Monday, June 30, 2014


Back when I was still in my naive return RLDS missionary mode Reaganite period, I was renting a white house on Taylors Ferry Road in Portland, Oregon for 350 a month; circa 1991 meets 1993. ~ ~ Plus, I was sending 200 a month in kidnapping ransom payments to my X-mother-in-law in Epinal, France; in the form of CHEMICAL BANK cashiers checks. ~ ~ Now flash forward to the future when I AM is again about 29 years-old. ~ ~ Only this time, I have so many of my own private underaged killer wives sucking on my cock [THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS] that I could give a flying fuck if any one or two of them leave me at any particular point in time. ~ ~ You go away, I go away. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BROWN DROUGHT NOTES: Jerry Brown et al thought that they could fuck Gisele and her hubby in the butt for 12 points; so she left him. ~ ~ "For the waters of Nimrim shall be desolate: for the hay is withered away, the grass faileth, there is no green [political party] thing." ISAIAH 15:6. ~ ~ SEE:

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Have you ever had the pleasure of being fucked over and over again by an extremely excited 14 year-old school boy? If not, you are in for a real treat. ~ ~ Just ask my ex-wife who taught middle school for all those years in the wilderness in Hillsboro, Oregon. ~ ~ Yeah, I know. I still can't stop thinking about fucking her 7 times on our wedding night. And then telling my father all about it the next day at our traditional wedding morning brunch in Provo, Utah. And yet years later, my same father would be spreading the rumor all around Bonney Lake, Washington that I was Paul Nestor's homosexual lover. ~ ~ No wonder I didn't fee like speaking at his funeral on St.Patrict's Day in 2005. ~ ~ You diss me, I diss you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FATHER OF LIES NOTES: "Gordon B. Hinckley is light years ahead of us..." Gerald William Relf, circa 2004. ~ ~ My father was right of course, from a LOST IN SPACE meets STAR WARS meets 2001 A SPACE ODDITY point of view. See: ~ ~ "I am your father..." [Darth Vader in AP:II.] ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: According to scripture, there is nothing wrong with fucking 14 year-olds. No wonder everyone in polite Christian society needs to die and become born again. ~ ~ For example, if you do not believe in the truth, then the truth will come back around and fuck you in the ass, like at: ~ ~ Or to put it more nicely, "14 should be the legal age of consent..." Camille Paglia in SEXUAL PERSONAE, circa 1993-1996. ~ ~ GROUND SHAKING BOMBSHELL NOTES: That 5.2 in the White Mountains of Arizona hit due east of Solomon, off of Hwy.70 [weeks]. ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: How's your love life going these days? Let me know if I need to fix you up with a couple of extra special young ladies on the side. ~ ~ When my friends are not happy, I AM is not happy. ~ ~ That goes for you too David Lynch. ~ ~ "Be happy, not crappy..." Nyle Smith. ~ ~ 1980S MOVIE NOTES: My born again Hollywood movie career will start off with me writing, directing, and starring in my own private Janis Joplin diary memoirs movie; co-starring Miley Cyrus as a struggling look alike impersonator in some run down old casino in downtown Reno. ~ ~ What? You don't believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ? ~ ~ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: Personally, I think that Miley could easily do Janis Joplin's rough sounding WILD TURKEY whisky voice. Just as long as she has on the right thick rug wig look. ~ ~ Doesn't matter anyway. In my future international sensation blockbuster low budget movie, Ms. Montana's Janis Joplin hero will be openly using a karaoke machine anyway.