Thursday, March 17, 2016


I mean think about it. ~ ~ I will be fucking Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock at the same time over at Jennifer Aniston's little love shack guest house before you even know it. ~ ~ Jesus Christ almighty. ~ ~ Read a real book published in hardback paper form . ~ ~ Get off of your middle aged fat ass and go see a real silver screen movie at an actual brick&mortar movie theater. ~ ~ Whatever works; just do it. ~ ~ The last days of the never ending new and improved 666 Internet beast are numbered. ~ ~ The way I see it. The new beast has about as many years left as Bernie Sanders has left in his life. ~ ~ Not to mention Bill and Hillary Clinton. ~ ~ A new dawn of the dead sequel is coming out; sooner, rather than later. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WWII NOTES: That Donald Trump supporter in the Democrat Reagan era movie called GREMLINS is always seen wearing an old B-24/25 bomber jacket. ~ ~ PERSONAL BACKGROUND NOTES:  You reason why I do not have a graduate degree from BYU is because I still need two GE requirement courses; one in religion, the other in physical ed. ~ ~ PS NYT: Woody Allen cast Ms Montana in his new Internet series because he wants the free $billions$ in advertising. Plus she can act and sing too. ~ ~ Therefore, are you guys so much smarter than him that you don't need that kind of tax free Donald Trump ad money? ~ ~ Last I read, your bottom line in the print division wasn't looking that great. ~ ~

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