Thursday, March 31, 2016


Here are the mighty line lyrics and various sexy video links to Elton John's SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE LAST NIGHT, at: ~ ~ Yeah. Really. AP:II. ~ ~ And if I may inject here. The above link contains one of the best images of Elton John looking like a real man behind those gay ass glasses. And not some middleaged overweight homo piano lounge player in Las Vegas, USA; circa 2016. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
FROZEN OUT NOTES: Those freezing temperatures will be happening in Madison, Wisconsin on the eve of their cock us vote, in Divine confirmation of God's plan to thaw out the frozen hearts of the Germanic lost tribes of Israel in the north countries. ~ ~ Remember, Arnold Schwarzenegger once upon a time arrived in America from Hitlers' home country of Austria via Millmacky, Wisconsin. And when he decided to run for Governor of California as a moderate third wayer Republican, Warren Beatty er all tried to crash all of his political rallies. Because he was convinced that we were seeing the new rise of Hitler Youth college age Nazism. ~ ~

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The 104 longitude line that is crossed in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS represents my symbolic royal sire penis in Picasso's blue period BOY WITH A PIPE portrait that sold at auction to some Italiano spaghetti no.9 sauce mogal for 104 big ones, at: ~ ~ Per the 1977 film's theme about the decadent food and fare of Babylon being the cause of so many children being born today who look like the movie's little retarded down's syndrome aliens. ~ ~ Which was immediately confirmed of course by that crazy Egyptian who tried to impress his Miley Cyprus girlfriend on an instagram posting, at: ~ ~ Not to mention that new case about Elton John becoming just a little bit too obsessed with his [mighty and strong] body guard's penis in D&C 85 and ISAIAH 11.1 meets me at D&C 113. ~ ~ Which reminds me. Back when I was staying in the basement of a Jewish friend's house on 47th in Seattle's U-District. ~ ~ The local police blotter newspaper, called THE OUTLOOK, was all agaga about some strange man who was slowly trolling around the area with an open roadmap on his lap. Who would stop to ask some lady on the sidewalk if she knew where a certain place on the Seattle city map was. Then right when she would lean into his car window to get a closer look at it, he would suddenly pull it away and expose his big boner to her and ask her to kiss it. ~ ~ Remember, this was light years before anyone ever heard of Bill Clinton. ~ ~ Not to mention yours truly. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IT HAPPENS: Turns out that the guy in Florida who is pressing charges against Trump er all is just another Jew, at: ~ ~
PS TRUMP: There is absolutely no difference between your new sexual her ass case, and Elton John's new his ass case. ~ ~ A cunt by any other name is still a cunt.


THE SUPREMES' 4-4 vote to let today's 666 unionism status quo remain in place is what Berbie Sanders' CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD WAY is all about. ~ ~ Wherein we see Neve Campbell at 44 minutes into the 44 latitude movie that features a protagonist born in 44. Who drives a Paul Nestor style woody station wagon with '44...' plates. ~ ~ And we hear the future ESPN announcer on tv say that the OJ runner was stopped on the 44 yard line. ~ ~ Remember, Dirty Harry used a .44 on the San Francisco mob bosses; Son of Sam and his talking dog also used a .44; and the taxi driver in TAXI DRIVER's campaign season prophecy also uses a .44. ~ ~ Ergo, Woody Allen's 44th movie was MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT; and so it goes, over and over again, at:
 ~ ~ Heck, the special prophetic 1260 days period of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim was coming to a climax when I my self was 44. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REAL TIME NOTES: In real life, Paul Nestor was actually driving a gray 1962 JFK assassination hard top LINCOLN sedan, with personalised plates that read, 'IMD14U', when I first met him only the day after my exwife called me from France to tell me that she no longer wanted to be married to me.,. Shit happens. ~ ~ And then just a few years later, some local female AG in Seattle made him an offer to pleed 104k in owed debts to his stiffed consumer customers, plus ten days in jail. ~ ~ Looking back on it now. It seems like that huuuge amount of money was like a $104,000,000 gazillion. ~ ~ As it turned out; I seem to remember that he only spent about 2.5 days in jail for two full weekends. Which would add up to a total of 5 days of real life half time. ~ ~ ELECTION 2016 NOTES: Donald Trump will win the election in 2016 because he is a Reaganite Jew. And today's media is run by the Jews. ~ ~ Chose your poison. ~ ~ Do you want your government to be run by white Christian men? ~ ~ Or do you want your government to be run by white Jewish lesbians? ~ ~™

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Patty Duke died at 69 from the same thing that eventually killed Nyle Smith on 1.11, 12, because she was so famous for playing that deaf, dumb, and blind Jennifer Anniston Alabama girl in THE MIRACLE WORKER prophecy, at:
~ ~ This being the Hand of God follow up to that secret 666 truckers convoy in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. Who are making their way to Devils Tower, Wyoming using rigs that are disguised to look like the food and fair of Babylon's garbage trucks. That cause the innocent little virgin children to be born with all manner of birth defects. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRUMPET NOTES: Donald Trump's latest ingenious cost-free campaign advertisements worth $$billions$$ contains video of his sidekick ruffing up that media bimbo. ~ ~ Jesus. And I thought that I was pretty good at this kind of thing. ~ ~ For whatever it is worth; my favorite fly rods in the whole world are made in La Criox, Wisconsin. And they only cost about $500 apiece, not $5,000. ~ ~ What I like about them so much, is their soft tip dry fly action; combined with a strong and stiff third quarter base near the handle. ~ ~  That let's you make those longer 70' range forecastings whenever you need them. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: You will soon be down on your knees just like Glenn Beck, pleading for your life, and endorsing Donald Trump for President in 016.  On your own kind of weirdo version of anticommunist late night rerun AM radio. ~ ~ While holding an erection shaped microphone penis idol up to your mouth. ~ ~ But only after the 1290 days anal shit sex hits the fan in MARCO RUBIO 13:14 Jerusalem. And not one minute before that it happens. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ Most of today's Jews are just a bunch of immature assholes who never grew up. ~ ~ At least that is what Howard Stern is suggesting these days; in his own way. ~ ~


That volcanic Pavlov dog reaction to Bernie Sanders' win in Alaska occurred just west of Sandy Point. ~ ~ In Divine connection with the special prophetic DVD edition of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH THE THIRD WAY. Which features all of those sports stadiums that are packed with his illegal alien 666 supporters; hovering over the tradtional middle of the road fascism images in LOST HIGHWAY, at: ~ ~ The reborn WWII beast miraculously rises up from the GEN.32:12 sands of the lost tribes of Israel in the frozen north lands in REV.13:1, etc. ~ ~ So make a note of that amazing physically transfigured Never Campbell look alike at exactly 44:00 minutes on your DVD. ~ ~ Who is watching an approaching UFO that turns about to be a black helicopter operated by the new 666 beast based in Washington, DC. ~ ~ Then we see the little PARTY OF FIVE vigins kid playing the UFO tune on his rainbow instrument of the homogaysexual agenda of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ Yet not a word from the leadership of the D&C 86 church and their religious lemmings about any of this. Except to say that today's fed up conservatives are being too divisive and judgemental. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VELVET UNDERGROUND NOTES: Apparently, Woody Allen's new 6.66 TV Internet episodes feature the 1960s born again world of soft glove tyranny. ~ ~ Which was finally overthrown in that Chechen indie film starring that blond Ken Keisler look alike actor/forerunner to Donald Trump. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works.... I also loved BLUE VELVET so much that it finally drove Robin Williams to go crazy and hang himself in the big house during my series of postings about BLUE JASMINE... So sue me. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Your former body guard is just prophetically role playing yours truly, a.k.a. KING RALPH. Who is your real body guard in this life. ~ ~ So fuck it. Pay the man off out of court. ~ ~ Who gives a fuck anymore anyway these days. ~ ~ So you fancied the guy. And you fancied the idea of him sucking on your cock. And now it turns out that the big baby, who you foolishly had trusted with your life, was such a hurt-feelings little tight virgin pussy that now he wants you to give him what you actually still owe me for saving your life all of these years. ~ ~ All that I ever asked from you was a pair of hand-made tonkin cane fly rods for Christmas from your local fly fishing shop; for about 5k apiece. Plus a complete collection of hand tied top flies made exclusively by the locals who know the area. ~ ~ Throw in the rain gear, maybe a couple of bamboo trout kreels, an all expenses paid guided fishing trip for three to Islay, and we're looking at 50k tops. ~ ~ Hell, I could get that deal from Craig Ferguson. ~ ~ But I'm looking for something with a little more heft right now. ~ ~ PS KS: If worse comes to worse, and nobody returns our phone calls anymore. I'll have my guys buy out the entire remake/update rights to all three of James Dean's iconic 1950s movies. And we will cast you in the lead as the dangerous loner rebel antihero with all gender references removed. ~ ~ I mean, just think about all of the erotic plot twisting possibilities.

