Sunday, March 20, 2016


Jack Dorey is as fucking Jewish as the founder of FACEBOOK. ~ ~ With a face like that, at: ~ ~ So what, he was raised as a strict Catholic; just like Mel Gibson. ~ ~ My former 6'3" business partner from Maryland, Woody Nooris, was also raised as a strict mormon. ~ ~ How does that change anything these days? ~ ~ Hence his natural born techno-science 666 futuristic characteristics that are manifested at that prophetic [Bernie Sanders meets a 39ish Larry David in BLUE JASMINE] shrine holocaust museum in Manhattan that has 6 main display gas chambers, inside of 6 thick brick prison walls, with 6 small thick-glass buttet-proof [MICROSOFT] windows on each wall; existing underneath a 6-layered roof structure with a life-time guarantee. ~ ~ Per that mighty line in RADIO DAYS that goes, "Take the gas pipe!" ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SAVAGE: My offer to you to make a couple of my born again Orson Welles THE BIG LEBOWSKI rip off fuck films, starring two of my underaged virgin wives on your twin VOLVO cabin cruiser in Marin County, is still on the table. ~ ~
I do understand your legal liabilty concerns about the local authorities trying to stop me from sodomizing Chloe Moretz and Hailed Seinfeld at the same time, etc. etc. ~ ~
So how about I just buy out your sweet ass twin engines boat from under you for twice the price that it is worth. And we call it even Steven. ~ ~ I mean think about it. You get a few extra bucks in your wallet. I get at least one billion $$$$$$$$$$ in free Internet gossip publicity advertising. And everyone goes home happy. ~ ~

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