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hillary Clinton's blockbuster diary book was launched in-between BRIDGET JONE'S DIARY in 2001 and BRIDGET JONE'S DIARY: II in 2004. ~ ~ First of all, Hillary has always had a weight problem. Secondly, both of her diary memoir books only covered a recently brief period in time. ~ ~ Which is why the first prophetic movie ends with Hillary coming out with two major diary books, not just one. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MAO'S LITTLE RED BOOK NOTES: Chairman Mao also turned out to be a third way capitalist fascist Marxist. ~ ~ "Fascism is modern socialism." Benito Mussolini. ~ ~ BIG JEW NOSE NOTES: See: ~ ~ VIA: ~ ~ BIG BONER NOTES: Nobody can touch my sidekick darkie in the Casa Blanca. Until and unless they admit publicly that he is not even a US citizen. Otherwise, you don't have a snowball's chance in hell. And that's the way I like it, ah huh. ~ ~ Read it and weep at: ~ ~ KAFKA NOTES: The original Hillary Clinton diary memoirs book-movie deal in 2001 was about middle-of-the-road Democrat millionaires accusing middle-of-the-road Republican millionaires of being greedy. God knows why. ~ ~ TWO WEEKS PRIOR NOTICES: About two weeks ago Jesus told me that Taylor Swift was the gold standard. ~ ~ Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson being the joint sterling pound standards on the other side of the pond of course. [Both Emma and Carey have brown eyes.] ~ ~ BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE NOTES: Both of the beautiful sexy fuck interests in NOTTING HILL and TWO WEEKS NOTICE have brown eyes.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Way back in 1962, the eastern European immigrant Jews in Hollywood made an inspired prophetic film about the white guy who killed the day 1290 abomination of desolation in DANIEL; metaphorically speaking at: ~ ~ For example, Michael Medved and the rather tall Bill O'Really still believe that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii; contrary to THE PLAIN TRUTH magazine facts. Just like they believe that the Caucasian Mountains history of the white Caucasian Kingdom of Israel is a complete Internet wacko myth. ~ ~ Ergo, Rush Limbaugh's main guest host is a brilliantly funny Jewish Canadian dude, who was educated in England, and is now living up in the White Mountains of the once Republican state of New Hampshire. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PLAIN TRUTH NOTES: Mr. Armstrong's magazine about the D&C 133 lost tribes of Israel, published in Pasadena, California, has been available for free in various sidewalk newspaper boxes in Westwood, LA ever since the 40s. ~ ~ See the portrait photo of his Gordon B. Hinckley look alike presence at: ~ ~ RENEE NOTES: Last night I watched the original 2001 BRIDGET JONE'S DIARY for the first time in about ten years. All you need to know for now is that she clobbers Bradley Cooper over the head with a tennis racket in the old home movies during the end credits. And her one-hit-wonder drinking buddy was the same guy who wrote the classic pop song that goes, "Don't walk away Renee..." ~ ~ They made the prophetic movie when Renee would be around the same age of the upcoming physical transfiguration again, of course, minus at least 20 pounds. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: Last night I dreamed over and over that Renee kind of liked me. However, she still wasn't all that interested in fucking me, for now anyway. So then I decided to role play my legendary Santa Clause Moses Scandinavian figure and go out and buy her a big sack full of very expensive gifts and precious presents; yet still nothing.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


