Saturday, March 12, 2016


Fucking brilliant. ~ ~ Right on the eve of another decisive Key West, Florida primary election; Donald Trump has his Nazi henchmen start a riot with all of those loud niggers and Marxist Jewish college age student agitators who showed up all at once at some conventional retro 1960s THE CHICAGO 7  type rally. ~ ~ Obviously, the man knows what he is doing. ~ ~ Based upon the same law&order idea that got the Republican Party's third-wayer Richard Nixon barely elected President in the SHAMPOO prophecy. ~ ~ The one about the older billionaire with the blond hair die job. ~ ~ Honestly. I don't know how he does it. ~ ~ And then audio clips of that AMAZING sound alike star of BOOGIE NIGHTS gets 24/7 air time all over midnight AM radio. Claiming that if he gets to be El Presidente we wont have anymore problems with angry anti-white Jews, niggers, or mixed race homosexuals. ~ ~ Are you listening Glenn Beck?.. You naive christian dumb fuck. ~ ~ I realize that you only watch idiotic G RATED boring to hell mormon movies these days. ~ ~ But you might want to make an exception regarding Woody Allen's upcoming 1960s TV series. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BEN AFFLECT NOTES: "The Republican Party had their chance. Now it's time to try something different."  ~ ~ THE SEATTLE 7 NOTES: Mercer Island's anticommunist AM radio host, Michael Medved, is saying that KING RALPH's new creepy [GREASE:2] bomb shelter movie is the best work that he has done since THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ ~ Well alright then. ~ ~ He gets a new three year three movie screenplay contract deal. ~ ~ Whatever it takes to get the stiff upper lip Jews in London, England to start becoming inspired by the crazy idea about a having a new and improved physically transfigurated carreer during the next 50/50 years or so. ~ ~ PS ALISON ROTH: If you receive an overnight screenplay parcel from Michael Medved, be sure to immediately send it over to one of your unpaid slave film school graduate apprenticeship readers. And then be sure to immediately send him out one of our standard screenwriters union scale 10% cash up front option purchase checks. ~ ~ At this particular point in time, we don't want to discourage his [work-in-progress] creative process.  ~ ~"All writing is rewriting..." ~ ~ "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." ~ ~ Even post-date the check if you have to, whatever works for now. ~ ~

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