Sunday, March 31, 2013


FOR YOUR EYES ONLY opens with my prophetic 007 INVISIBLE MAN figure flying a helicopter over London. That was just confirmed by the new pix of LL arriving the very same way, on the very same day I reviewed it again, at: ~ The nice thing about being born again is that it makes you a herpes-free virgin again. Which is why FOR YOUR EYES ONLY opens with the newly risen Sheena [Easter] singing the latter-days theme song. Who looks so much like today's virgin movie star Emma Watson. ~ And then we get right into the very sexy not-so-virgin Kristen Stewart look alike plot that was just introduced by that baptism age virgin getting shot in her sexy thighs by a cupid's cross-bow arrow in the Gay Area. Because her liberal school teachers and parents were making her ride that big black Negro whale model at the Lawrence Pierson science center for 666ers. That looks exactly like a British submarine in the 12th Bond movie, at: ~ Ergo, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY starts out with the ST GEORGES Christian fisherman boat sinking in confirmation of George Albert Smith's vision about today's Greek homosexual president; that he was given in St George, Utah, Washington County, right after WW II. ~ And then KS and I get chased by Obama's henchmen niggers in black French sedans who end up getting blocked by my sidekick's no.44 tourist love bus from hell. So see this Money Penny report, at: ~ Of course, A VIEW TO A KILL was also a prophecy about the time when California's Google Valley would also become underwater. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GOLDMEMBER SUB NOTES: One of the world's greatest translators of Isaiah lives in the Auburn, Kent, Washington area. Hence the shoostings there last night at THE SPORTS PAGE bar. See: ~ TEMPLAR NOTES: All those underwater REV.13:1 temple columns that we see in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY are the same Greek pillars that we see in front of today's desecrated temple White House in Washington, DC. ~ SAME DAY NOTES: I watched that British intelligence ship get sunk by a WW II mine, then read about that U.S. mine-sweeper ship get pulled up from the bottom; off the 1776 Chocolate Hills country, at: ~ 75 cars piled up in the fog on Jen Garmer's I-77 out of West Virginia. Right there is Mel's Beamer Knob light house in FOREVER YOUNG, etc. ~ To the south in North Carolina is a place called Toast. For that big black crow who flew over me at the JET STREAM car wash [Think CAR WASH movie.] on Easter with a big piece of burned toast in it's mouth. ~ HELPFUL NOTES: ~ God is going to make you whole again; physically, financially, and most of all, spiritually.

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