That old 666 zoo RHINO named Jim Baker just died at the age of your typical president of the Mormon church in Utah. In confirmation of my recent surprise baked Alaska volcano postings regarding the huge baked cake that Woody Allen still owes me, big time. ~ ~ Here's the deal. I let you write, direct, and star in your next KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN meets BLAME IT ON RIO homage. Since you have pretty much already shot your wad in places like, London, Paris, Barcelona, and Roma. ~ ~ Heck, why not do Rio next? ~ ~ What do you got to lose? ~ ~ All those Jewish nazi lesbian nigger bitches at the NYT won't like you anymore? ~ ~ If the money is right of course. ~ ~ I'll pay full price for Woody's next WILD ORCHID remake only if I get to be in it; playing some kind of an Iggy Pop HARLEY DAVIDSON riding figure from the past. ~ ~ Whatever, just make sure that the underaged girls with small titties in the picture are hot. ~ ~ I'm not in this for my health. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


That monster earthquake in Alaska was a surprise baked Alaska reference to the end of the James Bond sodomite prophecy called DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. See Dr. Evil's remote island volcano lair cake at: ~ ~ Oh yeah. Woody Allen owes me some serious cake. And he better hurry up about it because he ain't getting any younger. ~ ~ For a rat islands example, the tea party just lost down in day 1290 Mississippi by .005% because the liberal Democrat Party rats got together and voted for that old FDR homo RHINO. ~ ~ Which is the same kind of stuff that the secret loving Jews in the media never talk about in open society. ~ ~ Think THE FRONT meets SLEEPER, the latter filmed in Colorado, back when the Wood man was making his funny movies. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLACK MOB NOTES: Note that the royal queen's grass courts crown that they place on top of McQueen's head in THE BLOB's first act looks just like that women's trophy rosewater bowl at Whimbledon, per: ~ ~ Talk about driving backwards. ~ ~ See the latter-day SEES chocolates 666 mob in action at: ~ ~ NO JEWS POLICY NOTES: In the millennial Kingdom of God, only Ephraim will be allowed to hold the keys to the higher priesthood. While Judah et al will probably be the ones who are having the most fun. ~ ~ I can't stand sitting in a chair in priesthood administration meetings that go on and on for at least ten hours a week or more. And I don't like spending three hours, two times a week, sitting in the temple watching that same old boring play. ~ ~ For example, the Ephraimite Rush Limbaugh has spent the better part of his life just sitting in a chair and talking; kind of like Spencer Kimball and Gordon B. Hinckley. ~ ~ Because that is what God had always wanted them to be doing, for the good of mankind. ~ ~ After all, somebody has to be the adult in the room, while all the little rug rats are playing with their toys on the floor. ~ ~ RAT FINK NOTES: In the BARTON FINK prophecy, King Ralph tells that arrogant Brooklyn, NY Jew fink fuck that he is completely out of his element when it comes to understanding the common white man salesman, surviving strictly on sales commission results, from places like Wisconsin; in so many words. ~ ~ No wonder I figure I got at least 53 big ones coming to me right now in back [19%] commissions. Relax, you can pay me the rest later. ~ ~ Just put together one of those flaky 1980s type Hollywood limited partnerships and have all of YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS who hate the IRS chip in a cool million or so just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ AP:III NOTES: Dr. Evil plans on melting the Alaskan/Russian arctic ice and setting the alien invader blob free again in his last movie.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


VANILLA ICE was from Florida. For when the time would come that I.C.E. is being run by a well known illegal alien. And the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim had become overcome by the devil. And therefore something else would have to take their places, per this providential Liberty City, Florida prelude, at: ~ ~ Since the New Jerusalem's Liberty City of God has now become overrun by gangsta rapper niggers, both black and white. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. My beloved drinking buddy sidekick Barack Obama is God's servant. ~ ~ Who would be there for us when the time would come that even the white lost tribes of Israel could care less about their own blood. ~ ~ And so then therefore, somebody is going to have to do something. Before it goes beyond the point of no return. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REV.16 EARTHQUAKE NOTES: That monster 7.9 earthquake in Alaska's Rat Islands was for the prophetic frozen Artic I.C.E. ending to THE BLOB's darkie invasion. ~ ~ Did they call today's federal alien baby sitter agency, I.C.E. way back in 1958? ~ ~ NEW READERS: Vanilla Ice was most famous back in the Reaganite 80s for his tall blond short hair Nazi look; that and his red 5.0 MUSTANG. ~ ~ Plus the dude could dance as good as any nigger out there. ~ ~ "... and they hate their own blood." [MOSES 7:33] ~ ~ BRUNCH IDEAS: Small thin coastal cutthroat trout taste the best. I like them fried to a crisp with the heads on and served up in a boat of fresh basil almond garlic butter, skin and all. ~ ~ Just dice the roasted almonds like you would do with your fresh picked basil leaves and serve it all up raw. It's almost impossible to know when the almonds are too overcooked or too undercooked anyway. ~ ~ Just go for it, and don't forget the white Pinot. [Don't be fooled by any fume blanc priced under $35. Unless of course you have some kind of insider information about it.] ~ ~ P.S. GEORGE CLOONEY: Last night I dreamed that I wanted to pitch you an idea for a western cowboy movie musical. Wherein we all get to stay on location at my own private polygamist G6 hideout resort in that desert oasis near Lake Powell. Where all the underaged teenager extras on the set are as hot as hell; and their mothers ain't that bad either.

