reid's casinos in Las Vegas. ~ Where Jen Garner asked me to explain a couple sections of the SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS, if you recall. ~ As explained in the violent ending whererin we see that mulatto ape hiding under an evergreen gaming table wearing an Irish white man's hair replacement wig. ~ Think Larry David meets Frasier at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ OH GOD YES! NOTES: ~ John Denver's two OH GOD movies about Colorado's Barack Obama being the black Egyptian G-d of today's doomed 666,666,666 Jews says it all. No need to even waste your time watching them. ~ CD is having fun role playing my 20ish blond wife in WHATEVER WORKS meets NYC because, typically, those tennis balls in MATCH POINT are bright yellow, like at: ~ SIDE NOTES: Me posting porn clips on my blog is the equivalent of Isaiah walking around for the three years of the future day 1260 two witnesses; with his naked balls swinging in the breeze, at: ~ If you read through Isaiah's many prophetic verses about yours truly, you will also learn that he had a rather filthy tongue.

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