Friday, March 4, 2016


In one of Woody Allen's earlier and more pure, and uncomplicated funnier movies,  he complains that his Jewish [REV.17] mother always ran her TYSON brand chicken from Arkansas through her 'deflavorizer machine' before she boiled it to death in a big unsalted pot of water on the stove. ~ ~ For the BM prophecy in JACOB 5 about the latter-day saints in the prophetic CARNIVAL OF SOULS meets EATING RAOUL movies becoming bland enceladas with no more savor. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KASICH: There is a reason why your actual physical voice sounds so much like the bridegroom in VERY BAD THINGS meets SWINGERS. ~ ~ Back in film school, we would watch a movie with the audio sound turned off in order to focus on the physical imagery. Then we would watch the same movie again with the video turned off, but the sound left on; in order to get a feel for both sides of the story. ~ ~ "Those who only believe in the spiritual, will be sent to a place that is only spiritual." . ~ ~I.e. Jesus never forces anybody to do what they don't want to do. ~ ~ Contrary to what all of the shorter liberal Jews out there want you to think, like my uncle Jim in Kirkland, Washington, the Kingdom of God is not Nazism or fascism. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE: Have you ever thought about transitioning from non fiction filmmaking into fiction filmmaking?  ~ ~PS MARCO RUBIO: You might not be as short as Donald Trump said in the heat of the debate; but you actually are just a little bit too short to be the President of America. ~ ~ Hence your obsession with the tall Jewish Abraham Lincoln who presided over the war between the states. ~ ~ Meanwhile, his cat crazy Jewish wife was locked up somewhere in an insane asylum for today's progressive turn of the century modernism teetotaller women who support Hillary Clinton in 16. ~ ~ .

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