Monday, June 23, 2014


One of the biggest problems with homogaysexuality is that some of that hard pressed feces material on your DC actually gets pushed up inside of your urinary canal. Which leads to all kinds of very gross looking REV.9 type infections and plagues. ~ ~ Speaking of the latter-day PACKERS in Green Bay, it is no coincidence that the vast majority of the crazy white football fans sitting up in the stadium stands are actually neo con Marxist type union members who work in the local cheese packing factories. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK PACKER NOTES: That dead neo lesbian from Seattle was found around the Border Creek area of the 144' Mt. Rainier landmark. For the ongoing latter-day invasion of the unprotected borders of the naive and foolish white Christian Israelites in EZE.38. Many of whom are about to die and become born again. ~ ~ And I mean that in a good way. Like when the Ms. Hanna Montana figure in 1997's MONTANA prophecy goes out to Montana in the end to start a new life; carrying with her a large designer suitcase full of cash. ~ ~ CUTTHROAT FISHING: The west side cutthroat trout creeks of the cascade mountains are the best; including British Columbia and Alaska's southern panhandle. If you get my royal coachman n.12 top fly buck hair drift. ~ ~ Where else in the world can you find three miles of clear-as-gin virgin creek all to yourself; enjoy a real crackling campfire with no federal forest agents looking over you; and fuck all you want day or night without anybody out there hearing you? ~ ~ MATCHING THE HATCH NOTES: Whimbledon's unique grass court tennis contest is starting up again. This time it's personal. ~ ~ Therefore I AM is going to have to find some time in his own private film festival lime up to squeeze in another look at Woody Allen's MATCH POINT prophecy. Wherein the Crown Prince of England gets away with murder, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ I.e. he gets to fuck Scarlett Johansson at Elizabeth Hurley's west side shag pad, and at her country farm house mansion too; just as long as she gets to be involved with it all somehow. She's not just in this for her health you know. ~ ~ Lucky you and I. ~ ~ P.S. SCAR: Two of the best coastal cutthroat trout streams in the whole wide world are located in the same immediate area where you had your hippie wedding on Vancouver Island. Talk about the end of Flirty Fishing. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ "Judo chop!!" [AUSTIN POWERS:4, 2014] ~ ~

Sunday, June 22, 2014


THE BLOB beast who had a huge appetite for naive white people arrived on earth in 1958, and again in 1988, hidden inside one of those famous Italian nut crunch chocolate bon bons that have a squirrelly nut in the middle. Which are presented very elegantly in plastic boxes and fake gold tin foil wrap. ~ ~ And pretty much taste like all of those cheap chocolate candies full of lard that they sell by the semi truck load every Christmas at WAL*MART. ~ ~ Therefore, God has allowed that illegal UFO alien in the White House to advance the illegal alien invasion of Israel in EZE.38 because all the old white men in Washington, DC are just to gay to stand up to him. ~ ~ Hey, you like that long slim black boner job up your butt? You got it, in spades. ~ ~ Have fun while it lasts, and take notes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUDGING JEW NIGGER NOTES: The NYT is reporting that the white conservative Gov. Walker of Germanic Wisconsin is a corrupt politician; because that is what Jews do, most of whom are homosexuals and Communists. [The Josephite Senator Joe McCarthy was from Wisconsin, etc.] ~ ~ Hence, satan is described as the everlasting accuser in REV.12. ~ ~ DARK MOB NOTES: At the end of THE BLOB prophecy, Steve McQueen says that the invading dark chocolate fudgers blob full of nuts will only be contained up and until the time when the Arctic ice starts to melt, per D&C 133. And then the only thing that will be able to stop it is the CO-2 treatment of the two fire extinguisher witnesses of Judah and Joseph. ~ ~ Ergo, THE BLOB takes place in small town Downington, USA for when the time will come when the new leader of the new world's Sodom and Egypt will be a Greek government type illegal alien who is on the down low.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


