Thursday, March 10, 2016


Mexico's green bottled XX beer label is secretly considering Mel Gibson as their new replacement spokesperson, if the up front money is big enough of course; and I do mean big, like at: ~ ~
Yeah. I AM is probably the most powerful 10% celebrity agent in the world right now. ~ ~ Starting back when I put together that SMART WATER promotional video deal for my wife Jennifer Anistion; that incorporated Donald Trump's private G6 [Rush Limbaugh]  jet themes. ~ ~ For when the time would come during the TAXI DRIVER prophecy in Flint, Michigan, when only bottled water would be safe to drink. ~ ~ And not that dirty stinking toxic brown skinned water in Annie Hall's cheap Manhattan apartment. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN KEMP: Today is Sharon Stone's highly symbolic physical  transfiguration 58 birthday number of the restoration of the 34ish body of Christ. ~ ~ Please let me know if you would like to fuck her over and over for one night only. ~ ~ Like in that SUNDANCE film festival movie called DON VERDEAN. ~ ~ Which was originally inspired by my own private DON JAUN DEMARCO [[Rubio]] remake at: ~ ~ DETROIT IRON NOTES: The crash of the red skin PONTIAC in the above movie was about the crash of the reformed marxist reds in today's Democrat Party. ~ ~ Hence, that MLK JR garbage truck that drove off of a metaphorical basketball court overpass play on I-95 in the tropical area of Miami, Florida. ~ ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: I fully understand your ongoing struggles in the latter-day religious faith department. ~ ~ Which is why I have allowed Tom Brady to fuck my wife Giselle Bundchen practicall any time that he wants to for the past five years. ~ ~ In other words, I want you to know how it feels to be me; living in the Celestial Kingdom of God in D&C 76.

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