Sunday, May 30, 2010


On Saturday, BP reported that they failed again to stop the symbolic 5 virgins' lamp oil escaping the PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES asshole created by Dr King in 1955; in confirmation of Saturday's NYT No. 55,055 newspaper. One should recall that I first mentioned the REV.13:1 sea prophecy and it's 1955 penny confirmation in my THUNDERBALL posting on 4.20.

The prophetic David Lynch film's movie poster read, "SHEER HORROR as a living nightmare stalks the ocean floor" And came out with lobby cards that depicted a blonde version of Barack Obama's future lesbian Supreme Court pick from deep hell at:
Also seen in the movie's cafe rat fink scene at:

See the traditional 'X' sign below, that always symbolizes the unknown values of the mysterious woman in cinema. Whose REV.17 forehead title is 'MYSTERY', as depicted on the official birth certificate baby footprint for Barack Obama at:

The 666 foot print of man is reminiscent of the continent of Africa, for the destruction of those giant gentile feet in DANIEL 2. As confirmed by the 666 SCRAM device attached above Lindsay Lohan's foot until at least 7.6.

DIFF'RENT STROKES's 42 year-old Gary Coleman passed away in 42 latitude's Utah from a stroke on the same day Obama walked the REV.13:1 sea sands of Louisiana looking for 42 months era tar balls.

Coleman looked like Sandra Bullock's new Louis/iana baby in confirmation of his famous role as the adopted black child of a rich white NYC family, like at:,,20364464_20364639,00.html

Dennis Hopper's passing in the seaside town of Venice, CA on NYT No. 55,055 was about his last role in Bullock's CRASH race movie adaptation for television. That corresponded with the start of Oliver Stone's South America tour for his new red fascist propaganda film about the oil drilling narco-president Hugo Chavez, entitled SOUTH OF THE BORDER, who is completely bananas.

In the artisitic spirit of Chavez banning all legitimate opposition to him in the media, Hollywood's Stone banned any legit opposition of Chavez in the making of his Bio Bio, Chilly remake of Woody Allen's banana republic prophecy BANANAS; co-starring that left-wing asshole look alike who moved in next door to Sarah Palin's family.

On NYT No. 55,055, there was a [JER.31] 3.1 quake next to Missouri's I-55 and Obama's parallel Hwy.61 in [Venezuela's] New Madrid County, along the day 1290 Mississippi River in DANIEL 12.

Gregory Scott Relf


In MR IMPERIUM, the king's STARBUCKS plane waits for him at Gate 44.

The opening mule/donkey and boyfriend song by Lana Turner, who are "two of a kind", represent all her liberal DNC lovers in Hollywood. A huge [BP] gasoline tanker explosion in Corona, CA shut down Hwy.91's [2BC 91] route to Palm Springs Friday.

Gary Coleman died in Provo, for my massive Indian Hills, Provo earthquake dream of Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson. I read that Larry and Shannon King have a place in the area.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Congress voted to end the stonewalling media's 'don't ask don't tell' policies towards the homosexual usurper in the Whitehouse on the same day of his BP mud pumping hole press conference. In confirmation of that butt-penis hole in the grass next to the patch of black FLUBBER on Evergreen Drive, that is shaped like Obama's Africa birth place. It was the opening day of SEX & THE CITY 2, Africa.

Shortly after the rat hole conference, a 'B 3.6...' license plate earthquake occurred in Larry and Barry's Colorado near Cokedale; due east of Stonewall, due north of Raton Pass, on the New Mexico line, at:

The Divinely timed sign happened in Las Animas County, which means 'the soul'. Where the Purgatoire [Purgatory] River runs north past the Muddy Creek Reservoir in Bent [over] County.

BP hopes to put a fill cap on the underwater volcano, once it has been stopped up with mud. So nearby Cap/ulino Volcano National Monument in Union County, NM is certainly worth a look at:

Notice that the huge grassy cone is located on the edge of the Blood of Christ Mountains, [Sangre de Cristo].

About an hour later, west coast time, a 4.5 quake shook the Chocolate Mtns, that was centered just south of the Rt.111 Mexico border, at:

Speaking of Imperial County, I watched the MR IMPERIUM prophecy Thursday morning, that was released in the USA on Texas Independence Day, March 2, in 1951.

Basically, it's about a 58 year-old Italian speaking king, with British family, who is forever smitten by some 29ish actress babe in California, played by Lana Turner. After a long 12 year period, they eventually end up in a Palm Springs threesome with Lindsay Lohan, played to perfection by Debbie Reynolds. Before he gets back onto his STARBUCKS star logo plane and promises her a royal "Arrivederci" that means, we'll be seeing each other again.

One can barely make out his belt buckle in the film's chocolate poster art at:

The Texas king looks 58 in the 12-years-later finale, but they have him physically transfigured back to around 45 in the poster at:

They dropped the Lana Turner look altogether and just went for the future LL in this angle of the prophetic poster at:

Don't worry cup cake, I'll never tell.

Yours Truly,
Gregory Scott Relf


Here's a real cute new belt buckle shot of Sienna. Note the Italian Austin Powers "buon giorno" boots, at:

The first pair of those I ever saw were on Kit Winn.