Monday, March 28, 2016


The day after Bernie won it up in the renamed national federal park area of Alaska's biggest 7-peaks, that Russian named Pavlof [dog] volcano erupted. In confirmation of his young and strong and fascistic [ANIMAL FARM] attack slave-sled-dogs who are behind him. ~ ~ Who show up at Donald Trump's political rallies looking to pick a fight with all of his Large Marge truck driver supporters. ~ ~ Hoping that the sympathetic Jew media lap dogs, bread in Brooklyn, New York will see it; and then make hay out of it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REV.9 NOTES: No.9 Pee-Wee talks about big butts getting it with that G7 Princess Paris, France wanna be waitress, while sitting inside of the mouth of the REV.13:1 beach party [[Malibu]]  beast, right before the giant 666 dinosaur of a man starts to go after him. ~ ~ Per those WB studio party crasher scenes, similar in spirit to: ~ ~ PAGING MS PAGE: More Camille Paglia, less Gloria Steinem. ~ ~ I AM NOTES: I am just now getting into Steve's soridly inspired HOT ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD TIME. ~ ~ And already I'm getting flooded with ideas about the 1977 movie's landmark finale at DEVIL'S [Trump] TOWER in Crook County, Wyoming. Which was formed by that REV.11 last days volcano of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Since now we are being invaded by a flood of dark skinned illegal LAmanite aliens from the Third World, circa EZE.38.  [The iconic movie opens in Mexico.] ~ ~ Note the nearby SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL site in the context of the region's seven federal BLACK HILLS NATIONAL FOREST. Placed right next to [Neve] Campbell County of course; where we see both North Butte and South Butte on our RM road movie maps. ~ ~ You got that much right anyway. ~ ~ After I'm done fucking her on the north side all I want to, I'm gonna flip her over and top her off one more time in the south side; if you get my drift. ~ ~ PS BARBARA: Sexism is the new sexy. ~ ~ Wherein today's younger women prefer a manly man of means, with a nice thick cock to boot. ~ ~ And the older salty sailor dog men, who can afford to keep a 70'  boat tired up on Lake Union in Seattle, prefer a younger woman with a nicer and tighter physically transfigured pussy; circa SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE meets LAGGIES.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Barack Obama had his disco 70s SUPER FREAK star look alike singer church choir director ass-lover murdered in his secondly story flat in 1999 Chicago with a .44; TAXI DRIVER meets SON OF SAM style. ~ ~ Yet the mormon Glenn Beck from Bonney Lake, Washington drops to his knees and proclaims that he now gets what Donald Trump is all about? ~ ~ It's enough to make you throw up and vote for Donald Trump anyway. Even though you know that the New York guy with a nack for gossip is like totally Jewish. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LATE NIGHT NOTES: Sometime in the middle of the night last night, I fantasied that I found a rare DVD copy of Woody Allen's ZELIG prophecy lying on top of the loose $5 stack at WALMART. ~ ~ Then in the morning I found CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND lying in the exact same top-of-the-heap spot; close enough anyway, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ ELECTION 16 NOTES: This Easter weekend's new movie about a Caucasian billionaire pscyho killer versus a gayish Jew boy in tights from Brooklyn, NY who loves DC comic books, is about Donald Trump Vs. Bernie Sanders. ~ ~ Basically, Hillary Clinton is not even in the picture's math equation anymore because everyone and his pet puppy knows that women should not have the right to vote. ~ ~ That is and unless they hold legal title to property. ~ ~ There is always the elite crazy 8 white privilege class exception to any rule. ~ ~ In the last days, the white people will become the masters of the nigger rich people. ~ ~ And most of the Scotchish Israelite tribes [KKK] clan men in plaid skirts will have at least 7 wives. ~ ~
BRUSSELS' WORLD COURT CASE NOTES: Dr.Evil's Mini Me flashes Judge Oprah in AP:III because that whiter Serbian General had the right to kill those darker 8000 Antichrist war mongering Muslims. ~ ~ "Fuck you very much." KING OF NEW YORK.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


When Pee-Wee disguises himself as cowboy no.9 and rides the prophetic two witnesses bull named Volcano in his big 1985 adventure, the rodeo announcer calls him Fletcher. For 1985's FLETCH portrait of yours truly, that was thematically shot in Provo, Utah too, at: ~ ~ Therefore, 19 elk mamas and their babies were killed by a pack of full moon werewolves Thursday near Hoback Peak, Wyoming, south of the Snake River. In relation to PW saving Miley Cyrus' pet shop snakes. ~ ~ Right there is Stewart Mtn. to the west of where the actual James Bond happening went down in Bondurant. That looks over Hwy.89's Star Valley in Lincoln County; all of which is located just south of Wolf Mtn. and Sandra Bullock's legendary landmark SNOW KING jet ski [CRASH] resort. ~ ~ Hence, Sandy's "big house" Tudor mansion in LA that is featured in the two iconic 1985 movies. ~ ~ Not to mention SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL' s Ms.Miley forerunner character. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PROPELLER HAT NOTES: That helicopter crashed near Clintonville, Alabama in Coffee County for the scene where Pee-Wee gets freaked by the chopper kiddie ride on his way over to MARIO'S MAGIC SHOP. Where we see the African ape wearing an Abraham Lincoln top hat. ~ ~ Then once inside, PW asks Billy how he likes school, with a quick cut to the red robes of Satan. Who is now in charge of America's public education system of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ TWISTED SISTER NOTES: Those are my future plural wives walking beside the CADDY in the MTV video shoot on the WB studios lot. Where most of Sandy's more mainstream big budget productions are made. Hence Pee-Wee's multiple evergreen bird houses in his front yard when he first encounters my former [1985] BYU film school friend and neighbor Bruce Troxell. Who now works for the BOEING aerospace rocket company that is represented by the rocket in PW's yard. Or is that one of Dr.Evil's rockets being made by Seattle's madman who founded ? ~ ~ That huuuge bald head at MARIO'S MAGIC SHOP does come to mind. ~ ~


That little tweetie bird that lighted on the stump when Bernie Sanders was starting his weekend stomp speech stadium tour of the Pacific Northwest, was Jesus reminding us that even the little birds don't need 666 fascism to feel secure about having enough to eat and enough to wear. ~ ~ Hence, Donald Trump's regular campaign tweets that will even continue throughout his terms as the President of America. ~ ~ Why waste your time doing press conferences with all of those Jew fucks from the media; when one can just tweet it, and be done with it? ~ ~  GSR/TWN ~ ~ YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS NOTES: Pee-Wee's neighbor from the big house is a prophetic portrait of my friend and neighbor in Bonney Lake, Washington, Bruce Troxell. ~ ~ Who I first met in film school at BYU in 1985. ~ ~ Shortly before the big guy was forced to accept a job as a prison guard at some Nevada casino state prison. Because he needed their health insurance plan for his child. ~ ~ I still remember that. ~ ~ So guess who now gets to pay for his next fantasy clean-cut Internet series of movies, or his next 24 episodes of wholesome TV shows; whatever. Oh yeah, what goes around comes around. ~ ~ PS BECK: You have to be truthful if you want to be my friend, like at: ~ ~ Much less enjoy having the kind of girlfriends like I have at: ~ ~
AP:II&III NOTES: I'm still working on Pee-Wee's rather perverted movie that was made in 1985. ~ ~ That said, one can only guess that Brussels' Dr.Evil suddenly showing up from outer space on the Jewish Jerry Springer show in Gov. Kasich's state of Ohio would have something to do with the new birth of the white Nazis on the show. ~ ~ I know. Donald Trump is not even a Nazi. But this is obviously the way that today's brain/dead washed college kids see him. Which is the only thing that matters right now. ~ ~ "A mind fuck can be very nice." Dr.Frankenfurter, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

Friday, March 25, 2016


PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE opens with PW waking up on some future Easter sunrise morning, many many moons later, and slipping into his comefy Easter bunny slippers. ~ ~ No kidding around now... I only own one pair of slippers. And they look exactly the same; without the bunny face whiskers of course. ~ ~ Plus every morning, I enjoy a small little tight 4oz. size glass of squeezed carrot juice, just for good measure. ~ ~ I swear, it is what keeps me going, over and over again. ~ ~ Then later we see that huuuge scary Easter Bunny in the window at MARIO'S MAGIC SHOP; standing right behind Barack Obama's African ape costume mask used in the OCTOPUSSY prophecy. ~ ~ Speaking of sweet ass rides, check out these new pix of Princess Kristen from Scotland wearing PW's bike chain and lock around her neck at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
PS KRISTEN STEWART: One can usually find a good selection of Northwest Indian tribes smoked steelhead trout in the seal-packed smoked fish section at any WHOLE FOODS. ~ ~ That said, the more mild flavored smoked trout usually tastes better when crumpled up into little pieces and spread around on top of an olive oil downed omelette, or even a pizza. ~ ~ And smoked sockeye is usually the better more flavorful match for a good white rice cracker. ~ ~ Arkansas rise crackers are the best because they have a nice toasted after-taste on the tongue. ~ ~ Fully toasted and buttered down whole wheat bread squares are pretty nice too, and better for you; but it's almost impossible to find genuine non degerminated bread  anywhere these days without it having too much off-tasting sugar or honey in the recipe. ~ ~ The proper wine selection is the easy part. ~ ~ Always serve a white pinot gris for trout, and a red pinot noir for salmon. ~ ~ Keep the price point well above $35 per bottle and you can't miss. ~ ~


