Saturday, March 23, 2013


Having sex with the same person forever is really a weird idea, from a biblical point of view. Especially if you believe in the Old Testiment and the new SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS, now available for only 22 bucks at [Soon to be available at too.] ~ What? You don't like to get your freak on? ~ Heck, even that proverbial church lady on SNL in the 1980s knew better than that. ~ According to the 2bc revelations from God, in the next life, people who only wanted the things of the spirit in this life, like the Catholic pope, will be sent to a second class heaven where there is no physical touching. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SEXY TIME NOTES: Here is an example of what you will get if you agree to give 10% to the United Order, and stop giving anything to the new 666 based IRS, at: ~ If you want to be like my LUCKY U tattoo fuck buddy forever and ever, then stop being like my enemies. Ergo, Ashley Greene looks a lot like that bitch who tried to stab me in the back in the new iSPY google glasses prophecy update, circa 2013, at: ~ DREAM NOTES: Last night, around 9:00, I dreamed that Woody Allen was totally serious about casting me in some brilliant darkie comedy about a high school math teacher who loves to fuck his 16ish female virgin students. I would go for that in a heart beat. Just as long as the money was right. ~ In my above filmmaker dream, to be financed out of Jen's PLAN B petty cash surplus money partnership with Tom Hanks, etc. ~ Woody Allen makes his new casting decision about a month and a half before my next October 29 birthday. Which is basically the day 1260 anniversary of the Jewish witness in REV.11. ~ STRANGE FFING NOTES: I'll let Woody fuck my English teacher co-star wife, Carey Mulligan, in the above production, [Think Laurence meets Ornella.] if that is what it takes to get him inspired enough to make my next big thing. Believe me you; his current teenager virgin Korean Moonie wife will thank both of us for helping him to turn the corner.

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