That's a pretty gold buckle on top of this rug number at:

The king's boxing belt buckle trophy is in this Olsen twins shot, with the lady in back showing us what it means at:

The other belt buckle is visible in this inspired THE KING AND I pose at:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Speaking of pests, 17 million bees crashed on Minnesota's I-35 Monday near County Road 70 [weeks], due south of the federal government's Credit River Blvd in DANIEL 12.

Walking to the US post office along Church Lake Road Monday, a pickup with a large bumblebee painted on the back side passed me at mail box 19/211.

SLIPKNOT's heavy metal 38 year-old Paul Gray [moth] a.k.a The Pig, a.k.a. No.2, was found dead Monday in Iowa. They are not exactly sure yet when he took Exit 38. Here's his famous PLANET OF THE APES rat-face mask at:

The eco desolation off the Big NO is a LIVE AND LET DIE message from God that the abomination of desolation is here. So are the Mr Coke mob boss riots in Jamaica where the film was made.

The honey bees were headed to Fertile, Minn, near Crookston's Red Lake River landmark, and nearby Winger for all those pink flying pigs with wings at Bill Clinton's Yale speech.

LL's oppressive new 666 slipknot SCRAM ankle bracelet is a 70 weeks warning about the Danite snake that bites the lady's REV.17 horse by the ankle in GENESIS 49:17. In the last days, the beast will hate the whore who gave birth to him/her.

"He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity..." [REV.13:10]

"They should grease it though, make it a lot harder..."

See Penelope Cruz' great moth number for the Cannes wrap party at:

Walking back Monday, a guy turned through the Evergreen Drive T in a 1990ish pickup that had "BABY..." painted on the rear tailgate. On his rear window were two naked devil-angel decals, for today's new college coed "Babyfaker" image at:



Here's some follow up to the persistent rumor that Obama was born in Hawaii, which all the opened minded Bill Clintons and Bob Woodwards out there will never read at:

Let's see who was on UNITED flight 935, London to LA, at:

THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR's case shows the Model-T's ...528 date of May 28, next to the classic 'B 36...." code for the three sixes [666] beast, at:

Apparently Joe McGinniss moved in next door to Sarah Palin in Alaska. Compare his facial features closely with the BANANAS poster from his Nixon days at:

Monday, May 24, 2010


In confirmation of the Kenyan officials and close family members who have clearly stated that Barack Obama was born in Africa, and Obama's only existing birth certificate ever shown to the public, Bill Clinton stood before the graduating class of Yale Sunday and repeated the obviously false rumors about Mr.44 being born in Hawaii.

That's because, like the female Jewish governor of Hawaii, the Jewish Mr.42 does not actually read any news reports by people he or she disagrees with. His ridiculous and weird past comments about Rush Limbaugh et al, illustrate that he also does not listen to any conservative media figures who live outside of his personal political and cultural world. Hence his big fancy home office for the foolish five virgins in Harlem, etc.

For example, see this widely read report on the Hawaiian ice governor that Bill Clinton has never read, at:

Driving over to Yale for yet another one of his highly paid high society peanut nut cluster fucks, Mr.42 got rear-ended near Merritt Prkwy's Exit 38 to [Jimmy] Carter Street, due west of Ham's Pound. Reportedly, there were several guys in the audience wearing pink flying-pig hats with wings.

Walking down Evergreen Drive by the black tar patch of FLUBBER shaped like Ham's African continent Sunday, a CAR 54 pulled up to the T intersection there on Church Lake Road to deal with a two car fender-bender; involving a young college age gal and some older man with gray-white hair.

Obviously Mr Clinton was speaking to the graduating class of Medfeild College in THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR prophecy. That ends with a model-T UFO flying FLUBBER machine circling around the Capital dome and 555' Egyptian boner icon in Washington, DC. As the military CO in charge demands on the radio... "Identify yourself, or we will open fire!"

Saturday's horrible LOST finale plane crash confirmation in Mangalore, India represented the 666 number-of-man [Pussy Galore] themes in the popular Hawaii based series. In confirmation of Clinton's major inauguration state-of-the-union speech on the same day the early techo-based 666 NASDAQ closed at exactly 666.

Mr.42's ominous signs and wonders in Conn. were also confirmation that he has never read about the '042... SS number from Conn. that Mr.44 has been using, at:

Yours Truly,
Gregory Scott Relf
[Since 1994]


Nicole Kidman's repeated 8:30 pm wedding notes number in THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR refers to her longtime number '83' associations. When the wedding finally happens, the prof says "I do" two times, for when he does his future two wives in a threesome.