Gary Shandling suddenly died of a faint hearted 2NEPHI8 heart attack at the symbolic ripe-but-still-young-at-heart 66.6ish age of the Jewish holocaust museum for civilized democratic fascism in New York, because he was done fighting with me. ~ ~ In confirmation of the way he looked like that RAINBOW COALITION homo in PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE, after PW showed the little horn he got from the negro's bike shop in MARK 13:14 meets DANIEL 1290. ~ ~ Which looks exactly like the horn that Donald Trump is blowing on from the top of every LDS temple in the world in the last days of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Just think about it. ~ ~ That physically transfigured 66ish fat kid in PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE was named after today's Pope Francis. Who is a big house 666 supporter of Bernie Sander's lawless and immoral political platform that wants to rob St. Peter to pay St. Paul. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BECK: You can not lie about Obama's fake birth certificate for 8 straight years and then expect the more white men in Texas to listen to you anymore. Dude, get real. They already see you as some weirdo cult religion mormon conservative wannabe Christian freak; why encourage them? ~ ~ NOTES ABOUT IT: Those scary 'IT' clowns in PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE were about that decapitated Connan O'Brien look alike head in the film's future MARIO'S MAGIC SHOP sequence. ~ ~ LAST TANGO IN CUBA NOTES: My inspired sidekick doing the tango in Havana was an Ernest Hemingway thing. ~ ~ And why not? ~ ~ The French Canadian financial backers for my LAST TANGO IN PARIS Internet TV series are already down there scouting out the necessary retro era cheap motel pensioner locations. ~ ~ No. I AM is kidding you on this one. ~ ~ We could make at least two dozen remake prequel sequels to my Marlon's Brando forerunner movie about me marrying Laurence Pierson down there for one tenth the price. ~ ~ And it would look way more sexy to boot. ~ ~ OVER AND OVER AGAIN NOTES: This very morning at 12:56 am, I had a flash vision of me pulling AP:II and AP:III out of my tall stacks of DVDs. ~ ~ What the fuck!! ~ ~ Haven't I seen these two movies enough times already? ~ ~

Thursday, March 24, 2016


What is it about a name?.. "And a man's foes shall be they of his own household." [surname] CHRIS MATTHEWS 10:36. ~ ~ Most all of today's pussy whipped apostate Mormon Christian men who are against honest and sincere and divisive name calling, and truth in advertising [political policy] labeling, are the same ones who worship the new and improved and warm and fuzzy 666 beast Gremlims invasion in REV.13 and EZE.38. ~ ~ Never mind the batshit-crazy women. ~ ~ They don't matter... And they should not be voting anyway.... ~ ~ Many of YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS are actually your own personal neurotic what's new pussy cat pet enemies... Who would just as soon kill you and eat your brains out of your skull if they could have the chance to do it... ~ ~ Especially the black ones... ~ ~ Better watch your backside in REV.9 Mr.Batman... ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BARBARA STREISAND: Today's new born again 666 people, who need other 666 people who are just like them, in order to make them feel good about their Jewish tradition sins, tend to have fascistic 666 narcistic fantasy ideas about themselves. ~ ~ Whereas, people who need Jesus, more than they need the evil 666 people, who typically are cursed with a darker skin, tend to be more white in their [PLAIN TRUTH MAGAZINE] way of seeing things on the surface.............

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


These are PW's last words to Dottie in PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE movie premier at a drive-in that represents the last one that I ever drove into in Springville, Utah back in 1974. ~ ~ Which features yours truly, played by a physically transfigured Bert Rey/olds making out with a physically transfigured blond haired Mrs. Fresh. ~ ~ Just after I got a phone call from President Trump at the front desk of one of his fancy hotels. Where we see an oil painting portrait of the White Horse Prophecy in the background. ~ ~ Hence my Miley Sire Us girlfriend in the end who hooks up with me in my no.104 suite; but only after I had rescued all of her precious little pets from the latest ISIS inferno, with the help of my retro 007 bicycle. ~ ~ And during all of this time, the actual sterling AUSTIN MARTIN used in GOLDFINGER was on display in a closed shop window along Main Street in Provo. ~ ~ Believe it or not. ~ ~ The classic car's owner was the same guy who sold me my worthless .333 diamond pear-cut wedding ring, set in white gold, at his jewelry shop on University Avenue; that I gave to my very charming and classy looking exwife tv soap opera hooker from France. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JUST LIKE ME NOTES: The above 1980s Reagan Democrat era movie begins with PW having yet another visionary dream about being crowned the King of England and France. Which of course was the same medicine wheel LAmanite inspiration behind the prophetic bicycle themes in NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE meets THE KING OF CALIFORNIA meets KING OF NEW YORK, like at: ~ ~ Then he seems to go on, "over and over" again, forever and ever, with his basement maps and document blow ups presentation of all the fact-checked evidence about that Hollywood Jew WB studio man who had stolen his sweet ass seat ride, and is now living the high life in that big fat Greek frat house full of rich white hight society ivy league kids in DC, like at: ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: See what happens when you start accusing me? And then all of those apostate Christians down in Texas, who still belive in homosexualish monogamy, and Catholic church type homosexualish celibacy,  start to accuse you back? ~ ~ Remember, these are the same LBJ white crackers who supported the blatantly unconstitutional CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964; that was supposed to make it illegal for white men to fuck their young hot adopted 16ish negro slave daughters.  ~ ~ What goes around comes around.......


It does get a bit creepy at times. ~ ~ For example; I find my own private 1985 prophecy entitled PEE-WEE HER/MAN'S BIG ADVENTURE at TARGET. ~ ~ Then I have to see all of my embarresing polical shortcomings and personal foilables splashed all over the Internet, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Per when yours truly was actually riding around Provo, Utah on a retro 1950s era German SCHWIN red&white bicycle in 1985. And CJ's jealous husband Nyle Smith started to have it in for me. ~ ~ Which is why 'Large Marge' died in a horrible LOST HIGHWAY truckers crash on the 1.11 anniversary of the death of Mr.Smith in Pleasant Grove, Happy Valley, Utah, circa 2012. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS NICOLE KIDMAN: I married my wife in LAST TANGO IN PARIS during the 1974 wedding season in Utah County on your 6.20 birthday anniversary. ~ ~ And we all know how that worked out in the end. ~  ~ Ergo, WEDDING CRASHERS' opening sequence features you and your look alike husband finally sorting out all of your bad blood divorce case differences out of court in Washington, County, Oregon. ~ ~ Anywho, here is how I would mediate the pop culture court case; you get the kids, he gets nothing. ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Since I AM is going to be making you the next President of America in 2016; all I want in return is 10% of the lute. ~ ~ Not 10% of all of the money that you have already earned; just 10% of what you make in after taxes this year, and the next year there after. ~ ~ You squeeze out for me the kind of 10% OJ juice that you owe me, according to PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE, I wipe out the competition. ~ ~ PS DONELLE WILLEY: Call me if you need a short term 2% loan to set up your pizzaria and micro brewery just down the street from THE SCHOOL OF PROPHETS in Provo, Utah. ~ ~ Whatever. I don't mean to meddle in any of your private business recipe plans for the next 50 years or so. ~ ~ But I would say this. If you only use heirloom tomatoes that are spoiled brat ripe from California in the secret sauce on your firewood baked calzonies and pizzas. ~ ~ This would kill the competition; hands down.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


My legendary GSR/TWN figure in WEDDING CRASHERS, named Chazz, says that crashing funerals is the next logical step in the 12 years later scenario that unfolds along the bloody 1600 furlows zone prophecy in REV.14. ~ ~ Wherein right in the middle of a passionate three-way situation he shouts "Damn you!.. Damn you Roger!!" [Ailes] For FOX NEWS having poisoned the well and created such a huge chasm among America's better half by lying to them for 8 years straight about Obama's fake birth certificate and fact-checked use of a dead man's Social Security number. ~ ~ Thereby making everybody so damn mad that they are ready to spit blood. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHARTER MEMBER NOTES: Grey tells Beckwith in WEDDING CRASHERS, circa 2016 that "It's all deadly." when it comes to the people's rebellion of the prince in DAN.9; such as princess Oprah Winfrey [Win free money in the nigger rich 666 lottery]. Think Lee Daniels is right about the fed up white people finally coming after the Democrat Party's lawless rich-as-fuck Jews and their nigger rich fascist thug [BLACK PANTHERS] enforcers who are ruining America. ~ ~ LEP 5/6 NOTES: I'm getting damn close to updating these two timely LEPRECHAUN in LA sequals. ~ ~ PS BECK: Your Divine inspiration regarding Ted Cruz is quite genuine. But your DON VERDEAN type timing is a little bit off and a little premature for right now. ~ ~ For whatever it's worth, President Monson will be voting for Donald Trump in 2016. ~ ~ Timing is everything. ~ ~ Or as Sarah Palin would say, "It's a strategy!!" vote. ~ ~ I mean think about it... Two older rich guys, both of whom are rather tall, and have a common personal history for blond hair die jobs. ~ ~ Oh yeah. ~ ~ Now see if you can spot the prophetic [flash vision] Ted Cruz look alike trivia question in WEDDING CRASHERS. ~ ~ NAME THAT CELEBRITY is now being hosted by Craig Ferguson. ~ ~ Both of the crazy hot actress babes in the above election 16 movie are of Scottish ancestry, and er, yada, yada. ~ ~ According to the spoken word revelations that are recorded at, most of the African slave negros who believed in their white Jesus master will go to heaven. ~ ~ As portrayed in such inspired movies as LIVE AND LET DIE, meets GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER, from Hawaii, meets IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, meets THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW,  meets any movie that the King ever made in Hawaii in the 19666s, at: ~ ~
NEW READER NOTES: The white girlfriend in GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER is Barack Obama's Jewish mother who once lived on that same fantasy paradise island where Michael Medved lives. ~ ~Located in the middle of Lake Washington, Seattle; so featured in LAGGIES meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE; and so on and so on.

