Friday, March 29, 2013


All you sub mental apostate Mormon Christians out there have just two choices right now. Either you accept plural marriage, or you accept traditional Catholic style homosexual monogamy and fascistic social justice. ~ Check this. Last night I put in an old 1992 tape of FOREVER YOUNG, just as I noticed that a black gentile T-shirt in my closet had fallen off it's wire coat hanger in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS; thereby covering a lighthouse model I have siting in there; completely extinguishing it's guiding light beacon on the top of it. ~ Then the prophetic movie about the tree house of Israel on Orley [Taitz] Street went on the brink right after the two kids of Judah and Ephraim were told that Mrs [Emma] Watson had arrived. And Mel was just starting to enjoy his white bread banana sandwich. ~ Because in the end, Mel suddenly becomes an old man. Due to his apostate Christianity which does not lead to eternal life; in the full first class heaven sense of the word. ~ In other words, Catholicism is a very nice religion for kids, who aren't supposed to be having sex anyway, and Book of Mormonism is for more mature adult audiences. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BUD LIGHT NOTES: I found my one buck light house model at that ALASKA pilot's garage sale on Evergreen Drive a couple years ago. [Think forever being young and green, and alive for ever and ever; if you are a relatively new reader.] ~ The Orley Taitz dentist angle in FOREVER YOUNG is made clear in the movie's [LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS] dental treatments for those two young boys. Since my 29ish looking 85ish protagonist in the movie is desperate to find the original birth records of DANIEL 9's abomination of desolation. ~ Which will become the B2 bomber crash landing of Barack Obama in the near future, after WORLD WAR Z gets started. And yours truly has to eventually take over my secret yellow submarine fleet in the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY prophecy about my Greek president sidekick. ~ Turns out that Mel's prophetic movie was a PLAN B production. Just like the construction of his Catholic church in Malibu will now have to go into it's plan B phase. ~ CONFESSIONAL NOTES: I have to admit, the new Pope from Chile is a pretty cool old dude. Here he is humping that Persian vagina throw-up-rug in THE BIG LEBOWSKI meets BUBBA HO-TEP; laying it on next to all those other vigina icons who are waiting in line next to him, at: ~ Love JT's FOREVER YOUNG test pilot look in this new report from London at: ~ M.A.S.H. NOTES: Alan Alda's 1970s series was written and produced and directed and acted by a bunch of arrogant sub mental inbred Jews in Hollywood meets North Korea. Ergo, Kim is about the same age as your typical physically transfigured Caucasian who is rightfully suspicious of all those dark skinned born again Jesus Christ already Moonies in the Book of Mormon, at: ~ Remember, most of today's liberal Jews don't like guns.

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