Wednesday, March 27, 2013

$155,000,000 DREAM COME TRUE

That prophetic Picasso portrait of Scarlett Johansson dreaming about sitting beside me on the royal Branch of David throne of England was just confirmed, yet again, at: ~ Because the new 666 beast has been stealing at least half of her money for quite some years now. And she is getting tired of it. And furthermore, none of her gay ass husbands, boyfriends, or one night lovers, have the Ravenna Park tennis balls to do anything about it. ~ For example, Woody's WHATEVER WORKS doesn't really work out in the end, because that typical NYC liberal Jew opens the movie with a ridiculous [DUPLICITY] rant about how only Nazis should be allowed to have the guns. And the NRA's obsession with some kind of a potential future fascist tyranny is just your typical cold-hearted Josephite tribe of Joseph paranoia about Jewish homosexuals, niggers, queers, drug addicts, and illegal aliens. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PAINFUL NOTES: Here is the one about that Jewish female dentist from Orange County, USA, meets USSR, Russia, at: ~ Here is an inspired by G-d image about the reason why 666,666,666 Jews needed to be killed by the Nazis. In order that the Christ-killer Jews might overcome their neo con fascistic legalistic nanny state tendencies, at: ~ [Boris's young blond Aryan nation nurse wife from Mississippi becomes a NYC nanny in the above cruel WHATEVER WORKS comedy, etc.] ~ Those fishing lure earrings on Adriana are about that Chilean sea bass dinner scenario in MELINDA AND MELINDA, at: ~ My Brazilian babe wife is a very devout Catholic. So I just might be able to make some kind of a production deal wife-swap trade out with her and Gisele Bundchen with Mel in order to entice him to finance my low budget video bio porno pic of Janis Joplin; co-starring Miley Cyprus and Carey Mulligan. And don't be fooled by Carey's innocent virgin poker face. Hey, WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the job done, as in this painful temple handshake movie about the upcoming physical transfiguration at: ~ I'll let you fuck my wife in WHATEVER WORKS just as long as you let me fuck the next two co-stars in your next picture. You think I'm joking? Then try coming back at me with a double-down offer, and just watch how fast you cave. ~ I'll see your raise, and double it, with an offer that even Oliver Stone could not refuse.

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