Everyone laughs at my sidekick prof playing yours truly with his tar-heels reference to the many 'tar heel' loggers in the North West. I paused the DVD player at one point and poured myself a glass of OJ mixed with a shot of carrot juice. Then I turned it back on and saw that the US President's special assistant was named 'O.J. Turnbull'. For the O.J. guilty verdict from Area Code 310 scrolling at the bottom of everyone's TV screen when Bill Clinton was giving his grand state-of-the-union speech.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Getting dressed to go out Friday, an annoying grayish beige moth was fluttering around in my room, buzzing my head. Suddenly the doorbell rang twice, and I went upstairs to answer it with only my pants and a top on. There at the door stood some pest-control man holding up a clip board that showed pictures of various rats, bugs, spiders, ants, beetles, and moths. Driving out with Granny Grass moments later, we passed the pest hunter as he walked up to the door of our King County police officer neighbor. Right when a car drove by on Evergreen Drive bearing Naomi Watts' birth date plates of '928 ...' Later, I saw the new FAIR GAME pix of Naomi and Valerie Plame in their best moth outfits on the Red Planet carpet in Cannes at:

The poisonous race-baiting MLK pests in the state-run media have been pestering Kentucky's new Tea-Party candidate about the obviously unconstitutional elements of the Orwellian 19666s "civil rights" act. So here come the red Nazi torpedoes. The MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE's Hillary Clinton replacement just arrived in the Yellow Sea flash zone to deal with the prophetic film's North Korean time-line.

That was the Evergreen Drive anus hole mole/rat pest that ran by Mr Obama during his Casa Blanca talk about the new financial fascism laws they are making up, supported by the Mass. Senator Brown asshole, at:

In confirmation of the gerbil up Austin Power's fun hole in AP II: The Spy Who Shagged Me. When he arrives on Dr Evil's remote Hawaiian Iceland volcano lair and gets nabbed by the homogaysexual Ted Casablanca look alike henchman. Even that chocolate mole on the Mel Gibson mole in AP III: Goldmember; given the 70 weeks timing of Hillary's visit to the new beast's miraculously healed G7 Japan.

Here's the small dog that yapped at me three times at 11:55 in this big rear-end boner threesome shot at:

Woody Allen recently stated that he wished America could become a banana republic for just a few years. So that Obama could speed up his final reforms on the new and improved beast in REV.13 etc. Check out the threesome poster for Woody's 1971 American banana republic prophecy entitled BANANAS; complete with WWII style Hawaiian pineapple grenades on his future Tea-Party right-wing militia figure, Mr Mellish, and a great Sarah Palin look alike in glasses, at:

The comedy opens with a sports event assassination on the front steps of the new banana republic's Supreme Court, which have now been closed for security reasons. It ends with the libertarian Tea-Party news flash:

"Special news bulletin ... the astronauts have landed safely on the Moon and have erected the first all Protestant cafeteria".


New readers: The initials 'MLK' stand for the mystery woman's 'milk' in REV.17. The known marxist was assassinated on 4.4 with a 306 deer hunting rifle while in Memphis [Egypt] to support a garbage men strike.

God has revealed to his prophets among the lost tribes that there will be violence and race wars between the states, cities, and counties. Like the cold war now starting up between Arizona and Obama's illegal alien dominated state of California, etc.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Those Gulf of Mexico tar balls packed with "repulsive energy" from the REV.13 sea are created in a caldron at the start of THE ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR's ten virgins wedding prophecy; released in the same year that Barack Obama was born in Africa.

The repulsive comments in support of the rising EZE.38 invasion by Mr Calderon and Mr Obama started off the 70th week of DANIEL 9's 70 sealing weeks scenario. Which is why the anti-42 months Tea-Party people kicked ass in the birth state of Lincoln. And that Democrat who won in Penn-12 was talking a lot like Rush Limbaugh.

The Yellow Sea torpedo news out of the Korean penis stump peninsula was also a 70th week confirmation. Regarding Jennifer Aniston's singing homage to THE SAILOR DOG prophecy with "We all live in a yellow submarine..." in NYC. That foretells the time when the 666 beast will be torpedoed by an unseen underwater/ground force. Unseen only because the stonewalling media is not really showing it truthfully.

The professor is holding a bouquet of ISAIAH 35:1 blossoms when he explains his "lucky explosion" tar ball to his amazing Nicole Kidman look alike fiance.

"The application of external [alien] thermal energy to... two previously incompatible... unstable... compounds..." of Judah and Ephraim, creates the incredibly repulsive Obama election flub, called FLUBBER.

Confirmed by the huge bounce that the short white basketball players get in order to miraculously beat back the tall NBA giants of Woody Allen et al.

I'm assuming of course that Woody was playing one of his funny New York Jew roles in his recent "brilliant" comments about the abomination of desolation. So I'll go along with his insightful tongue and cheek remarks about my brilliant sidekick's amazing repulsive energy powers.

After all, the 1961 movie does open with a nice jazz trumpet over the traditional REV.17 'M' Letterman icon seen in Woody's earlier slapstick movies, like BANANAS. Followed up by that black smoke from the deep sea explosion and fire on 4.20, and the line...

"Here we are, the beginning of the end... point of no return."

Gregory Scott Relf


There was a 4.4 Chocolate Mtns. shaker near Seeley, CA at 5:26 am, DC time, after no.44 and Mr Calderon went to bed at the Casa Blanca. No doubt in the Lincoln Bedroom. 5.26 being the last day of the 70 weeks count from when Obama was illegally inaugurated.