Monday, March 21, 2016


Where have we heard that one before? ~ ~ Anywho. They started doing WEDDING CRASHERS back on March 22, in 2004. ~ ~ In Divine confirmation of the movie's "12 years ago" line that set up the stage play tragedy for today's big political wedding party crash by Donald Trump er all in 2016. ~ ~ When the establishment Republicans would be trying to convince their own party's elected delegates that they do not have to feel like they are married to any particular candidate right now. Remember, Trump turns 70 during this year's upcoming three weeks [21 days] wedding season in June. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE NEXT PRESIDENT NOTES: In the above huuuge party crashers prophecy, the next president of America was the extremely white anti hero star of that 1985ish Regan era James Bond movie called A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ ~ STEVE NOTES: Reportedly, Steve has a new blue grass banjo [DELIVERANCE] musical theme play that features a revolving unibomber's remote cabin in Montana. ~ ~ I read about it in the NYT, so you never know. ~ ~ But I would go see it anyway; because Steve is in it. ~ ~ LA STORY NOTES: This movie's final pre-production rewrite was pre-conceived about me when I was still living in LA in 89 and still fantasizing about becoming a Cinderella story screenwriter success, at: ~ ~ Hence, the script's older guy fucking that much younger babe with no sagging tits, or scretch marks on her aging ass in the Mel Gibson era movie. ~ ~ Oh yeah. I should have been an actor back then. And not pretending to be some kind of a genious screenwriter/director, with no track record to speak of, who insisted on having last-cut rights. ~ ~ PS LAURENCE PIERSON: That image of Barack Obama in Cuba, featuring your government housing conctete structure complex in the background is why you left me; and then you married some much older man named Steve; inside of some fantasy religion Catholic church in Washington County, Oregon. ~ ~ The first shall be last. And the last shall be first. ~ ~ In other words. I get to fuck Miley Sire Us and Cara Delevigne before Sandra Bullock and Elizabeth Hurley get to fuck me. ~ ~ Not to mention Jennifer Aniston. ~ ~ However, I do want to fuck her too; let's not kid ourselves here. ~ ~ Heck, at this particular point in time, I would love to fuck both Uma Therman and Laura Dern at the same time. If God told me to do it. ~ ~ I should be so lucky.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Jack Dorey is as fucking Jewish as the founder of FACEBOOK. ~ ~ With a face like that, at: ~ ~ So what, he was raised as a strict Catholic; just like Mel Gibson. ~ ~ My former 6'3" business partner from Maryland, Woody Nooris, was also raised as a strict mormon. ~ ~ How does that change anything these days? ~ ~ Hence his natural born techno-science 666 futuristic characteristics that are manifested at that prophetic [Bernie Sanders meets a 39ish Larry David in BLUE JASMINE] shrine holocaust museum in Manhattan that has 6 main display gas chambers, inside of 6 thick brick prison walls, with 6 small thick-glass buttet-proof [MICROSOFT] windows on each wall; existing underneath a 6-layered roof structure with a life-time guarantee. ~ ~ Per that mighty line in RADIO DAYS that goes, "Take the gas pipe!" ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SAVAGE: My offer to you to make a couple of my born again Orson Welles THE BIG LEBOWSKI rip off fuck films, starring two of my underaged virgin wives on your twin VOLVO cabin cruiser in Marin County, is still on the table. ~ ~
I do understand your legal liabilty concerns about the local authorities trying to stop me from sodomizing Chloe Moretz and Hailed Seinfeld at the same time, etc. etc. ~ ~
So how about I just buy out your sweet ass twin engines boat from under you for twice the price that it is worth. And we call it even Steven. ~ ~ I mean think about it. You get a few extra bucks in your wallet. I get at least one billion $$$$$$$$$$ in free Internet gossip publicity advertising. And everyone goes home happy. ~ ~

Saturday, March 19, 2016


It now appears that the actual 70 weeks prophecy in DANIEL 9 started at the end of the 42 final months term in REV.11. ~ ~ When it was manifested by God on January 20, 2016 that Donald Trump will be elected the next President of America. ~ ~ Even the one who will build the "wall" and rebuild the "street" that was over taken by the peoples of the dark day 1290 prince of Egypt and sodom in Arizona on the Sabbath. ~ ~ See the inspired tweets at: ~ ~ Notice the many accusatory signs of the "accuser" in REV.12. ~ ~ Which basically say the same thing that those crazy 1260 days squares at the LDS CHURCH NEWS are still saying to this very day in SLC, UT. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: 70 weeks will be enough to do it. But it will take the entire born again era of the physical transfiguration to finish what it started. ~ ~ WEDDING CRASHERS NOTES: The blond haired German beer drinking Jew nose guy named Beck/with, from Dallas, Texas, in this particular election 16 [two witnesses period] prophecy represents a phyisically  transfigured Donald Trump figure, at: ~ ~ The other taller, mixed race Lebanese Christian Jew figure from Chicago, who looks like he is falling down backwards, represents today's born again Reaganite era Democrats. ~ ~ RACIST NOTES: Becoming more aware of the skin color of a person's physical body will be a key factor in the upcoming physical transfiguration process. ~ ~ Of course, the Jews and the negros already know this. The biggest challenge will be to get the polite white people in high society to openly admit it.


Fascism is founded in lawlessness. Yet the only presidential USA candidate in 16 who is serious about law and order is being called a fascist by both crazy Bernie Sanders and crazy Glenn Beck. ~  ~ Both of whom think that the strict law constitutional birthers are the basic problem with American politics right now. ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ You read the LDS CHURCH NEWS these days, and all you see are the rich older men in Utah whining over the grownup men who are not being nice to them. ~ ~ Take for example Mussolini. Who was a really short baldheaded man like unto Spencer W Kimball. As compared to that tall blond man for today, named Donald Trump, in Mel Brooks' prophetic BLAZING SADDLES send up of John Wayne er all. ~ ~ So why do i love it so much? ~ ~The longer this rubbish goes on, the better chance I have to hook up with Elizabeth Hurley and her sexy young free love girlfriends at her English countryside estate featured in MOONWALKERS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PARTY CRASHER NOTES: That JET CITY made 737 from Princess Paris' Dubai crashed and burned at the same time that the new paps of her walking through the Miami era airport hit the web, at:
 ~ ~ For that airline pilot who reported a huge ball of fire plane crash on the golf course set during the making of CADDYSHACK. ~ ~ NOT SO CRAZY NOTES: I don't actually believe that I could have ever become a major Hollywood movie star actor if I never did get seduced by my exwife cunt in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II&III. ~ ~ But I would have had a very nice paying after the fact life time career down there; along the lines of James Wood and James Spader. ~ ~ Who needs $100,000,000, when five hard money big ones will get you everything that you ever wanted in this short life? ~ ~ That is if the main house is all payed for of course; with no no more 666 blood sucking Jew bankers mortgage or liberal Jewish government 666 property taxes are due on it. ~ ~ Plus I could make my child support payments on a timely basis; no problems. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ ZOMBIE MOVIE NOTES: Here is Simon Pegg and his gentilish [WASHINGTON REDSKINS] LAmanite girlfriend who were doing those head kill shots in the 2003 made SHAWN OF THE DEAD movie, at:

