Sunday, March 27, 2016


Barack Obama had his disco 70s SUPER FREAK star look alike singer church choir director ass-lover murdered in his secondly story flat in 1999 Chicago with a .44; TAXI DRIVER meets SON OF SAM style. ~ ~ Yet the mormon Glenn Beck from Bonney Lake, Washington drops to his knees and proclaims that he now gets what Donald Trump is all about? ~ ~ It's enough to make you throw up and vote for Donald Trump anyway. Even though you know that the New York guy with a nack for gossip is like totally Jewish. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LATE NIGHT NOTES: Sometime in the middle of the night last night, I fantasied that I found a rare DVD copy of Woody Allen's ZELIG prophecy lying on top of the loose $5 stack at WALMART. ~ ~ Then in the morning I found CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND lying in the exact same top-of-the-heap spot; close enough anyway, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ ELECTION 16 NOTES: This Easter weekend's new movie about a Caucasian billionaire pscyho killer versus a gayish Jew boy in tights from Brooklyn, NY who loves DC comic books, is about Donald Trump Vs. Bernie Sanders. ~ ~ Basically, Hillary Clinton is not even in the picture's math equation anymore because everyone and his pet puppy knows that women should not have the right to vote. ~ ~ That is and unless they hold legal title to property. ~ ~ There is always the elite crazy 8 white privilege class exception to any rule. ~ ~ In the last days, the white people will become the masters of the nigger rich people. ~ ~ And most of the Scotchish Israelite tribes [KKK] clan men in plaid skirts will have at least 7 wives. ~ ~
BRUSSELS' WORLD COURT CASE NOTES: Dr.Evil's Mini Me flashes Judge Oprah in AP:III because that whiter Serbian General had the right to kill those darker 8000 Antichrist war mongering Muslims. ~ ~ "Fuck you very much." KING OF NEW YORK.

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