New readers: The Jewish Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky near; Howardstown, White City, New Hope, etc.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


New pix were out Monday of Nicole on the phone to help raise funds for Sunday's Nashville flood benefit. The DOW closed Monday on her 6.25 wedding anniversary date, at 10,625.83 +5.67 (.05%). Marking her 67 birth year, her mysterious traditional number '83' and the number '5' reference to her Nicole nickle word play theme for the wise/foolish 5/5 virgins. See:

After logging a post at 11:55 pm on this Sienna Miller thread, I took a shower and a cat nap. I was awaken at 11:55 pm, local west coast time, by the sound of a small angry dog yapping at me three times. Then at 11:58 pm, I had a flash vision of a male squirrel chasing two smaller girl squirrels across Granny Grass' driveway. See:

You should see the pink rhodies under GG's walnut tree squirrel condo, that always becomes a woodpecker motel in the fall. Note the thread's 3:33 post by 'Yawn'.

Monday morning, I heard about the UNITED flight from NYC to LA that made an emergency landing Sunday in the DC area, with Ashley Olsen aboard. At her 6:13 am birth date time I heard some babe make a kiss-smooch noise 8 times. I do like her voodoo hat at:

In the context of Renee's new Chocolate Mountain Impact Area nut cluster romance, MY OWN LOVE SONG, here is a peek at some 1993 Barack Obama prophecy she appeared in at:

She was also in this inspired 1994 Obama theme town picture called LOVE & A 45 at:

With every new twist of the screw, Blago gets closer and closer to spilling the taco beans. The latest Gov Elvis report is at:

Check out this hilarious and timely story about a Jewish Mr Wheeler Dealer trying to con his way into Brown University at:
Sunday's Biblical hail storm in Oklahoma City was about Mike Myers' comments to Letterman about seeing a guy in NYC with a meat cleaver stuck in his chest. See:

New readers: Oklahoma is shaped like a giant meat cleaver, with blood dripping off the blade along the prophetic Red River landmarks. The I-35 line of lost Israel divides the ten virgins state in half. Study the Hwy.70 Beaver's Bend signs in Rt.144 McCurtain County for example. "Broken Arrow" is military slang for a missing nuke.


Sunday, May 16, 2010


Walking back Saturday, I noticed there is a small patch of black DEEP HORIZON tar on the sidewalk along the Evergreen Drive T-shaft, shaped like the continent of Africa. Right next to it is an anus-like Barack Obama [BO] hole in the ground, probably an eroded and exposed mole hole, or a rat/snake hole. Looks like it's been there for a long time, well before the 42 months 4.20 omen. Some reports said there were 126 people on the BP oil rig.

Check out the 'M' icon themes at:

That prophetic black tar ball near the north-side Hwy.410 '15' mile marker is still partially there. The one I reported on right after viewing 1961's THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR prophecy of Prof Obama, and it's SON OF FLUBBER 1963 NBA giants prophecy. The professor's rubbery tar balls are radioactive.

The 20 square mile region around Obama's prophetic 1776 Chocolate Hills is a Philippine stronghold for Marxist rebels.

The Philippines' 1776 Chocolate Hills breast formations were submitted to the UNESCO World Heritage organization on Megan Fox's 5.16 birth date. They got their name from HERSHYS cone shaped kiss candies. The inspiration behind the African KISS KISS CLUB hoards in THUNDERBALL.

Here is some more granny Dunham background on BO's 042... SS number from Conn. That was confirmed by the earthquake off Oregon's 42 latitude line when WND logged the related 42 months story; which connects to New York's 42 latitude border along the historic BOOK OF MORMON landmarks, at:

Shavuot's Festival of Weeks starts on 5.18 and marks the 5.19 start of DANIEL's 70th week since the illegal inauguration of the abomination of desolation. [For 1NEPHI 5:18]

The star of TOTAL RECALL's Barack Obama prophecy became California's governor in a recall election.

Keep an eye out for the DOW closing on 10,665 at some point. Back on 7.28.07, at 10:50 am, I had a vivid dream about Nicole Kidman staying in Rm. 10665 of a black motel. I always wondered, why '10665' ? Then the DOW closed on her 10,620 birth date Friday, which matched various elements in the WHITE LABEL Scotch Fife, WA dream.

I read that Barbara Bush supports the idea of another lesbian on the Supreme Court. The next day I spotted a MILKY WAY candy bar wrapper in the bushes by Hwy.410's "Yellow" flash vision zone. It was still there Saturday.

There were two 4.0 quakes inside the 42/126 lines off Oregon's Grassy Knob Wilderness Area on the same day the NYT 55,040 published more unconfirmed rumors about Obama being born in Hawaii. Right there is 1756' Humbug Mtn. One should think the NYT would be more cautious, given their recent history involving the firing of that lying black journalist.


Friday, May 14, 2010


The Chocolate Mountain Impact Area is a military bombing range outside Yuma, Arizona's eastern branch of the SEES Chocolate Mountains range over in Imperial County, CA. Which is divided into two sections by Barack Obama's Colorado [Colored] River, due north of the Imperial 666 Dam.

