Thursday, March 28, 2013


The reason why Mel's future polygamist Mormon Malibu wife line-leader is Jodie Foster, is because he has such a special place in his heart of hearts for such bisexual babes as Evan Rachel Woods, and Amber Heard, et al, like at: ~ MEETS: ~ And so does Jodie for that matter. ~ Therefore, the half Jew Branch Davidian MAD MAX actor got busted for spiritual drunkenness around the same time that WHATEVER WORKS rolled out. [Woody Allen's semi Jewish nickname is Max.] ~ Wow, the sexy Helen Hunt looks sooo handsome in the above movie poster. ~ I'm thinking MAVERICK meets that crazy upstate Republican Mohawk, NY haircut mother fucker in TAXI DRIVER meets the crazy dentist in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. ~ GSR/TWN ~ QUOTE NOTES: "The horror!!" in WHATEVER WORKS. ~ BASEBALL CARD TRADES: Last year, I dreamed that I made a trade deal with the NYY's rod of Jesse third baseman; wherein he could have either my wife Madonna, or my wife Cameron Diaz, whatever it takes to win. ~ PS MEL: I AM is so graciously hooking you up with your Providential no.19 co-star, and everything that that means, because He wishes to watch me fuck my 19 year-old virgin co-star wife Dakota Fanning. ~ B-2 NOTES: My Casa Blanca sidekick from occupied Africa, America, sent those two stealth [INVISIBLE MAN] B-2 bombers over Korea for an underground bombshell posting about me fucking two at a time. Like in WILD THINGS meets Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN meets WILD ORCHID.

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