Sunday, March 6, 2016


Nobody uses any R-17 rated dirty language or impolitical swear words in the polite society DON VERDEAN prophecy about The Donald becoming elected The President in 2016; at least not in the first two acts, which is where I am at right now. ~ ~ Yet everyone in the polite society SUNDANCE film is a complete mother fucking whore in every sense of the Word in REVELATION 17. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SALMA: Your lovable German shepard border guard  dog was shot by a wise white man because it kept illegally crossing over his fences without permission. Which was a direct violation of his civil rights. ~ ~ In other words, without law and order, there can be no protected state rights sovereignty  or freedom. ~ ~ And then everything just degenerates into a dog eat dog state of affairs. ~ ~ Which is exactly why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and all of those arrogant stinking Jews at the NEW YORKER slash NYT think that todays born again 666 America is now greater than ever. ~ ~ Even though The United States of America as we know is now on the verge of being destroyed by Islamic terrorists who hate apostate christians, like Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck; not to mention Clyde Lewis and Jerry Seignfeld and Barbara Streisand, yada yada yada... ~ ~ MORE MEANWHILE NOTES: In the meantime, don't worry about me. Because, "I do anything that I want to do..." Kristen Stewart. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~
PS JODIE FOSTER:  I'm gonna need you to direct me in the remake of TAXI DRIVER:2, costarring Chloe Moretz and Leo DiCaprio. ~ ~ And if I like the way that it turns out, you get to direct yours truly and little Miss Windsor's acting debut in all 29 of the LAST TANGO IN PARIS Internet tv series.

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