Wednesday, March 23, 2016


These are PW's last words to Dottie in PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE movie premier at a drive-in that represents the last one that I ever drove into in Springville, Utah back in 1974. ~ ~ Which features yours truly, played by a physically transfigured Bert Rey/olds making out with a physically transfigured blond haired Mrs. Fresh. ~ ~ Just after I got a phone call from President Trump at the front desk of one of his fancy hotels. Where we see an oil painting portrait of the White Horse Prophecy in the background. ~ ~ Hence my Miley Sire Us girlfriend in the end who hooks up with me in my no.104 suite; but only after I had rescued all of her precious little pets from the latest ISIS inferno, with the help of my retro 007 bicycle. ~ ~ And during all of this time, the actual sterling AUSTIN MARTIN used in GOLDFINGER was on display in a closed shop window along Main Street in Provo. ~ ~ Believe it or not. ~ ~ The classic car's owner was the same guy who sold me my worthless .333 diamond pear-cut wedding ring, set in white gold, at his jewelry shop on University Avenue; that I gave to my very charming and classy looking exwife tv soap opera hooker from France. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JUST LIKE ME NOTES: The above 1980s Reagan Democrat era movie begins with PW having yet another visionary dream about being crowned the King of England and France. Which of course was the same medicine wheel LAmanite inspiration behind the prophetic bicycle themes in NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE meets THE KING OF CALIFORNIA meets KING OF NEW YORK, like at: ~ ~ Then he seems to go on, "over and over" again, forever and ever, with his basement maps and document blow ups presentation of all the fact-checked evidence about that Hollywood Jew WB studio man who had stolen his sweet ass seat ride, and is now living the high life in that big fat Greek frat house full of rich white hight society ivy league kids in DC, like at: ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: See what happens when you start accusing me? And then all of those apostate Christians down in Texas, who still belive in homosexualish monogamy, and Catholic church type homosexualish celibacy,  start to accuse you back? ~ ~ Remember, these are the same LBJ white crackers who supported the blatantly unconstitutional CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964; that was supposed to make it illegal for white men to fuck their young hot adopted 16ish negro slave daughters.  ~ ~ What goes around comes around.......

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