Monday, March 18, 2013


LL showed up Monday at street number 111 in LA wearing an amazing pink top STRAWBERRY BUBBLEGUM number, over her endowment house garments, at: ~ Talk about 90 days of 24/7 sexual healing at Charlie Sheen's own private rehab shag pad up in the canyons. ~ No wonder that God has revealed to his lost tribes iSPY revelators, now hiding in plain sight, that the men must come out first in order to protect the women from the LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS beast. Who has the voice of a Negro, and the big needle-stinger injected carp lips of a Jew on some CNN type talk show. ~ Notice all those niggers and that PLANET OF THE APE DOGS Jew who escorted her into court in the above link. ~ Like I give a shit if Lindsay Lohan lied to the same naive Area Code 310 coppers in KEY LARGO who are now lying to us about Barack Obama et al. ~ It sure helps to keep things in perspective. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LOOK ALIKE NOTES: Here is the one about Tiger Woods dating my ex Alison Deetz at: ~ This one is about my PLANET OF THE APES cave dweller sidekick in iSPY, at: ~ It just makes sense that the one in MARK 13:14 should start visiting La Madonna's Judea [Judah] on 3.20. Who is a big supporter of the new Sodom and Egypt starting in REV.11.1. ~ RLDS FLIP FLOP NOTES: Chicago's native Midwest daughter of Israel [HRC] will flip flop back again after those three mind fucking explosions in 1986's 52 PICKUP prophecy. Which is why women will not be allowed to vote in the upcoming Kingdom of God. And the wild at heart sons of Ham will not be allowed to hold the higher priesthood. ~ Women have a God-given right to change their minds. ~ TEMPLE NOTES: You only need to wear your protective LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS garments when you are standing on the sacred grounds of Israel; like when you visit Mel Gibson's Branch Davidian compound above Malibu, etc. Otherwise, the God of Israel really doesn't give a shit if you walk around West Hollywood etc stark naked, rubbing your clit or you dick; "When in Rome..." and all that DUPLICITY meets ROMA FFing shit.

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