Sunday, March 13, 2016


That very well educated, and rather gentlemanly negro high school 666 science professor in GREMLINS is Barack Obama. ~ ~ Who ends up getting a REV.9 stinger stuck up his butt because he was a mixed race half Jewish ham sandwich homosexual on the down low via Chinatown, Chicago, USA. ~ ~ Golly me! Didn't see that one coming. [Orin Hatch, Utah] ~ ~  You fuck the white man in the ass, the angry white man fucks you in the ass back. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MESSAGES FROM OUTER SPACE: That decorated US MARINE with blond hair, who shot Pastor Remington in the back, due west of Fourth of July Canyon, Montana, first did an inspired visionary police scetch of the illegal alien AM christian radio figure who was possessing his plastic fantastic rockn' roll church [CURSE OF CHUCKY] body at: ~ ~ Note the Idaho map boner/tumor rising up from the top of his head. ~ ~
REV.19 NOTES: The sharp and offensive double edged sword coming out of my mouth in REV.19 is what gives Donald Trump the legal power to press charges against Bernie Sanders' reformed democratic fascists. ~ ~ You live by the sword, you die by the sword. ~ ~
You cater to the niggers. The niggers get your own generous contract to cater the food and beverages service at your our private Idaho funeral. ~ ~ In my world, everyone of every nation and tongue deserves to earn a respectable living; and have a nice house and nice clean pressed clothes.. ~ ~ Me Tarzan. You not happy. Me not happy. ~ ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: The 42 months of oppression by the filthy dirty Jews, half niggers, and perverted queers, pretty much ended when Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President in 17. ~ ~ Hey. Sometimes the royal [Purim] wives of Babylon, Israel have to step up and take over things when their old and aging husbands become too sick and bed ridden.  ~ ~

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