Wednesday, March 16, 2016


That negro X-MASS present toy train wreck in Gray County, Kansas under the Germanic evergreen tree was for today's childish 'Old Gray Lady' newspaper that is still run by your typical fruity smelling Jew boys from Brooklyn,  NY. ~ ~ Who never really grew up and got over it. ~ ~ Although most of them are now around the same age as Bernie Sanders. ~ ~ And who got so mad, they refused to even publish a picture of Donald Trump on their national editions the next day. ~ ~ In confirmation of that iconic Ronald Reagan era USA TODAY mansion that burned down to the ground in Miami, Florida at exactly your typical newspaper's evening press time deadline. ~ ~ As a same time second confirmation of the Donald Trump born again 1980s prophecy called CADDYSHACK. That was shot down outside of Miami, Florida for Chicago, Illinois. ~ ~ For g-d's sake, I like a little OLD ENGLISH LEATHER musk spray on my neck and chest too; but do you really have to use a full half of your cheap $9 drugstore midnight cowboy cologne bottle like every God damn fucking day? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AFTER MIDNIGHT NOTES: The WWII Gremlins movie remake was about today's anti law&order niggers who have taken over most of the major Democrat Party newspapers that are now running practically every mob boss run city in America. ~ ~ SECRCET COMBINATIONS NOTES: Today's weird looking short crew-cut right-wingers in Utah need to understand that international communism is not the upcoming born again 666 beast.  ~ ~ People like you should be a little more enlightened than your average reader.

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