Friday, March 18, 2016


Hanna Montana's new sexy physical mind-fuck yoga pix are about the Reaganite 80s prelude to the heavy metalic physical transfiguration fuzion banding together of religious neo con Jews and their spiritually immature crazy christian cousin conservatives in the upcoming era of the [SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL] owned by Donald Trump at: ~ ~ I mean think about IT; Olivia New/ton John is from Australia. Mel Gibson is from Australia. My wife by proxy, Nicole Kidman, is also from Australia. ~ ~ And so is my Scottish Templar Rights wife for all time and eternity Miranda Kerr. ~ ~
For example, about 80% of America's war veterans support Trump. And about 80% of America's homosexuals, Jews, and negros support anything at all that the Democrat Party might put on their ticket. ~ ~ Come hell or high water at:  . ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Take for example Michael Merged, who lives on that miniaturised continent of African island smack dab in the middle of Lake Washington. ~ ~ Who has such a huuuge nasty little bug up his REV.9 ass about white people, that he still sincerely believes that America's Commander in Chief is a real deal US citizen. ~ ~ Contrary to all of the physical evidence involved in the case. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REPUBLICAN PARTY TIME NOTES: The reason why God has allowed that faux conservative Donald Trump wedding party crasher to bitch slap you all upside the ass so hard that it hurts, is because you all are not as lilly white conservative as you all think that you all are. ~ ~ For g-d's sake, most of you spoiled white ass brats don't even believe in THE BOOK OF MORON. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: The exact distance between the northern side edge of the massive NYC metro region, and the southern edge side of the massive South African diamond shaped [Egytian] DC metro region is 1600 furlows. ~ ~ Per Joe Smith's simple worded White Horse Prophecy about the red skinned horse getting together with the white people in order to beat back the invasion of the black horse peoples at the end of REV.14. ~ ~ CASE IN POINT NOTES: Apparently, a new movie is coming out about Utah's Senator Hatch and Robert Redford supporting the Supreme Court nomination of Sodom and Egypt in DON VERDEAN, etc.  Even though both of the two men have probably never even touched another man's penis in their entire lives.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


I mean think about it. ~ ~ I will be fucking Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock at the same time over at Jennifer Aniston's little love shack guest house before you even know it. ~ ~ Jesus Christ almighty. ~ ~ Read a real book published in hardback paper form . ~ ~ Get off of your middle aged fat ass and go see a real silver screen movie at an actual brick&mortar movie theater. ~ ~ Whatever works; just do it. ~ ~ The last days of the never ending new and improved 666 Internet beast are numbered. ~ ~ The way I see it. The new beast has about as many years left as Bernie Sanders has left in his life. ~ ~ Not to mention Bill and Hillary Clinton. ~ ~ A new dawn of the dead sequel is coming out; sooner, rather than later. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WWII NOTES: That Donald Trump supporter in the Democrat Reagan era movie called GREMLINS is always seen wearing an old B-24/25 bomber jacket. ~ ~ PERSONAL BACKGROUND NOTES:  You reason why I do not have a graduate degree from BYU is because I still need two GE requirement courses; one in religion, the other in physical ed. ~ ~ PS NYT: Woody Allen cast Ms Montana in his new Internet series because he wants the free $billions$ in advertising. Plus she can act and sing too. ~ ~ Therefore, are you guys so much smarter than him that you don't need that kind of tax free Donald Trump ad money? ~ ~ Last I read, your bottom line in the print division wasn't looking that great. ~ ~

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


The sudden heart attack death of Frankie Jr in Florida was a counter intuitive confirmation of my CADDYSHACK post entitled, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU... IF YOU'RE YOUNG AT HEART. ~ ~ Now that the aging Republican Party establishment is having a collective heart attack over Tuesday's  election. ~ ~ This being the two witnesses' 'SAFFIRE XI' radio tuned to 91 on my VW BYU beetle in GREMLINS. Where the future AM radio host [for Glenn Beck] exclaims that he is fed up with "...all this Orson Welles crap." from his home town area of Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ XX NOTES: The most interesting man in the world did FOREVER YOUNG in 91 for a B-25 bomber prophecy about his temple mount orthodox church being converted into an endowment House of the Lord of Israel. ~ ~ For when the time would come for the [BRIDES OF DRACULA] blood cleansing  Scottish rights of the physical transfiguration of all those aging movie stars who live in Malibu, etc. See what I mean at: ~ ~ Of course, we're gonna have to do something about today's GREMLINS invaders before that happens. ~ ~ Ergo, the movie's white KENTUCKY tractor snow plow character who hates the illegal alien invaders, and all things foreign made. ~ ~ LAMANITE NOTES: They say that the West Hollywood, LA temple, that was built in the same year that I was born, features a golden Donald Trump trumpeter on the top of it who has LAmanite features. ~ ~ Could be true. ~ ~ After all. Yours truly was sealed by proxy to my future wife, Evangeline Lilly, for all time and eternity in some Canadian temple on the Fourth of July back in 57. On the very day when every other single temple in America was closed for the patriotic 1260 days holiday of the future two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Kind of like me fucking my wife Taylor Swift by proxy in the meantime these days. ~ ~ And she likes it. ~ ~ And so she should. ~ ~ Because she knows that I AM is OK with it, for now. ~ ~ PS EL WOOD: Those nasty little German Gremlins blew up the engine inside of your black station wagon C-CLASS MERCEDES on your 5'5" husband's 12.6 birthday in 05 for a his classic C grade religion status quo. ~ ~ PERSONAL BIO NOTES: I have 7 full semester years of college education; 5 at BYU; 2 at Seattle Community College. Not to mention 4 years of LDS Priesthood seminary, and 2 years in foreign language student visa training in Italy. ~ ~ I have completed a major in Romance Languages; three minors in Economics, Zoology, and Cinema Theater Arts, fom BYU. My Seattle Community College scholarship was earned in their vocational culinary arts school in 1969; where I graduated no.2 in class. ~ ~ Yet I have no official college diploma to show for any of it. ~ ~ And after 25 years of a perfect driving record. I don't even have a valid drivers license anymore. ~ ~ Something very strange is happening here. ~ ~ As if all this makes me your typical Ronald Mc Donald [Duck L'Orange ] Trump supporter, or something. ~ ~ And if you somehow are able to hack into my private Barack Obama type foreign student [out of state] college records, you will be amazed at what you see.  ~ ~ Nothing but 5 years of straight As and straight Cs, not much else in between.


That negro X-MASS present toy train wreck in Gray County, Kansas under the Germanic evergreen tree was for today's childish 'Old Gray Lady' newspaper that is still run by your typical fruity smelling Jew boys from Brooklyn,  NY. ~ ~ Who never really grew up and got over it. ~ ~ Although most of them are now around the same age as Bernie Sanders. ~ ~ And who got so mad, they refused to even publish a picture of Donald Trump on their national editions the next day. ~ ~ In confirmation of that iconic Ronald Reagan era USA TODAY mansion that burned down to the ground in Miami, Florida at exactly your typical newspaper's evening press time deadline. ~ ~ As a same time second confirmation of the Donald Trump born again 1980s prophecy called CADDYSHACK. That was shot down outside of Miami, Florida for Chicago, Illinois. ~ ~ For g-d's sake, I like a little OLD ENGLISH LEATHER musk spray on my neck and chest too; but do you really have to use a full half of your cheap $9 drugstore midnight cowboy cologne bottle like every God damn fucking day? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AFTER MIDNIGHT NOTES: The WWII Gremlins movie remake was about today's anti law&order niggers who have taken over most of the major Democrat Party newspapers that are now running practically every mob boss run city in America. ~ ~ SECRCET COMBINATIONS NOTES: Today's weird looking short crew-cut right-wingers in Utah need to understand that international communism is not the upcoming born again 666 beast.  ~ ~ People like you should be a little more enlightened than your average reader.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Those born again Gremlins fucked with Sarah Palin's spiritually sick snowmobiling machine husband in the 7 peaks park area of Mt. McKinley for the SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS movie finale in 1984's Reagan era GREMLINS prophecy.~ ~ Hence, Donald Trump's campaign promise to change the mountain's name back to it's Scottish roots. ~ ~ If nothing else, just to fuck with the abomination of desolation in MARCO 13:14. ~ ~ According to my secret sauce sources, Trump will be coming out with another huge devastating campaign blitz on prime time television starting next week. ~ ~ Gonna have to go with the voices in my head on this one. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRIME TIME NOTES: The above 1984 allegory movie, that came out in the same year that Scarlet Johannson was born, comes to an end with a thematic full moon werewolf in London MOONSTRUCK shot. ~ ~ SHAWN OF THE DEAD NOTES: This bloody movie made in [Kingston] North London in 2003 keeps reminding us that, " have red on you." For the time when Bernie Sander's reds would become a death threat to Hillary Clinton's brain dead pinkos. ~ ~ Ergo, that extremely deep divide scene, shot in the middle of the dark night, blocked out on the precarious edge of the Grand Canyon landmark prophecy in NURSE BETTY. ~ ~ FBI NOTES: Now we know why the FBI never had to do anything about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate and stolen Social Security number. Not to mention his use of a BLACKBERRY toy in order to avoid any public scrutiny. ~ ~ THE DARK BLOB NOTES: The above 1984 movie ends inside of that same movie theater full of supportive Bernie Sanders teenagers in THE BLOB. ~ ~ For that batch of brown gingerman cookies that the [REV.17] MOTHER OF WHORES is making in GREMLINS. That is about the dark skinned people who will vote for Hillary Clinton, even if she is endicted. ~ ~ Or as Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck would say; "Anybody but Trump..."