If you love you some chocolate nut clusters, like chocolate turtles, see the military cluster bomb info at this security link. Keeping in mind the nearby R/M map location for Renee Zellweger's 1509' Turtleback Mtn, at:

We all know that California's Chocolate Mountains resemble the MARS bar planet in the governor's TOTAL RECALL prophecy, like at:

So compare that to the latter-day Haiti prince prophecy of the 1776 Chocolate Hills breast formations of the REV.17 woman, located in the Philippines' Bohol region at:

Confirmed by that famous chocolate nip breast shot of Jennifer Aniston eating a chocolate bar at:

And this remarkable look alike Adam's rib shot of her at:

In TOTAL RECALL, the reactivated ancient temple of Israel will provide enough freedom air for the entire planet; i.e. "all nations, kindred, tongues, and people" in 1NEPHI 5:18 etc. Hence the JER.31 flavors in every color imaginable at BASKIN&ROBBINS.

When the lovely Mel latino gets sucked out of the pyramid temple, she begins to age very rapidly in the red planet's dead atmosphere, looking like a wrinkled old lady within minutes. Before she gets saved by the ancient temple's amazing physical transfiguration gases. Set up by the picture's PEPSI motif placements throughout, for those who think young at:

But it took the advent of the future historic Obama mutant figure to make such a major spiritual and physical breakthrough. Who declared, "I'm gonna drill you sucka!" Before Houser broke the oil pipeline on Obama's homogaysexual drilling machine of Sodom&Egypt, shouting "Screw you!" back.

The 1990 movie's henchman capo is named Richter for all the Rt.111 style earthquake signs and wonders on today's Richter scale. Such as the 126_ longitude 5.1 quake off the DEEP HORIZON coast of Oregon's 42 months latitude line. In confirmation of the same day news coming out of Oregon about that Conn. Social Security number being used by the alien usurper. Which is one more reason why the current illegal regime in DC will only have 42 months to oppress the more righteous.

Those 70 Dutch fliers died in Africa on the start of DANIEL 9's week 69 marker in the 70 weeks scenario.

Turned out Boston's ominous Red Line subway smoke signal during the Leno/Schwarzenegger broadcast was a promotional thing for the governor's prophetic Red Planet movie, directed by a Dutch guy.

Gregory Scott Relf


This famous IN LIKE FLINT PLAYBOY mansion waterfall [shower] cleansing theme photo of Jenny contains a symbolic 70 weeks calendar, at:

I believe that this Red Planet shower fake came out at least several weeks before I watched my old copy of TOTAL RECALL, at:

I'd don't recall seeing the movie since it was in theaters. Here's an image from the feature's famous threesome shot at:

One now SEES the film location inspiration behind this fake at:

In this very tanned Chocolate Hills cones fake, we see the expression on Mel's face when she gets blown out of the ancient pyramid temple mountain and into today's lifeless Red Planet vacuum, at:

After logging the above chocolate impact area image around 4:30 am, I made some whole wheat toast with blackberry jam. Then I returned to the computer and saw there had been a 3.5 quake by California's China Lake bombing range, at 4:35:16 am, inside the 35 latitude line, at:

For Rush Limbaugh's 35 line that divides Israel and Texas in half, etc. etc.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


20 year-old Brittany E. Cantarella from Pittsfield, Mass turned off Strong Ave and hit my 50 year-old transsexual sidekick Lord Jesus Christ on the eve of Cinco de Mayo de CORONA. One clearly SEES the Divine Miller LITE truth in this I-91 area report at:

The inspired artist, formerly from Detroit, signed his pre-GSR/TWN 80s period Picassos with "Ralfie".

Lindsy's REV.19 sword tamping portrait was confirmed by no.51 Dallas Braden's perfect game on Mother's Day in her home town of Oakland, against the former DEVIL RAYS from Tampa, Florida. It being the 19th prefect game in major league history. Stockton native Dallas always likes to tell people "I'm from the 209."

Several weeks ago, I had a symbolic dream about a guy named "Mel" who's daughter suddenly disappeared. Now I see it was Mel's lovely 25 year-old LPGA daughter Erica who died on Mother's Day in Senator [Harry] Reid's Henderson, Nevada. After coming in tied for 44th place in some Mexico tournament. See:

This is the masked Mexican wrestler named 'Eric Steel' on a poster behind the Red Planet bar in TOTAL RECALL. When Houser asks for his Virgin Mary icon lady named 'Mel'. For Obama's brand of aggressive power-oriented elbow politics.

I read that BP is trying to lower a smaller [Haiti] "top hat" cone over the black DEEP HORIZON oil well.

Check out the chocolate ice cream cone dick in this Lindsy link at:

Obama worked at a prophetic BASKIN AND ROBBINS 31 FLAVORS in Hawaii. For his restoration of frozen Israel role in JER.31, as in the REV.13 sea bass kin theme of the 666 fish-eat-fish beast, as in robbing people. Dairy items are a traditional sweet REV.17 female temptation symbol in the arts; i.e. the mother's milk of inventing all manner of abominations.

I see West Hatfield is due north of Northamton, Mass. Right there is the prestigious Smith College for future lesbian Supreme Court judges.

The tragic LPGA death on Mother's day was about the LPGA lesbian lover of Dr Evil's Nazi sidekick in AUSTIN POWERS: The Spy Who Shagged Me IN LIKE FLINT.

AG Bo Biden's symbolic stroke was confirmation of the Joe Biden corruption reported in Larry Sinclair's amazing deep throat book.