AUSTIN POWERS: No.2 is probably my favorite one. Wherein Dr.Evil's volcano lair is located on some remote Hawaiian island; and all the armed guards look like homosexuals. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOB NOTES: I got half way through 1958's prophecy about the alien darkie mob that represents that huge blob that is now massing on the Texas border, thanks to Eva Longoria et al. And all of the young at heart white virgin kids try to warn all of their really old and forgetful FDR-LBJ era parents with bad hearing, like at: ~ ~ Which comes to a horrific and violent ending at that Jewish run Hollywood midnight horror movie theater in the 1958 movie. Ergo, A TOUCH OF EVIL also came out in 1958. ~ ~ LESBIAN RIGHTS UPDATE: Another two lesbians went missing in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, per: ~ ~ Right after Obama declared that homosexuals can now also be buried in our sacred military cemeteries. Since this is what they all are sacrificing their lives for now; i.e. the protection of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ In confirmation of that fiery fire engine truck crash south of Canyon Ferry in Montana on Nicole Kidman's family affair birthday. Given her symbolic royal coachman fly fishing signs and wonders of the past 12 years. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ ALSO: Now that Philip Seymour Hoffman has died from a heroin overdose, who looked a lot like my old long lost fishing buddy Kit Winn, I AM is going to have to go back to his MONTANA indie film prophecy. ~ ~ As if I had anything else better to do on a Saturday night. ~ ~ I WOULD DO IT IF I WANTED TO, BUT I WONT DO IT IF I DON'T WANT TO, NOTES: I will have any of my staff read any screenplay that anybody might send into my PLAN B PRODUCTIONS offices; even if I have to hire a thousand readers. However, any screenplay treatments or any abbreviated story outlines that we get in the mail will just get shit canned immediately. ~ ~ And that goes for you too J.K. Rowling. David Lynch being the rare exception, just as long as he keeps it under 800 words. A short telephone call from his secretary would even be much better. ~ ~ Although I do have a shit load of off-shore tax-free money, I really don't have that much time to think about what feature length movies I want to finance. ~ ~ In fact, just last night I was kind of surprised that two of my lower level female staff members went ahead and cut you out a check for 53 big ones for your next project. ~ ~ Oh well, can't wait to see it at some small town theater in Montana on the big screen. "I'm really not a hands on type..." to paraphrase Dr.Evil in AP:III. ~ ~ J2 NOTES: They don't let you say vagina at J2; so I'll repost my deleted vagina post here, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ LA COSA NOSTRA NOTES: The new third way populist pope from Evita's Argentina just excommunicated the populist third way Mel Gibson pope of Malibu from the apostate Catholic church in Rome. I haven't laughed this hard since I was a little girl. See:;_ylt=AwrBJR_AsaVTY1QAwG7QtDMD

Friday, June 20, 2014


Jesus gave me that two weeks notice regarding Adriana Lima's birthday because that is when those three young virgin Hebrew school students were kidnapped in Israel by the false prophet, the beast, and the dragon, in REV.16. Which caused an earthquake over there that will end up dividing the holy city into three parts; i.e. conservatives, liberals, and middle-of-the-road know-nothing Mormon style morons. ~ ~ Meanwhile, per the latter-day prophecy EZE.38, those hordes of darkie REDSKINS from gog magog continue to invade modern day northern white Israel, and not their friendly supporters among the back-stabbing tribe of Judah. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHITES ONLY NOTES: That little short man from Arizona was the one who started to let the sons of Ham hold the higher priesthood in Utah; contrary to modern revelation. Who once came from an adobe house down there that looked very Mexican. ~ ~ See it again, if you didn't see it the first time, at: ~ ~ THE NEW JERUSALEM NOTES: Jesus has recently revealed unto his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel [in D&C 133] that South America will also be included in the millennial New Jerusalem of the Book of Mormon. Hence, the Peru ending to the DARK PASSAGE prophecy of 1947. Wherein I escape from the false accuser in REV.12. And I get the girl too. ~ ~ BACK STABBER NOTES: Here is just a short list of some of the deceitful back-stabbing neo con Jews that you need to keep your eye on; Howard Stern, Barack Obama, Michael Medved, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Steven Spielberg, President Manson, Woody Allen, Larry David, etc. etc. ~ ~ "A red rose is a red rose, by any other color..."

Thursday, June 19, 2014


The main reason why I love to listen to the older Jewish Michael Savage on old fashion AM radio is because he makes me laugh. ~ ~ Think RADIO DAYS meets THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM meets A TOUCH OF EVIL. ~ ~ And I get to play the prophetic Mexican border town's Sheriff Joe remake role in the latter film. ~ ~ Simply because I AM is paying for it all, and of course I am the only actor out there right now who could do it justice. ~ ~ Naturally, we would have to find a way to squeeze Selena Gomez into the picture. I'm not in this for my health. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FIVE REASONS WHY BARACK OBAMA IS ON MY SIDE: 1.) His birth certificate is a proven forgery, and not some Internet wacko theory. And nobody on talk radio is white enough to talk about it. 2.) It has been proven by an official government web site that Obama is using the stolen Social Security number of a deceased retiree in Hawaii, who was originally from Conn. 3.) Nobody on the radio, not even the Jewish Michael Savage, is man enough to admit that it is actually a very big deal that the President of America is not even a US citizen. 4.) Barack Obama likes me. And he doesn't like people like Michael Savage who mince words and don't always tell it like it is. 5.) Obama is a swinger, and so am I. ~ ~ FIREWORKS NOTES: Those huge fireworks explosions at ENTERTAINMENT FIREWORKS happened at the very north end of Hwy. 10.1, i.e. south of Olympia, Washington, USA. ~ ~ You Jew Jesus, Jesus Jews you. Hence, all those weird Batman joker wanna be clowns out there.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