Monday, March 14, 2016


That Chicago bound negro child toy train wreck allegory happened along Hwy.56, outside of Montezuma's Revenge, Kansas; where that strange alien looking LAmanite Harvard graduate from Texas recently won the Republican Party's primary. ~ ~ Because Bernie Sander's emotionally immature fascistic Jewish marxist thugs who show up at Trump rallies are motivated more by the substance of his message. And not so much by the hard to take style of his grownup manliness. ~ ~ [Think Sacha Baron] ~ ~ When was the last time that an ugly scarely looking dark skinned mob of Donald Trump supporters suddenly showed up on cue at some anti democracy Bernie Sanders rally in support of Islamic refugees and tried to shut it down? ~ ~ Hence, the Biblical REV.12 flooding in the southern third section of the three-part breakup of America in REV.16. ~ ~ And then the wicked filthy dirty [PLANET OF THE APES] niggers go to war against the more clean looking white skinned [THE BOONDOCK SAINTS:I&II] guys who were always in full support of those two white european witnesses of Judah and Ephraim on the radio in REV.11, ISAIAH 11, NEPHI 11, etc. etc. ~ ~ Who had managed to stem the flood of lawless alien invaders before they could destroyed the Scottish golf course templar rites of the Presbyterian church woman and her Jesus baby child. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GREMLINS NOTES: Those trouble making Gremlins first appeared in WWII, causing so many of America's B 24/25 bombers to suddenly crash and burn. Hence, Kenny Kemp's inspired fascination with their lost tribes of Israel metaphors. GREMLINS, the movie, being about the sudden unexpected return of the WWII beast, in the born again form of: ~ ~ You make fun of white people, I have my black people make fun of you.
~ ~ BIG CRY BABY NOTES: No coincidence that Johnny Depp has now joined Glenn Beck in his condemnation of Donald Trump as being a brat. ~ ~ Even before Beck started to ridicule the birthers and call them names, many of the Texas Rangers men in his audience were beginng to turn off his radio show. Because they were all getting kind of creeped out by his rather strange and increasingly frequent on-air weeping bouts. ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Come hell or high water, I will be voting for you in 16. Wild horses could not stop me. ~ ~ That said. If in the meantime, I have a little fun with comparing you to that older blond haired man with the trophy wife in the SEAN OF THE DEAD prophecy, who owns and operates the REMINGTON rifle made WINDCHESTER pub in north London; I'm only doing it because I fancy having a go with both Carey Mulligan and Keira Kneightley at the same time. Since my older middle aged exwives still don't want to have anything to do with me. ~ ~ The younger the better, and all that. ~ ~

Sunday, March 13, 2016


That very well educated, and rather gentlemanly negro high school 666 science professor in GREMLINS is Barack Obama. ~ ~ Who ends up getting a REV.9 stinger stuck up his butt because he was a mixed race half Jewish ham sandwich homosexual on the down low via Chinatown, Chicago, USA. ~ ~ Golly me! Didn't see that one coming. [Orin Hatch, Utah] ~ ~  You fuck the white man in the ass, the angry white man fucks you in the ass back. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MESSAGES FROM OUTER SPACE: That decorated US MARINE with blond hair, who shot Pastor Remington in the back, due west of Fourth of July Canyon, Montana, first did an inspired visionary police scetch of the illegal alien AM christian radio figure who was possessing his plastic fantastic rockn' roll church [CURSE OF CHUCKY] body at: ~ ~ Note the Idaho map boner/tumor rising up from the top of his head. ~ ~
REV.19 NOTES: The sharp and offensive double edged sword coming out of my mouth in REV.19 is what gives Donald Trump the legal power to press charges against Bernie Sanders' reformed democratic fascists. ~ ~ You live by the sword, you die by the sword. ~ ~
You cater to the niggers. The niggers get your own generous contract to cater the food and beverages service at your our private Idaho funeral. ~ ~ In my world, everyone of every nation and tongue deserves to earn a respectable living; and have a nice house and nice clean pressed clothes.. ~ ~ Me Tarzan. You not happy. Me not happy. ~ ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: The 42 months of oppression by the filthy dirty Jews, half niggers, and perverted queers, pretty much ended when Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President in 17. ~ ~ Hey. Sometimes the royal [Purim] wives of Babylon, Israel have to step up and take over things when their old and aging husbands become too sick and bed ridden.  ~ ~

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Fucking brilliant. ~ ~ Right on the eve of another decisive Key West, Florida primary election; Donald Trump has his Nazi henchmen start a riot with all of those loud niggers and Marxist Jewish college age student agitators who showed up all at once at some conventional retro 1960s THE CHICAGO 7  type rally. ~ ~ Obviously, the man knows what he is doing. ~ ~ Based upon the same law&order idea that got the Republican Party's third-wayer Richard Nixon barely elected President in the SHAMPOO prophecy. ~ ~ The one about the older billionaire with the blond hair die job. ~ ~ Honestly. I don't know how he does it. ~ ~ And then audio clips of that AMAZING sound alike star of BOOGIE NIGHTS gets 24/7 air time all over midnight AM radio. Claiming that if he gets to be El Presidente we wont have anymore problems with angry anti-white Jews, niggers, or mixed race homosexuals. ~ ~ Are you listening Glenn Beck?.. You naive christian dumb fuck. ~ ~ I realize that you only watch idiotic G RATED boring to hell mormon movies these days. ~ ~ But you might want to make an exception regarding Woody Allen's upcoming 1960s TV series. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BEN AFFLECT NOTES: "The Republican Party had their chance. Now it's time to try something different."  ~ ~ THE SEATTLE 7 NOTES: Mercer Island's anticommunist AM radio host, Michael Medved, is saying that KING RALPH's new creepy [GREASE:2] bomb shelter movie is the best work that he has done since THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ ~ Well alright then. ~ ~ He gets a new three year three movie screenplay contract deal. ~ ~ Whatever it takes to get the stiff upper lip Jews in London, England to start becoming inspired by the crazy idea about a having a new and improved physically transfigurated carreer during the next 50/50 years or so. ~ ~ PS ALISON ROTH: If you receive an overnight screenplay parcel from Michael Medved, be sure to immediately send it over to one of your unpaid slave film school graduate apprenticeship readers. And then be sure to immediately send him out one of our standard screenwriters union scale 10% cash up front option purchase checks. ~ ~ At this particular point in time, we don't want to discourage his [work-in-progress] creative process.  ~ ~"All writing is rewriting..." ~ ~ "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." ~ ~ Even post-date the check if you have to, whatever works for now. ~ ~

Friday, March 11, 2016


The same day I started watching my new copy of THE CURSE OF CHUCKY, a 4 year-old doll size boy shot his mother in the back at: ~ ~ In confirmation of the prophetic horse trader-trailer opening scenario to that Roger Moore James Bond movie that features Fidel Castro. ~ ~ No wonder that Donald Trump is going to close down the northern Canadian border line shortly after he seals off the Mexican border at Lake Casablanca, Texas. ~ ~ Jesus Christ almighty!! Have any of you seen those photos of that gay ass PM hanging out with the little horn prince in DANIEL? ~ ~ Who reminds us so much of Marco Rubio's past homogaysexual history. ~ ~ The word is out! ~ ~ Cuba is the new Key West, Florida. ~ ~ Where the jumbo double size margaritas, daiquiris,  and pina colodas, cost only a about buck in the more luxurious resort beach hotels. ~ ~ And if you are are feeling a bit more daring and adventurous; you can always walk across the street to where the same size generous drinks are half price, and so are the underaged teenager hooker boys and girls. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BERNIE: The reason why no one has ever asked to see your real birth certificate is because there is no phone recording of your sainted Jewish Polish grandmother claiming that she was in the Kenya hospital room when you were born back on 8.4 in 1961. And that you "...passed through my hands..." at birth. ~ ~ What, are you like regenerating back to your teenager years in Brooklyn, NY at your advanced age?  ~ ~ "Wisdom comes with age... then comes senility..." ~ ~ CURSE OF CHUCKY NOTES: This prophetic Internet 666 movie can be completely summed up in the bloody car crash scene where the DC 86 priest dies from rat poisoning. And then the CAR 54 figure shows up in a squad car bearing 'JER. 7:28' plates. ~ ~ Not to be confused with that inspired GSR/TWN late 90s movie entitled CRASH, filmed in Toronto, Canada; with Sandra Bullock's not-so-inspired GSR/TWN left-wing 180 degrees rip off of the same idea; filmed in LA. ~ ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: Don't worry, be happy, be patient. ~ ~ I need to get my US PASSPORT renewed before I can get an enhanced ID DL. ~ ~ And then I can drive up to your place in BC, Canada in my used second hand 911 that is still in good condition; and we can fuck all we want.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Mexico's green bottled XX beer label is secretly considering Mel Gibson as their new replacement spokesperson, if the up front money is big enough of course; and I do mean big, like at: ~ ~
Yeah. I AM is probably the most powerful 10% celebrity agent in the world right now. ~ ~ Starting back when I put together that SMART WATER promotional video deal for my wife Jennifer Anistion; that incorporated Donald Trump's private G6 [Rush Limbaugh]  jet themes. ~ ~ For when the time would come during the TAXI DRIVER prophecy in Flint, Michigan, when only bottled water would be safe to drink. ~ ~ And not that dirty stinking toxic brown skinned water in Annie Hall's cheap Manhattan apartment. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN KEMP: Today is Sharon Stone's highly symbolic physical  transfiguration 58 birthday number of the restoration of the 34ish body of Christ. ~ ~ Please let me know if you would like to fuck her over and over for one night only. ~ ~ Like in that SUNDANCE film festival movie called DON VERDEAN. ~ ~ Which was originally inspired by my own private DON JAUN DEMARCO [[Rubio]] remake at: ~ ~ DETROIT IRON NOTES: The crash of the red skin PONTIAC in the above movie was about the crash of the reformed marxist reds in today's Democrat Party. ~ ~ Hence, that MLK JR garbage truck that drove off of a metaphorical basketball court overpass play on I-95 in the tropical area of Miami, Florida. ~ ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: I fully understand your ongoing struggles in the latter-day religious faith department. ~ ~ Which is why I have allowed Tom Brady to fuck my wife Giselle Bundchen practicall any time that he wants to for the past five years. ~ ~ In other words, I want you to know how it feels to be me; living in the Celestial Kingdom of God in D&C 76.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