I'm sure that Bob Woodward's book is going to tell us all about the fake Social Security number Obama is using. No doubt, Woodward has been hot on the trail interviewing all those family members and Kenya government officials who have clearly stated that no.44 was born in Kenya. He'll probably have a special chapter just for Lucas Smith. For some background on Obama's Hawaii grandmother who worked in the state's probate offices full of dead people's SS numbers see:

IRON MAN 2 did [D&C] 133 million the first weekend. Walking across the large REGAL theater parking lot Tuesday to see the movie posters, at about half way I found a belt buckle lying on the ground.

A Dutch boy may have been the sole survivor in this African plane crash at:,0,6101570.story


Sunday, May 9, 2010


"I've been playing for the wrong team... All I can do now is try to make up for it."

Says the future governor of California in the fist act of his 1990 Red Planet 666 slave prophecy TOTAL RECALL. Before he stuffs his government tracking chip into a Chocolate Mtns. MARS bar and feeds it to the rats. Then takes off for Mars, where he encounters a future [underground mine] mutant Barack Obama mulatto figure. Who is not the friendly family man jokester that he first appeared to be.

I finally watched the old clearance tape, that I had found years ago at HOLLYWOOD VIDEO, Friday and Sunday mornings. At the same time Obama was picking a lesbian who plays for the other team to be the new Elena Degeneres AMERICAN IDOL judge on Washington, DC's Greek Temple cult of Sodom&Egypt.

"Well... This is the end of the line..." says the future jive ass Barack Obama taxi driver from Chicago's south side. When they arrive at the planet's REV.17 red light zone full of 3NEPHI 20-21 marred servant figures. Representing Mayor Bloomberg's gay Staten Island ferry for centrist Republicans that crashed into a dock by the Dutch named Kill Van Kull; a.k.a. the Statue of Liberty ferry. The same place where WOLFEN's protagonist detective came from.

Down in hookerville, Houser [House of Israel] meets my good looking hetero Mexico actor sidekick named 'Mel'. Who is still not exactly sure which team she/he plays for. Meanwhile, Sharon Stone plays my blond Sienna Miller LITE beer partner. Who is also not sure which NBA giants team she's on, as she kicks her 'mighty and strong' one while he's laying on the floor.

In the end, the two fingers of Judah and Ephraim are pressed together inside the abandoned temple reactor of ancient Israel. Which sets off today's Iceland volcano above the frozen lost tribes of Israel in Western Europe. That starts melting the latter-day ice in D&C 133 so the people can breath freely.

On the same day no.44 chose some cold Jewish bitch to be on the supreme court of Sodom&Egypt, there was a 5.1 earthquake at 4:44:50 local time in Britain's freezing Antarctic South Sandwich Islands, that are covered in mountains of bird shit.

At the end of TOTAL RECALL, the evil henchmen boss gets his arms ripped off right above the DEEP HORIZON Devil's Elbow tattoo area.

Gregory Scott Relf


Ellen Degeneres was born on 1.26.

This fashion link has a look at the NEW YORK POST's recent front page 'lady in red' shot of Sienna at:

Correction: The tragic Victory Day weekend mine explosion in Russia happened in between my two viewing sessions of TOTAL RECALL. I stopped the tape Friday morning when Houser arrives at the Mars mine, [not Saturday], then finished watching it Sunday morning. See the CNN report at:

As per my message in REV.19, some girls swallow it, and some don't, like at:

Saturday, May 8, 2010


AP is reporting that a bubble of methane gas shot up the DEEP HORIZON pipe back on 4.20 and exploded into a huge flaming ball, like at:

That's why there were 9 distinct deep sea earthquakes off the western horizon of Devil's Elbow, Oregon on the opening day of IRON MAN 2. All within the 44 x 129 global lines of the day 1290 abomination of desolation, a.k.a. no.44, the first one hitting at:

See this elbow shot at:

This is the powerful SEES Chocolate Mountains MLK quake that marked Scarlett Johansson's 4.4 ending to her NYC play entitled, A VIEW [Seen] FROM THE BRIDGE. Even the same unfolding earthquake in REV.16.

Note the prophetic 211 steel worker [Iron man] bridge themes in WOLFEN.

That Eugene, Oregon hippie town context in the above earthquake link is for Scarlett's hippie wedding on Vancouver Island. On Friday the S&P 500 breakup index closed at 1,110.88, down 17.27.

Most people would take Rt.126_ from the Hwy.101 Oregon coast to 422' Eugene, passing below Roman Nose Mtn. Right there is Greenleaf, for the green leaves mural at the IN LIKE FLINT shag pad, where Scarlett's Picasso portrait was displayed. Nearby Crow was behind the inspiration for Sienna's black Crowheart outfit at the MET ball. Her first round of amazing Crowheart Butte [Wyoming] dress signs and wonders started at the Palm Springs film festival, on the north end of Hwy.111 etc.

Deadwood, Oregon's Rt.36 is for Friday's running media farce on shows like CNN's 360. See Anderson Cooper stonewall the truth like just another Obama blogger idiot at:

The number 360 is for the 360 degrees of the globe. The letters 'CNN' stand for MARK 13:14's [see'n sin] theme of the abomination of desolation era.

