Wednesday, March 23, 2016


It does get a bit creepy at times. ~ ~ For example; I find my own private 1985 prophecy entitled PEE-WEE HER/MAN'S BIG ADVENTURE at TARGET. ~ ~ Then I have to see all of my embarresing polical shortcomings and personal foilables splashed all over the Internet, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Per when yours truly was actually riding around Provo, Utah on a retro 1950s era German SCHWIN red&white bicycle in 1985. And CJ's jealous husband Nyle Smith started to have it in for me. ~ ~ Which is why 'Large Marge' died in a horrible LOST HIGHWAY truckers crash on the 1.11 anniversary of the death of Mr.Smith in Pleasant Grove, Happy Valley, Utah, circa 2012. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS NICOLE KIDMAN: I married my wife in LAST TANGO IN PARIS during the 1974 wedding season in Utah County on your 6.20 birthday anniversary. ~ ~ And we all know how that worked out in the end. ~  ~ Ergo, WEDDING CRASHERS' opening sequence features you and your look alike husband finally sorting out all of your bad blood divorce case differences out of court in Washington, County, Oregon. ~ ~ Anywho, here is how I would mediate the pop culture court case; you get the kids, he gets nothing. ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Since I AM is going to be making you the next President of America in 2016; all I want in return is 10% of the lute. ~ ~ Not 10% of all of the money that you have already earned; just 10% of what you make in after taxes this year, and the next year there after. ~ ~ You squeeze out for me the kind of 10% OJ juice that you owe me, according to PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE, I wipe out the competition. ~ ~ PS DONELLE WILLEY: Call me if you need a short term 2% loan to set up your pizzaria and micro brewery just down the street from THE SCHOOL OF PROPHETS in Provo, Utah. ~ ~ Whatever. I don't mean to meddle in any of your private business recipe plans for the next 50 years or so. ~ ~ But I would say this. If you only use heirloom tomatoes that are spoiled brat ripe from California in the secret sauce on your firewood baked calzonies and pizzas. ~ ~ This would kill the competition; hands down.

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