Friday, March 25, 2016


PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE opens with PW waking up on some future Easter sunrise morning, many many moons later, and slipping into his comefy Easter bunny slippers. ~ ~ No kidding around now... I only own one pair of slippers. And they look exactly the same; without the bunny face whiskers of course. ~ ~ Plus every morning, I enjoy a small little tight 4oz. size glass of squeezed carrot juice, just for good measure. ~ ~ I swear, it is what keeps me going, over and over again. ~ ~ Then later we see that huuuge scary Easter Bunny in the window at MARIO'S MAGIC SHOP; standing right behind Barack Obama's African ape costume mask used in the OCTOPUSSY prophecy. ~ ~ Speaking of sweet ass rides, check out these new pix of Princess Kristen from Scotland wearing PW's bike chain and lock around her neck at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
PS KRISTEN STEWART: One can usually find a good selection of Northwest Indian tribes smoked steelhead trout in the seal-packed smoked fish section at any WHOLE FOODS. ~ ~ That said, the more mild flavored smoked trout usually tastes better when crumpled up into little pieces and spread around on top of an olive oil downed omelette, or even a pizza. ~ ~ And smoked sockeye is usually the better more flavorful match for a good white rice cracker. ~ ~ Arkansas rise crackers are the best because they have a nice toasted after-taste on the tongue. ~ ~ Fully toasted and buttered down whole wheat bread squares are pretty nice too, and better for you; but it's almost impossible to find genuine non degerminated bread  anywhere these days without it having too much off-tasting sugar or honey in the recipe. ~ ~ The proper wine selection is the easy part. ~ ~ Always serve a white pinot gris for trout, and a red pinot noir for salmon. ~ ~ Keep the price point well above $35 per bottle and you can't miss. ~ ~

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