Friday, March 11, 2016


The same day I started watching my new copy of THE CURSE OF CHUCKY, a 4 year-old doll size boy shot his mother in the back at: ~ ~ In confirmation of the prophetic horse trader-trailer opening scenario to that Roger Moore James Bond movie that features Fidel Castro. ~ ~ No wonder that Donald Trump is going to close down the northern Canadian border line shortly after he seals off the Mexican border at Lake Casablanca, Texas. ~ ~ Jesus Christ almighty!! Have any of you seen those photos of that gay ass PM hanging out with the little horn prince in DANIEL? ~ ~ Who reminds us so much of Marco Rubio's past homogaysexual history. ~ ~ The word is out! ~ ~ Cuba is the new Key West, Florida. ~ ~ Where the jumbo double size margaritas, daiquiris,  and pina colodas, cost only a about buck in the more luxurious resort beach hotels. ~ ~ And if you are are feeling a bit more daring and adventurous; you can always walk across the street to where the same size generous drinks are half price, and so are the underaged teenager hooker boys and girls. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BERNIE: The reason why no one has ever asked to see your real birth certificate is because there is no phone recording of your sainted Jewish Polish grandmother claiming that she was in the Kenya hospital room when you were born back on 8.4 in 1961. And that you "...passed through my hands..." at birth. ~ ~ What, are you like regenerating back to your teenager years in Brooklyn, NY at your advanced age?  ~ ~ "Wisdom comes with age... then comes senility..." ~ ~ CURSE OF CHUCKY NOTES: This prophetic Internet 666 movie can be completely summed up in the bloody car crash scene where the DC 86 priest dies from rat poisoning. And then the CAR 54 figure shows up in a squad car bearing 'JER. 7:28' plates. ~ ~ Not to be confused with that inspired GSR/TWN late 90s movie entitled CRASH, filmed in Toronto, Canada; with Sandra Bullock's not-so-inspired GSR/TWN left-wing 180 degrees rip off of the same idea; filmed in LA. ~ ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: Don't worry, be happy, be patient. ~ ~ I need to get my US PASSPORT renewed before I can get an enhanced ID DL. ~ ~ And then I can drive up to your place in BC, Canada in my used second hand 911 that is still in good condition; and we can fuck all we want.

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