In Richard Gere's AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN prophecy, his 1982 Seattle character has to get past the film's homogaysexual Barack Obama commander in chief figure to arrive at the promised land, see:

See this SEES chocolate tasting report with the mumbo jumbo Haiti title, from Oregon, at:

I like the blue 70s TRIUMPH in this prophetic Sienna Miller look alike movie billboard from 1977. It's about those Lonely Beaver earthquake signs in Utah etc. This could be the time for a decent update remake, at:


Thursday, May 6, 2010


On Cinco de Mayo, TVGUIDE reported that Lindsay Lohan has been cast to play Linda Lovelace in a new DEEP THROAT bio pic. Confirming the same day news that Bob Woodward will be out with some Barack Obama bio before the fall elections. Based on that remarkable little deep throat Obama book published by Larry Sinclair.

No wonder the Chocolate Mountains lace outfit worn by Scarlett Johansson on Craig Ferguson Wednesday. Who he introduced with a weird anal exam joke. Then launching into a detailed discussion with the IRON MAN 2 actress about Canadian [Son of Ham] bacon. All of which was confirmed, in the REV.16 earthquake sense of the word, by that powerful same day 6.5 quake in Obama's native homeland of Indonesia.

Linda Lovelace's real name was Linda Susan Boreman. As in Sinclair's conversations on the phone with Obama's murdered lover Donald Young. Who proudly shared with Larry that Barry loved to be bored, just as much as he loved to do the boring. An allusion to Craig's suggestion Wednesday night that some email viewer should name her unborn baby 'Susan' if it's a boy.

Bob Woodward's iconic Deep Throat character, however much true or false, turned out to be an inspired reference to the final abomination of desolation administration. When Sodom&Egypt would have a willfully unknown person in the Oval Office who loves him some deep throat.

As revealed Wednesday by that [pre-Obama] sunrise DEEPWATER HORIZON drilling tattoo on Scarlett's left arm, complete with dark oil burn smoke, at:

Amazingly, Linda Lovelace had Lindsay Lohan's same famous 'LL' initials, and died from a car crash in Barack Obama's future Denver, Colorado political convention landmark. Foretold by this prophetic risen sun 'Linda Lovelace for US President' campaign poster. That features my young Hawaiian Obama sidekick flashing his GSR/TWN index finger in the center of it all, with his deep throat mouth open for Larry et al, next to that big Buddha boner instrument, at:

Thereby hooking up with the old unconfirmed rumors of Obama's Hawaiian birth, that Hawaii Gov Linda Lingle repeated once again Sunday, without any new documentation or further explanation, at:

Compare Gov. LL with this older photo of LL at:

While Scarlett has been making the talk shows this week for her Black Widow character in IRON MAN 2, the REV.16 LINCOLN CENTER announced Tuesday that it will relocate their iron black widow 'Box Office' sculpture to any place in NYC in honor of Mayor Bloomberg, as seen at:

Here's a look at the IN LIKE FLINT Branch Davidian genealogy tree shag pad where Picasso's prophetic portrait of Scarlett Johansson had been displayed by the seller, before it went for 106.5 million this week, at:

Oddly enough, the above Picasso painting probably has more legal documentation and official papers than the media's mystery man in the White House, who cost the country trillions upon trillions

Gregory Scott Relf


That steel sculpture "present" for Mayor Bloomberg was confirmation of the steel windmill sculptures in WOLFEN. Filmed near NYC's giant MOSES 8:18 horseshoe landmark called Clinton Castle.

When I last checked Scarlett's wikipedia page, it was time-stamped on the anniversary of today's White Horse Prophecy date, 5.6, with a REV.17 Mother's Day date of 5:09.

Note the above campaign poster's 'Swallow your [white] pride' sign. That's Ringo's classic large ruby ring on Obama's finger; as cited in the 70s Afro hairdo BOOGIE NIGHTS porn movie prophecy. Note the black-power fist salute by that guy in the Haiti fedora.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


When one of the paps saw Scarlett Johansson arriving at Saturday's White House DC fuck fest, he promised a free CORONA to any pap who could get her to speak a word. Not a peep of course.

Buckle up BITCHES! Some NYC papper caught Sienna walking by a second babe's belt buckle, at:

Monday morning at 7:35 am, I experienced a flash vision of some large prominent building with Greek columns and a sweeping stairway approach in front. On my pad I noted that it must be some kind of a government building, perhaps a courthouse. Then I read Monday evening that the desecrated US Supreme Court temple is closing the front steps on 5.4 for security reasons, as seen at:

The Greek theme stands for that Greek homosexual president figure in George Albert Smith's abomination of desolation vision. Who is bankrupting the country with trillion dollar deficits in confirmation of today's bankrupt Greece omens.

The PC fools on the highest court in America allowed a known undocumented alien, born in Kenya, into the White House, contrary to the US Constitution's clear requirement that a US president must be a natural born citizen. Now they have to sleep with the whore in the same bed they made.

