Thursday, March 3, 2016


The many LOST HIGHWAY type car mechanic prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in D&C:133 have received many spoken word revelations from God about the arrogant and self righteous pride of Mormon high society. Wherein, he explains that religious pride is something that one can often smell, but can not see. ~ ~ Per THE RETURN OF THE INVISIBLE MAN movie during the 1940s era of FDR, and the 1960s psychedelic era of the atomic bomb and THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ ~ Which lead to the white man assassination of MLK JR by a queer-as-orange deer hunter in Memphis, Tenn. Egypt, USA during a strike by the city's stinky smelling negro garbage men unionists. ~ ~ Therefore, today's leadership of the D&C 86 RLDS  church have lost their gift of modern revelation.  ~ ~ Because they are more interested in pleasing the worldly at the universities of higher education, than they are in pleasing Him, not to mention Me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MR. MITT NOTES: Flint, Michigan is located near Rt.15 Atlas for a reason. And there is also a Providential reason why Lennon, Michigan is located right there off of Rt.21 meets Rt.13; remember, this is Michael Moore country. ~ ~ PS MR.MOORE: Here is what you need to do to revived your sagging [Saginaw Bay] carreer that has now become as bland and tasteless and boring as a Mormon stake conference in Federal Way, Washington.  ~ ~ You surprise everyone with a shocking change-of-heart press conference about your new revelation from God. ~ ~ Who told you in no uncertain terms that you must get behind Donald Trump right now; before the country gets taken over by right-wing Republican Party conservatives; like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio; not to mention Glenn Beck and Michael Medved. ~ ~ Don't pretend that we two never met, and that we two don't know each other. That was then, this is now. ~ ~ "Just let me smell it." [SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT] ~ ~ I.E. Katy Perry is still in denial of Hillary Clinton protected her husband from his rape and murder crimes, just like the senior editor nergo homosexual Jews at the NYT are in denial of Barack Obama's forged birth certificate, not to mention Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, at:

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