Friday, March 18, 2016


Hanna Montana's new sexy physical mind-fuck yoga pix are about the Reaganite 80s prelude to the heavy metalic physical transfiguration fuzion banding together of religious neo con Jews and their spiritually immature crazy christian cousin conservatives in the upcoming era of the [SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL] owned by Donald Trump at: ~ ~ I mean think about IT; Olivia New/ton John is from Australia. Mel Gibson is from Australia. My wife by proxy, Nicole Kidman, is also from Australia. ~ ~ And so is my Scottish Templar Rights wife for all time and eternity Miranda Kerr. ~ ~
For example, about 80% of America's war veterans support Trump. And about 80% of America's homosexuals, Jews, and negros support anything at all that the Democrat Party might put on their ticket. ~ ~ Come hell or high water at:  . ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Take for example Michael Merged, who lives on that miniaturised continent of African island smack dab in the middle of Lake Washington. ~ ~ Who has such a huuuge nasty little bug up his REV.9 ass about white people, that he still sincerely believes that America's Commander in Chief is a real deal US citizen. ~ ~ Contrary to all of the physical evidence involved in the case. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REPUBLICAN PARTY TIME NOTES: The reason why God has allowed that faux conservative Donald Trump wedding party crasher to bitch slap you all upside the ass so hard that it hurts, is because you all are not as lilly white conservative as you all think that you all are. ~ ~ For g-d's sake, most of you spoiled white ass brats don't even believe in THE BOOK OF MORON. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: The exact distance between the northern side edge of the massive NYC metro region, and the southern edge side of the massive South African diamond shaped [Egytian] DC metro region is 1600 furlows. ~ ~ Per Joe Smith's simple worded White Horse Prophecy about the red skinned horse getting together with the white people in order to beat back the invasion of the black horse peoples at the end of REV.14. ~ ~ CASE IN POINT NOTES: Apparently, a new movie is coming out about Utah's Senator Hatch and Robert Redford supporting the Supreme Court nomination of Sodom and Egypt in DON VERDEAN, etc.  Even though both of the two men have probably never even touched another man's penis in their entire lives.

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