It is starting to look a lot like the 69-70 weeks scenario in DANIEL started at the end of the 42 months abomination of desolation, i.e. 10.1, 2013. [Cue the Oklahomo Bible Belt earthquakes now.] ~ ~ In other words. The righteous will be tread upon by the wicked in REV.11-13, and all those high society Mormon assholes in Utah will love it. ~ ~ Then comes that type HASTY TASTY dishwasher, circa 1969. Who has been open all night long for business at your local KINKOS copy shop since December 18, 1993. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE FIRST RESURRECTION NOTES: Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh will be the two sons of bitches of Judah and Ephraim who initiate the first resurrection. ~ ~ HAM&EGGS NOTES: In the world of teenage girls softball, the expression 'ham and eggs' means a double play between first place and second place. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ 69 NOTES: Both Jennifer Aniston and you know who were born in 69 of course. ~ ~ P.S. MICHAEL: The reason why you can never ever appease someone like Barack Obama is because you are just too white. ~ ~ What? Don't tell me that you have never even ever read the Book of Mormon by now. Jesus Christ already, you're in your late 70s dude!! ~ ~ I'll make you a deal that you cannot refuse. And I mean this in a good way; "I get the boat, and I let you live." to paraphrase my prophetic marred servant figure in LEPRECHAUN:2. Of course, this life is not much worth living if you don't get to get your cock sucked off once in a while by a beautiful young woman or two. Otherwise fuck it, who cares if I die, not me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Okay. I admit it, I'm very impressed. ~ ~ My sidekick negro exchanges five known terrorist generals who hate America for one lousy white man deserter who also hates America. So far so good. ~ ~ But then he has America's new homogaysexual multicultural Marine Corp hit the beach and grab that camel fucker who had nothing to do at all with the murder of America's openly homosexual ambassador to Libya. ~ ~ God, what an idiot. I have voted Republican for all of my life, starting at the American Embassy's branch offices in Palermo, Italy in 1973; and where has it gotten me? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHECK KITER NOTES: Here's the deal. I write you out a blank check. You just go ahead and give me all of your money up front, no questions asked. "It's time to cash the check!" MLK JR. "The New Yorker magazine Jews are just a bunch of kikes." Jesse Jackson Jr. ~ ~ P.S. MICHAEL SAVAGE: Get real. Barack Obama will never like you.

Monday, June 16, 2014


In the 1969 prophecy about white men hunting down and killing black men, the horse named Blackie falls down and dies in the end. Having been "played out" just like all those sweaty athletic niggers who play for the MIAMI HEAT named Lebaron. ~ ~ Whose former Jewish slave [NBA] owner forefathers were also French Holy Grail descendants of Jesus Christ. ~ ~ In other words, the chosen white people of Israel are going to rule the world during the 7th seal. And all those pampered nigger house slaves who serve them will be so fucking nigger-rich that nobody will give a shit anymore about LBJ's complete bullshit Civil Rights Act of 1964. ~ ~ Not to mention Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, and George Bush Sr. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SHITS AND GIGGLES NOTES: Suddenly out of the blue, I feel like watching the original Austin Powers movie co-starring Elizabeth Hurley. Wherein she helps me reintegrate myself back into mainstream London society, bad teeth and all. No, seriously. ~ ~ Should I expect anything less, since I AM is already the King of England? And my wife Elizabeth holds the title to a large property that is situated along one of the finest flyfishing chalk streams in all of southern England. ~ ~ Even my French ex-wife, Laurence Pierson, held titled property family connections to some of the finest looking German Brown Trout waters that I had ever seen in my life. ~ ~ And that is really saying something. ~ ~ PRIVATE PROPERTY [SIGN] NOTES: I will shoot you on sight if I find you trespassing on my private property. ~ ~ Believe me you. I know where all of you worshipers of the false [666 beast] prophet in REV.16 are getting your money. ~ ~ So all that it would take is one word from ME to my former mattress furniture salesman friend in Brooklyn, NY. ~ ~ AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON NOTES: The sexy nurse who nurses me back into London society looks just like Elizabeth Hurley for a reason. ~ ~ For example, Liz let's me fuck Haile Steinfeld and Chloe Moretz at the same time in her swinging 1960s London shag pad. Just as long as she gets to watch me write out that blank check to her. Nothing is free in this life. Not even the free grace of Jesus. I.e. faith without works is worthless.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