That illegal alien Will Forte look alike shooter was finally caught in the Wellsville, Missouri area; just hours after the polls closed in the poisoned election wells up in and around Mitt, Michigan. ~ ~ And Florida's MARCO 13:14 short man out player figure in SEMI PRO, who was traded for a commercial size washing machine, [machine politics] finished the prophetic FLINT TROPICS' last and final season in 4th place. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WND NOTES: The senior editor at just endorsed the blatantly unconstitutional Ted Cruz because he knows that Donald Trump is a secret Mormon Masonite no.34 ocult follower. ~ ~  Exactly like the mainstream media Jews went ahead and endorsed the illegal alien Barack Obama anyway; just in order to save the world from global warming destruction. ~ ~ The end justifies the means, yada yada. ~ ~ "Sometimes a girl has to act naughty..." DOMINO. ~ ~ MIDNIGHT COWBOY NOTES: The Baron just showed up at some NYC screening for his latest new film festival film role playing The Don, at: ~ ~ WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT NOTES: I school that Micheal Caine look alike in MOONWALKERS for a physical transfiguration thing in MOONSTRUCK meets MANHATTAN. ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ Why in the world would any of you amoral atheist Jews, who were born in Brooklyn, even give a flying fuck if one of your middleaged nextdoor neighbors is loudly fucking two underaged virgin teenagers at a time. ~ ~ Good for him, if he has that kind of money. ~ ~ Wish you too were so lucky. ~ ~ SECRET SAUCY NOTES: Those 9 firefighters were injured from smoking too much of the mighty and strong green grass weed at a rather stinky natural gas fart explosion in Seattle at D/C 85th Ave and Greenwood; for a DON VERDEAN evergreen theme. ~ ~ They don't call it 'The Emerald City' for nothing. ~ ~ Once upon a time known as 'The Jet City' back when I was growing up there as a HASTY TASTY grill cook in the 19666s. And then suddenly, out of the blue, I got a casting call from Jesus in SLC, UT to pack my bags and immediately show up on the set of Federico Fellini's latest opus entitled ROMA. ~ ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: In the recent months, my dreams about you have progressed from you only wanting to be my coffee shop chick-chat friend; to you wanting to be my afternoon delight three-way fuck buddy friend; to you wanting to become my Branch Dravidian templar Mormon poligamyst wife forever and ever. ~ ~

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Need I say it..? This would include Will Forte wanting to look a bit more younger these days.  ~ ~ And who wouldn't?.. Like at: ~ ~ AND: ~~ AND: ~ ~ Yours truly being no exception to the rule. ~ ~ Who do you think comes to mind first when I wake up in the middle of the night fantasing about some hot young babe sucking on my cock?  It sure as hell is not one of those overweight fat ass reality tv show Internet personalities. ~ ~ When it comes to my own private Idaho love life, i do what i want with whoever i want; like for example at; ~ ~ Fuck you very much. ~ ~ [KING OF NEW YORK] ~ ~ Whatever it takes to save as many souls as possible. ~ ~
GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MEL: Like me, you too can do whoever you want to do. ~ ~ Because you have earned it by now. ~ ~ Since you have suffered through so many of my painful masonic knights templar rights of all of my slings and arrows that were directed directly at you for the past ten years. ~ ~ Even though you did not deserve the half of it. ~ ~ Yet you kept doing what you felt inspired to do; and you never turned your face away from God. ~ ~ But only after you signed on the dotted line and made your first up front off shore installment payment in cash to me on whatever triple-down multi-picture deal that you feel like making. ~ ~ You fancy a go for one night only with one of my sexy Gwyneth Paltrow look alike A-list born again Christian Jewish wives in DON VERDEAN? ~ ~ Hell why not? She has probably already been fucked by more men than my wife Jennifer Annistin has fucked. ~ ~ Therefore, why would one more even matter?.. Just as long as your off-shore bank wire comes through from the British Bahamas with no complications.

Monday, March 7, 2016


Believe it or not, a satanic looking D&C 86 priest was shot in the back 4 times Sunday, John Lennon style, in the Cooling, Idaho Priest Lake region of Jared Hess' home state. ~ ~ Which still holds the world record for the biggest rainbow trout ever caught on a rod and reel line. ~ ~ In confirmation of the 'Detroit Iron' 1980s red PONTIAC  car with Ellen Page's Rainbow Arch icon at: ~ ~ Okay, I admit it; I would love to have a few wives who still look like little underaged virgin boys. I'm only human for Jesus sake. ~ ~ Sunday being the day when First Lady Nancy died on the same day that First Lady Hillary was debating that old man in Mitt's iconic Fint, Michigan. ~ ~ Where the clear tap water looks perfectly fine. But you sure as hell would not want to drink it. ~ ~ Ergo, Mr.Mitt and Glenn Beck et all say that the birthers are a bunch of "ridiculous"  white people. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS S/ALMA: Those ten virgins Buffalo had to be shot in Paris, Wisconsin because of your main man residence in Paris, France, at:
 ~ ~ ANIMAL FARM NOTES: My wife Elizabeth Hurley was inspired by God to lease out her pig farm and buy a dairy farm. ~ ~ According to the latest scientific DNA research; white caucasian people are more lactose tolerant than the people of a darker skin; in confirmation of the Bible's variois verses about "...the land of milk and honey..."  being a special place of promise for the Nephites, etc. ~ ~ How "...ridiculous..." might Mitt Romney say. ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: I finished watching DON VERDEAN during the poisoned Democrat Party debate in Mitt, Michigan. Then I found this FLINT TROPICS fake image of you at: ~ ~ For the end of Jared Hess' latest ridiculous RLDS, SLC, Utah movie about the Templar's phony [Keira Knightley] obsession with the Branch Davidian Holy Grail cell phone numbers. Hence, the film's Jewish CARNIVAL OF SOULS female co-star look alike, yada yada. ~ ~ By the by. Last night I had a dream about you and me looking at the late JOKER's spacious loft in Manhattan that was finally up for sale. But you were still a little bit too cool towards me; probably because I had made a horse trade deal with YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS husband. ~ ~ Wherein, I get you and Charlie Theron in exchange for that royal Ms.Windsor Lady who looks like those two Olsen Twins look alikes who live up the street from David Lynch. ~ ~ PS PRESIDENT MONSON: You were the first one who agreed with me when my 60 seconds direct response TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER ads came roaring out of the [VIEW TO A KILL] gate on AM CALL in radio in the LDS CONFERENCE fall of 1994. ~ ~ And I know that you are now a big time supporter of Donald Trump like I AM is. ~ ~ You and I are not that different; all evidence to the contrary. ~ ~ Since both of us still believe that the whitish skinned Nephites were a notched cut above the darkish skinned LAmanites; not all of the time, but most of the time.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Nobody uses any R-17 rated dirty language or impolitical swear words in the polite society DON VERDEAN prophecy about The Donald becoming elected The President in 2016; at least not in the first two acts, which is where I am at right now. ~ ~ Yet everyone in the polite society SUNDANCE film is a complete mother fucking whore in every sense of the Word in REVELATION 17. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SALMA: Your lovable German shepard border guard  dog was shot by a wise white man because it kept illegally crossing over his fences without permission. Which was a direct violation of his civil rights. ~ ~ In other words, without law and order, there can be no protected state rights sovereignty  or freedom. ~ ~ And then everything just degenerates into a dog eat dog state of affairs. ~ ~ Which is exactly why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and all of those arrogant stinking Jews at the NEW YORKER slash NYT think that todays born again 666 America is now greater than ever. ~ ~ Even though The United States of America as we know is now on the verge of being destroyed by Islamic terrorists who hate apostate christians, like Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck; not to mention Clyde Lewis and Jerry Seignfeld and Barbara Streisand, yada yada yada... ~ ~ MORE MEANWHILE NOTES: In the meantime, don't worry about me. Because, "I do anything that I want to do..." Kristen Stewart. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~
PS JODIE FOSTER:  I'm gonna need you to direct me in the remake of TAXI DRIVER:2, costarring Chloe Moretz and Leo DiCaprio. ~ ~ And if I like the way that it turns out, you get to direct yours truly and little Miss Windsor's acting debut in all 29 of the LAST TANGO IN PARIS Internet tv series.

