Monday, March 28, 2016


The day after Bernie won it up in the renamed national federal park area of Alaska's biggest 7-peaks, that Russian named Pavlof [dog] volcano erupted. In confirmation of his young and strong and fascistic [ANIMAL FARM] attack slave-sled-dogs who are behind him. ~ ~ Who show up at Donald Trump's political rallies looking to pick a fight with all of his Large Marge truck driver supporters. ~ ~ Hoping that the sympathetic Jew media lap dogs, bread in Brooklyn, New York will see it; and then make hay out of it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REV.9 NOTES: No.9 Pee-Wee talks about big butts getting it with that G7 Princess Paris, France wanna be waitress, while sitting inside of the mouth of the REV.13:1 beach party [[Malibu]]  beast, right before the giant 666 dinosaur of a man starts to go after him. ~ ~ Per those WB studio party crasher scenes, similar in spirit to: ~ ~ PAGING MS PAGE: More Camille Paglia, less Gloria Steinem. ~ ~ I AM NOTES: I am just now getting into Steve's soridly inspired HOT ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD TIME. ~ ~ And already I'm getting flooded with ideas about the 1977 movie's landmark finale at DEVIL'S [Trump] TOWER in Crook County, Wyoming. Which was formed by that REV.11 last days volcano of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Since now we are being invaded by a flood of dark skinned illegal LAmanite aliens from the Third World, circa EZE.38.  [The iconic movie opens in Mexico.] ~ ~ Note the nearby SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL site in the context of the region's seven federal BLACK HILLS NATIONAL FOREST. Placed right next to [Neve] Campbell County of course; where we see both North Butte and South Butte on our RM road movie maps. ~ ~ You got that much right anyway. ~ ~ After I'm done fucking her on the north side all I want to, I'm gonna flip her over and top her off one more time in the south side; if you get my drift. ~ ~ PS BARBARA: Sexism is the new sexy. ~ ~ Wherein today's younger women prefer a manly man of means, with a nice thick cock to boot. ~ ~ And the older salty sailor dog men, who can afford to keep a 70'  boat tired up on Lake Union in Seattle, prefer a younger woman with a nicer and tighter physically transfigured pussy; circa SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE meets LAGGIES.

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