Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The 52 PICKUP prophecy runs 111 minutes. Wherein we see the 1986 birth certificate date of Megan Fox when Harry receives his baseball blackmail tickets inside of a Rush Limbaugh cigar box. Because the Jewish run Democrat Party is nothing but an IRS blackmail machine that is backed up by their legions of niggers, queers, drug addicts, and illegal aliens with falsified papers. ~ Hence, that mortar cannon explosion at Walker Lake, Nevada happened in confirmation of the above two Jewish cousins' CANNON FILMS project. ~ Never forget, Jesus suffered and died on the cross in order that all of you unrepentant Gentiles would understand that you too are going to die in the same gruesome way. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RAVING LUNATIC NOTES: This JFK report is a [Love Bus] report about the crazy JFK women who support the rights of crazy emotional JFK female voters who are as crazy as a vampire bat, at: ~ AND: ~ What? You don't believe that Megan Fox is all that crazy? ~ BIBLE MOVIE LOOK ALIKE NOTES: The Jewish guy who directed MR AND MRS SMITH looks like the duplicitous flip flopping Jew named Leo in 52 PICKUP, only younger and trimmer, and with better hair, at:

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