1969's original TRUE GRIT movie is about a symbolic "coon hunt" for a half white man with the black negro mark of Cain on his face. Because he had murdered his naive gay sex partner in Chicago named Donald Young. ~ ~ Wherein the cute little girl scout feminists who all voted for Obama get bitten by a Colorado rattlesnake in the end. ~ ~ Karma can be a bastard too... ~ ~ For example, I suddenly had to take a shit last night, out of the blue; right in the middle of some Michael Medved rerun. Which was just as suddenly interrupted by some PSA about the cruelty of gassing dogs at your local Nazi German Shepard dog pound. ~ ~ [Late night radio reruns are often times suddenly interrupted by commercials. So don't make too big of a deal out of this.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DARK PASSAGE NIGHTTIME NOTES: Irene looks through the vagina icon peep-hole on her door in DARK PASSAGE. For when my prophetic protagonist is hiding out at the KEAN MOTEL at street number 1018; per those earrings on Jen at no.1018 on at; ~ ~ THREE WOES NOTES: Those three virgin teenagers who were kidnapped in the West Bank are a three woes omen. If you do not protect your children from the devil, then you will lose them for all eternity. No shit. ~ ~ See LEPRECHAUN:3 meets SCREAM:3, if you don't believe me. ~ ~ DRIVERS' LICENSE NOTES: I have always been a little bit troubled by the fact that my Wash. DL expired a few years back. But now I see the light. Hello!! ~ ~ I AM is an illegal alien with no valid ID status even in my own native born country. So now I get the full drivers license birth certificate USA passport treatment; no questions asked. God! I was such an idiot! ~ ~ THE SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN NOTES: Donald Sterling does look a lot like Arizona's true grit Sheriff Joe. ~ ~ So maybe if I feel like it, and I have the time, I just might buy out all of the James Bond 007 rights from the Broccoli family for a cool couple billion, cash on the barrel. ~ ~ Because then I would get to make all of the direct-to-video 0014 James Bond sex pictures that I wanna make. Co-starring Chloe Moretz and Haile Steinfeld of course. ~ ~ Oh yeah. The money will be right. ~ ~ And there is not one Jew nigger out there who can stop me. Just as long as I don't forget to slip the man a little cash on the side too; a rising tide floats all boats.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

007: 18

TOMORROW NEVER DIES is a very clever 1997 prophecy about when CNN would be making up stories and lying about Obama being born in Hawaii, in order to start a civil war in America that would then lead up to and precipitate WW III. ~ ~ Imagine the ratings!.. At: ~ ~ When this happens, FOX NEWS' numbers will go through the roof, and CNN will get a nice piece of the action too; a rising tide floats all boats. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JEW FINK ASSHOLE NOTES: That is the tall Jewish German model from Brazil named Gisele Bundchen at the end of 91's BARTON FINK prophecy about yours truly. ~ ~ BOND 18&19 LYRICS: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ FATHERS DAY NOTES: On this Fathers Day, give him something that he will remember forever. ~ ~ AUSTIN POWERS NOTES: The original INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY movie was based upon that same loose Russian nuke setting in the opening sequence to 007:18. Wherein I get saved by Elizabeth Hurley et al. Even though my teeth are a little bit stained from going to STARBUCKS every single day for the past 20 years.

