Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Patty Duke died at 69 from the same thing that eventually killed Nyle Smith on 1.11, 12, because she was so famous for playing that deaf, dumb, and blind Jennifer Anniston Alabama girl in THE MIRACLE WORKER prophecy, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Miracle_Worker_(1962_film)
~ ~ This being the Hand of God follow up to that secret 666 truckers convoy in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. Who are making their way to Devils Tower, Wyoming using rigs that are disguised to look like the food and fair of Babylon's garbage trucks. That cause the innocent little virgin children to be born with all manner of birth defects. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRUMPET NOTES: Donald Trump's latest ingenious cost-free campaign advertisements worth $$billions$$ contains video of his sidekick ruffing up that media bimbo. ~ ~ Jesus. And I thought that I was pretty good at this kind of thing. ~ ~ For whatever it is worth; my favorite fly rods in the whole world are made in La Criox, Wisconsin. And they only cost about $500 apiece, not $5,000. ~ ~ What I like about them so much, is their soft tip dry fly action; combined with a strong and stiff third quarter base near the handle. ~ ~  That let's you make those longer 70' range forecastings whenever you need them. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: You will soon be down on your knees just like Glenn Beck, pleading for your life, and endorsing Donald Trump for President in 016.  On your own kind of weirdo version of anticommunist late night rerun AM radio. ~ ~ While holding an erection shaped microphone penis idol up to your mouth. ~ ~ But only after the 1290 days anal shit sex hits the fan in MARCO RUBIO 13:14 Jerusalem. And not one minute before that it happens. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ Most of today's Jews are just a bunch of immature assholes who never grew up. ~ ~ At least that is what Howard Stern is suggesting these days; in his own way. ~ ~

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