Wednesday, March 16, 2016


The sudden heart attack death of Frankie Jr in Florida was a counter intuitive confirmation of my CADDYSHACK post entitled, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU... IF YOU'RE YOUNG AT HEART. ~ ~ Now that the aging Republican Party establishment is having a collective heart attack over Tuesday's  election. ~ ~ This being the two witnesses' 'SAFFIRE XI' radio tuned to 91 on my VW BYU beetle in GREMLINS. Where the future AM radio host [for Glenn Beck] exclaims that he is fed up with "...all this Orson Welles crap." from his home town area of Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ XX NOTES: The most interesting man in the world did FOREVER YOUNG in 91 for a B-25 bomber prophecy about his temple mount orthodox church being converted into an endowment House of the Lord of Israel. ~ ~ For when the time would come for the [BRIDES OF DRACULA] blood cleansing  Scottish rights of the physical transfiguration of all those aging movie stars who live in Malibu, etc. See what I mean at: ~ ~ Of course, we're gonna have to do something about today's GREMLINS invaders before that happens. ~ ~ Ergo, the movie's white KENTUCKY tractor snow plow character who hates the illegal alien invaders, and all things foreign made. ~ ~ LAMANITE NOTES: They say that the West Hollywood, LA temple, that was built in the same year that I was born, features a golden Donald Trump trumpeter on the top of it who has LAmanite features. ~ ~ Could be true. ~ ~ After all. Yours truly was sealed by proxy to my future wife, Evangeline Lilly, for all time and eternity in some Canadian temple on the Fourth of July back in 57. On the very day when every other single temple in America was closed for the patriotic 1260 days holiday of the future two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Kind of like me fucking my wife Taylor Swift by proxy in the meantime these days. ~ ~ And she likes it. ~ ~ And so she should. ~ ~ Because she knows that I AM is OK with it, for now. ~ ~ PS EL WOOD: Those nasty little German Gremlins blew up the engine inside of your black station wagon C-CLASS MERCEDES on your 5'5" husband's 12.6 birthday in 05 for a his classic C grade religion status quo. ~ ~ PERSONAL BIO NOTES: I have 7 full semester years of college education; 5 at BYU; 2 at Seattle Community College. Not to mention 4 years of LDS Priesthood seminary, and 2 years in foreign language student visa training in Italy. ~ ~ I have completed a major in Romance Languages; three minors in Economics, Zoology, and Cinema Theater Arts, fom BYU. My Seattle Community College scholarship was earned in their vocational culinary arts school in 1969; where I graduated no.2 in class. ~ ~ Yet I have no official college diploma to show for any of it. ~ ~ And after 25 years of a perfect driving record. I don't even have a valid drivers license anymore. ~ ~ Something very strange is happening here. ~ ~ As if all this makes me your typical Ronald Mc Donald [Duck L'Orange ] Trump supporter, or something. ~ ~ And if you somehow are able to hack into my private Barack Obama type foreign student [out of state] college records, you will be amazed at what you see.  ~ ~ Nothing but 5 years of straight As and straight Cs, not much else in between.

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