Saturday, March 5, 2016


I knew that this year was going to be it when I saw some new pre Donald Trump DVD movie made back in 14 at WALMART called DON VERDEAN [evergreen]. Which was made by that 42 attitude [NAPOLEON DYNAMITE] team of the Germanic Israeitish Jared Hess BYU filmmaker and his uber white wife. ~ ~ That portrays yours truly as some big time small town religion guru fraud. ~ ~ In confirmation of Mr.Mitt accusing me too of being a late night communist AM radio fellow traveler dog "fraud" with The Don  at his UU's Gordon B. Hinckley institute of higher [LSD] learning presser. ~ ~ Talk about being in with the groovy moderate toned-down [Cool it] Mormon mile-high in-crowd, circa 16. ~ ~ And all of the big money and big time casting in the world can't put HUMPTY DUMPTY  back together again. ~ ~ You have to crack a couple of eggs to make an omlette, and all that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SANDRA BULLOCK: Today's vote in The Big N.O. is for you baby. ~ ~ So now I want my money. ~ ~ In other words, for every 30 big ones that I give you, you owe me 3 of them in loan shark interest; starting this year. ~ ~ Otherwise, I lose interest in you, and I start spending most of my time with the likes of my royal family of England [cousins] fuck buddies like Ms Windsor, at: ~ ~
~ ~ You punish me for being a cheap ass coin-operated "phony" bad boy, depicted talking to you on a 666s era pay phone,  I punish you for being a genuine real bad girl college grad idiot. ~ ~That tired old cliche about "shit happens" is a relatively true precept. ~ ~

Friday, March 4, 2016


In one of Woody Allen's earlier and more pure, and uncomplicated funnier movies,  he complains that his Jewish [REV.17] mother always ran her TYSON brand chicken from Arkansas through her 'deflavorizer machine' before she boiled it to death in a big unsalted pot of water on the stove. ~ ~ For the BM prophecy in JACOB 5 about the latter-day saints in the prophetic CARNIVAL OF SOULS meets EATING RAOUL movies becoming bland enceladas with no more savor. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KASICH: There is a reason why your actual physical voice sounds so much like the bridegroom in VERY BAD THINGS meets SWINGERS. ~ ~ Back in film school, we would watch a movie with the audio sound turned off in order to focus on the physical imagery. Then we would watch the same movie again with the video turned off, but the sound left on; in order to get a feel for both sides of the story. ~ ~ "Those who only believe in the spiritual, will be sent to a place that is only spiritual." . ~ ~I.e. Jesus never forces anybody to do what they don't want to do. ~ ~ Contrary to what all of the shorter liberal Jews out there want you to think, like my uncle Jim in Kirkland, Washington, the Kingdom of God is not Nazism or fascism. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE: Have you ever thought about transitioning from non fiction filmmaking into fiction filmmaking?  ~ ~PS MARCO RUBIO: You might not be as short as Donald Trump said in the heat of the debate; but you actually are just a little bit too short to be the President of America. ~ ~ Hence your obsession with the tall Jewish Abraham Lincoln who presided over the war between the states. ~ ~ Meanwhile, his cat crazy Jewish wife was locked up somewhere in an insane asylum for today's progressive turn of the century modernism teetotaller women who support Hillary Clinton in 16. ~ ~ .

Thursday, March 3, 2016


The many LOST HIGHWAY type car mechanic prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in D&C:133 have received many spoken word revelations from God about the arrogant and self righteous pride of Mormon high society. Wherein, he explains that religious pride is something that one can often smell, but can not see. ~ ~ Per THE RETURN OF THE INVISIBLE MAN movie during the 1940s era of FDR, and the 1960s psychedelic era of the atomic bomb and THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ ~ Which lead to the white man assassination of MLK JR by a queer-as-orange deer hunter in Memphis, Tenn. Egypt, USA during a strike by the city's stinky smelling negro garbage men unionists. ~ ~ Therefore, today's leadership of the D&C 86 RLDS  church have lost their gift of modern revelation.  ~ ~ Because they are more interested in pleasing the worldly at the universities of higher education, than they are in pleasing Him, not to mention Me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MR. MITT NOTES: Flint, Michigan is located near Rt.15 Atlas for a reason. And there is also a Providential reason why Lennon, Michigan is located right there off of Rt.21 meets Rt.13; remember, this is Michael Moore country. ~ ~ PS MR.MOORE: Here is what you need to do to revived your sagging [Saginaw Bay] carreer that has now become as bland and tasteless and boring as a Mormon stake conference in Federal Way, Washington.  ~ ~ You surprise everyone with a shocking change-of-heart press conference about your new revelation from God. ~ ~ Who told you in no uncertain terms that you must get behind Donald Trump right now; before the country gets taken over by right-wing Republican Party conservatives; like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio; not to mention Glenn Beck and Michael Medved. ~ ~ Don't pretend that we two never met, and that we two don't know each other. That was then, this is now. ~ ~ "Just let me smell it." [SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT] ~ ~ I.E. Katy Perry is still in denial of Hillary Clinton protected her husband from his rape and murder crimes, just like the senior editor nergo homosexual Jews at the NYT are in denial of Barack Obama's forged birth certificate, not to mention Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, at:

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


15 toxic well train cars derailed outside of America's Hwy.20 RIPLEY'S BELEIVE IT OR NOT odditorium landmark along Lake Erie on Super Tuesday. For all of those stupid and moronic Holocaust Survivor Jews in MARATHON MAN who believed that Donald Trump was just another GSR/TWN type joke back in 15. ~ ~ Kind of like that Trump twister that wrecked havoc down in that negro neighborhood along the Bessemer Super Highway in Alabama on Super Tuesday. ~ ~ Right there being; Roosevelt City, Brownville, Grasselli, Lipscomb, Dartmouth, etc. for me mowing Emma Watson's ivy league campus grass and eating out Cara Delevigne's tender fish filet lips after Donald Trump becomes the President of American in 16. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CRUZ: Happy Texas Independence Day; not to mention Washington State Day. ~ ~ You do know of course that the 49th State of Alaska is the only state in the 50/50 ten virgins United States prophecy that actually has a legitimate sessionist party movement. ~ ~ Which is mostly made up of native American LAmanites and a rag tag group of white Nephite flyfishermen  types who live in log cabins out in the woods. ~ ~ "I will change the name of the mountain back to what it was before when I become President." [Donald Trump].  ~ ~ Hence, that bright meteor light flashing in the middle of the night that lit up the sky in Scotland on the eve of Super Tuesday. ~  ~ In confirmation of these inspired prophetic cinematic  elements at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ PS MICHAEL: You dropped out of YU, and I dropped out of BYU, because both of us knew in our hearts that we were going to become genius filmmakers in the future. ~ ~ Problem is; both of us were not quite ready to become the kind of big money union scale paycheck prime time players at SNL during the Reagan 80s.  ~ ~ "You and I are not that different." AP:II

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Jesus Christ this guy is smart. ~ ~ Right on the eve of Super Tuesday, he plants a story in the morning NYT about how all of his followers are birthers. ~ ~ And just like in the midnight radio Clyde Lewis inspired MOONWALKERS movie, the crazy conspiracy story actually turns out to be true. ~ ~ As just confirmed at: ~ ~ Didn't see that one coming. ~ ~ No. Really. I did not see it coming. ~ ~ Kind of like Cara Delevigne sucking on my cock, and me licking on her tender young fish filet clit; while her sexy girlfriend is out in the kitchen making us all up a tasty tray of cheese and crackers with smoked steelhead trout. ~ ~ "All for one, and one for all." [CRY BABY] ~ ~ Much like watching MOONWALKERS, 2014, and I suddenly realize that it is the prequel/sequel to my many AUSTIN POWERS:II The Spy Who Shagged Me postings. ~ ~ Hence, the above defrosted Dr.Evil look alike link. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MS. MONTANA: Break a leg. ~ ~ PS CHARLIE THE TUNA: Don't worry dude, be happy. Yours truly has the most amazing sense of humor. Maybe even more so than Donald Trump. ~ ~ Whatever. I understand how you were just trying to make fun of me like everyone else in Hollywood, when you were fucking all of those skinny porno actresses, two at a time. ~ ~ You still will get that most coveted part for six figures in the CHARLIE'S ANGELS reboot series. ~ ~ Gonna have to go with David Lynch on this one. ~ ~ SUPERMAN TUESDAY NOTES: The psychedelic 19666s yellow skin Viet Nam [LSD/LDS]  idea of men flying to the moon on a  Chinatown fireworks rocket is the same idea behind the mormon church giving the higher priesthood to the dark skinned sons of Ham in 1985's THE JEWEL OF THE NILE [Smith] prophecy. ~ ~ In other words. If you do not believe that skin color matters, you probably only have a superficial warm and fuzzy type feel-good 7th grade school understanding of the BOOK OF MORMON.  ~ ~ Think Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood vote for Donald Trump in 16. Just because the Jesus figure in THE BIG LEBOWSKI: II&III told them to do it. ~ ~