Thursday, March 21, 2013


Ironically, Canada's new lunatic homophobic laws will eventually lead to the total elimination of paranoid homosexual phobias. Just because you love to hate the crazy vagina, the crazy vagina will not love you back; and the crazy vagina is pretty much the one who is in control of everything that is crazy right now in Canada. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PLAN B NOTES: Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt's PLAN B wedding production company is/was a Miley Cyprus 'plan B' wedding prophecy, circa 2013. ~ 666 NOTES: Most of today's fake birth certificate born-again Christian apostates who worry about the rise of some future MICKEY MOUSE cartoon 666 beast are actually worried about the end-times of their beloved new 666 beast that was born again under FDR meets David Letterman meets Tammy Faye Messner Bakker, like at: ~ DEVIL LOOK ALIKE BIBLE CABLE MOVIE NOTES: They suspect that the black SEDAN DE VILLE that was bearing Barack Obama's Colorado plates had something to do with the assassination of Larry Sinclair's JAIL HOUSE ROCK prison warden, at: ~ [Think Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, Colo. hot spot for cruising for sex on the down low with Jewish neo con strangers to the truth, etc.] ~ After all, the ex con Larry [King] Sinclair spent all those years in a Colorado jail for making federal reserve notes bank check forgeries. Just like today's crazy 8888s Jew con is now doing at the new 666 fed in NYC.

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