There was another Lonesome Beaver earthquake in Utah last Sunday at exactly 9:00:00 am, right when church starts, at:

A powerful 6.3 quake struck the Bio Bio, Chilly area Monday. The day after a new bio is out that makes it pretty clear who the real foreign born Barack Obama is, at:

Believe it or not, AP is still officially reporting that Obama was born in Hawaii. Because that's what his mother with several aliases, and at least two Social Security numbers, wrote on the Hawaii birth form that she submitted by mail in 1961.

I'm sure that AP has interviewed Sarah Obama, the Kenyan Ambassador to DC, the various Kenya government assembly representatives, and of course Lucas Smith, the guy who actually obtained an official Kenyan hospital birth certificate of Barack Obama, complete with a known doctor's signature and a known hospital's name.

Note that the freakish Biblical REV.12 flooding hit Nashville's historic Opry district right as that country music gal is coming out as a "lesbian".

Think about all those Louisiana marsh scenes in the LIVE AND LET DIE mulatto mob prophecy, as you see the black goop wash ashore in the same places. Then have a tall CORONA on Arizona's Gov Brewer.

I saw this beautiful gold windmill number soaked in black GREASE 2 goop on Ms Z, sporting her sexy blond Dutch do, after watching the 1981 NYC windmill wolfman movie WOLFEN at:

The old VHS tape was on HOLLYWOOD VIDEO's clearance tables for a buck or two a few years ago. But I had never gotten around to watching it. It's about a 211 wolf steel worker who lives inside of a ruined D&C 86 church. The female lead is a pretty sexy Renee type. The wolf sees things that other people don't see. It all ends with a fiery car bomb, and a gory CORONA style decapitation, for the one that didn't go off in TIMES SQUARE.

The funniest line from Saturday's White House dinner was delivered by Mayor Bloomberg. Who immediately declared, in so many words, that the car bomber was a right-wing Tea-Party nut. Because the Islamic terrorist leaders gave no incriminating details to the FBI et al about their operative in those video statements. This from a billionaire high society square who still believes that Obama was born in Hawaii. Who looks down his big cock at losers like Lucas Smith.

I read that Naomi Watts' loony left-wing movie for squares, called FAIR GAME, will debut at Cannes.

Dorothy H/eight for MOSES 8:18. Get it Bruce?

Kate Bosworth wore this interesting underwater THUNDERBALL camouflage piece for the MET ball at:

I like that slice of lime in this New Mexico UFO tote bag shot at:

Did anyone notice how obsessed the red media was with that guy wearing a red shirt in TIMES SQUARE?


Saturday, May 1, 2010


While my left-over tomato beef burgundy was heating up in the microwave Saturday, I found Granny Grass' copy of TIME magazine lying on top of her MORMON TIMES; the one with Donny Osmond. TIME had the '100 most influential people' on it's red cover. So I looked at their list inside, and noted that Rush Limbaugh had been blacklisted. Before tossing the piece of shit publication back where I found it.

Shortly afterwards, I heard some radio news report about a car bomb found in TIMES SQUARE. That had interrupted the "state run media"s big annual White House cluster fuck down in DC.

Speaking of PEOPLE magazine's new giant black baby cover. All that black GREASE2 goop pouring out of THE PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES, and creeping towards the shores of Sandra Bullock's new Louis/iana home for baby Louis, is a Providential Port au Prince invasion object lesson. I see Sandy made the TIME list.

It's no coincidence that Sandy's new black baby news became public right as the REV.13 Mexico sea turned black off the coast of her newly adopted home state. For yet another amazing correlation to her Bonney Lake SANDI'S SIGNS paint shop, next door to a 76 UNION gasoline station.

This is the part in GREASE2 where Michael custom paints flames on the gas tank of his medicine wheel motorbike. I'm reading breaking reports that the PATHFINDER 4x4 bomb in TIMES SQUARE was some kind of a crude [oil] fuel bomb.

Up in Jay Leno's Boston, it was a huge EZE.47 water main break, [Read oil pipe break.] on the eve of Boston's big head media interview this weekend on 60 MINUTES. See:

One report says they found a ticking 60 MINUTES clock inside the 4x4 with Conn. plates.

The twisters around Clinton, Arkansas are for Clinton's picture on the cover of TIME's inspired most wanted bounty hunter issue. God has revealed in the 2BC that all the leaders of the D&C 86 church network will be hunted down, one by one, for what they have done.

The sudden REV.12 flash flooding around Nashville speaks to the area's role in Sandy's THE BLIND SIDE prophecy.

Meanwhile, keep a close eye on Gwyneth Paltrow's related GREASE2 goop reports, such as her yummy gory tomato pasta recipes, at:

And check out those black West Virginia giant nut sack pants that Jennifer Garner wore last week to some media morning show off TIMES SQUARE at:

Just before seeing the new Jen pix, I was at Washington State's official Islay trout fishing tackle shop. Where the female clerk told some guy, "You can leave it in there..." and then asked him, "You want a belt buckle?" By the look on this belt buckle guy's face, apparently the lady swallows, at:

Better watch out though in this temple veil hand shake shot at:

When I left the shop, the same lady asked a customer, "How many?" who replied "two".

Gregory Scott Relf


I like those Denis Leary pickup ads that feature the men doing repairs with a load of new water main pipes.