Saturday, March 19, 2016


Fascism is founded in lawlessness. Yet the only presidential USA candidate in 16 who is serious about law and order is being called a fascist by both crazy Bernie Sanders and crazy Glenn Beck. ~  ~ Both of whom think that the strict law constitutional birthers are the basic problem with American politics right now. ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ You read the LDS CHURCH NEWS these days, and all you see are the rich older men in Utah whining over the grownup men who are not being nice to them. ~ ~ Take for example Mussolini. Who was a really short baldheaded man like unto Spencer W Kimball. As compared to that tall blond man for today, named Donald Trump, in Mel Brooks' prophetic BLAZING SADDLES send up of John Wayne er all. ~ ~ So why do i love it so much? ~ ~The longer this rubbish goes on, the better chance I have to hook up with Elizabeth Hurley and her sexy young free love girlfriends at her English countryside estate featured in MOONWALKERS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PARTY CRASHER NOTES: That JET CITY made 737 from Princess Paris' Dubai crashed and burned at the same time that the new paps of her walking through the Miami era airport hit the web, at:
 ~ ~ For that airline pilot who reported a huge ball of fire plane crash on the golf course set during the making of CADDYSHACK. ~ ~ NOT SO CRAZY NOTES: I don't actually believe that I could have ever become a major Hollywood movie star actor if I never did get seduced by my exwife cunt in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II&III. ~ ~ But I would have had a very nice paying after the fact life time career down there; along the lines of James Wood and James Spader. ~ ~ Who needs $100,000,000, when five hard money big ones will get you everything that you ever wanted in this short life? ~ ~ That is if the main house is all payed for of course; with no no more 666 blood sucking Jew bankers mortgage or liberal Jewish government 666 property taxes are due on it. ~ ~ Plus I could make my child support payments on a timely basis; no problems. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ ZOMBIE MOVIE NOTES: Here is Simon Pegg and his gentilish [WASHINGTON REDSKINS] LAmanite girlfriend who were doing those head kill shots in the 2003 made SHAWN OF THE DEAD movie, at:

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