Friday, June 13, 2014


Somehow it all comes down to this now, at: ~ ~ AND AT: ~ ~ If you think that I AM is still only playing the stand up BJ joker card in Las Vegas for the big money, etc. just ask Harrison Ford. Ouch. ~ ~ You're God damn right I AM. What? You think that I am in this just for my health? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEES CANDY NOTES: See: ~ ~ And see about that old school neocon Jew in DC named Cantor; who is now a dead man, metaphorically and politically speaking. ~ ~ You laugh at Jesus, The Jesus laughs back at you. ~ ~ FALSE PROPHET NOTES: Everyone who believes in the false prophet in REV.16 is going to die. And I AM is not speaking metaphorically now. ~ ~ PLAN B ICON PRODUCTIONS NOTES: Name your price and I will double it. Since I got more money than God now, to coin an expression. ~ ~ Plus, I need your priceless talents and experience of the past 40 years. ~ ~ Believe me, I know. No young new 19ish Hollywood starlet would ever suck on my cock in a thousand years if there was not something in it for her too. That is if the 15% manager money is right for their mothers too of course. ~ ~ BACKSTORY NOTES: My own private Utah movie entitled BARTON FINK was filmed when I was still living in an upstairs room that looked exactly just like Barton Fink's cheap hotel room in the movie; peeling wallpaper and all, like at: ~ ~ "I'm hiding from my crazy wife and her two kids up in Portland..." to paraphrase Humph/rey Bogie in DARK PASSAGE; regarding the film's open-all-night HASTY TASTY greasy spoon scene at Post and Fillmore. ~ ~ [Per the opening all night shots in THE BIG LEBOWSKI, etc.]

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Personally, I prefer it when a woman swallows my cum. However, sometimes the proverbial "pearl necklace" pull out is the right way to go in a Flirty Fishing situation. Even if all those home video porno clips of guys masturbating on the faces of their wives and girlfriends kind of creeps me out. ~ ~ Whatever. All is well that ends well. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1941 NOTES: At around 58:... minutes into my special edition period director's cut DVD, papa Douglas gives his daughter the traditional father-daughter Flirty Fishing talk.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


In the DARK PASSAGE prophecy, my old buddy seemingly jumps to his death just like the REV.17 woman seemed to jump to her death from that future computer windows metaphor. Per the spoken word revelations recorded at that say that when the Lord's only true church in the world is suddenly cleansed, many of it's most active and faithful LDS church members will feel like killing themselves. ~ ~ This goes for the D&C 86 Democrat Party too, since the Mormon church leadership in high society Utah was in full support of amnesty for illegals, and all that shit, like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1947 NOTES: Here is Keira in a pair of those 1940s style slacks last Wednesday in London, ready to leave in one of the city's famous retro era taxis, at: ~ ~ Angelina Jolie does the same look the next week just as well, at: ~ ~ MARVELOUS NOTES: The theme song in DARK PASSAGE was the inspiration behind Billy Crystal's famous "You look marvelous..." routine, like at: ~ ~ Ever since we picked up on the crystals time-machine physical transfiguration themes in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. ~ ~ Note that Irene's old school record player also had a future two witnesses AM radio. ~ ~ Rush Limbaugh has often said that his hearing aid implants sound much like bad AM radio audio. ~ ~ RED LADY NOTES: At the beginning of THE LADY IN RED prophecy, Gene Wilder et al are on the verge of committing suicide in San Francisco. ~ ~ BOGIE NOTES: Bogart ended up looking around the same older age of a physically transfigured man who started to grow younger again starting around 80 years-old. The good part is, his hot 20 sometime Jewish wife didn't seem to have a problem with that. And she stayed loyal to him for a full twelve years, until he died from lung cancer in 1957. ~ ~ Hence, Steven Fresh's venture capital interest in a cure for lung cancer. ~ ~ Fuck it. Just send my old friend a few million dollars and stop worrying about what it all means literally from a business point of view. Jesus Christ already, you made that much pocket money in just the past 48 hours. ~ ~ Where's your sense of humor? ~ ~ FRIENDS WITH MONEY NOTES: Both of my best fuck buddies in the whole wide world are 29 years-old right now; i.e. Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley. ~ ~ "It's the summer of love baby!" Jim Carrey in THE CABLE GUY. ~ ~ RUMOR HAS IT NOTES: I have read all those rumors about a much younger looking Michael Savage hanging out with guys in the 1950s who also liked getting their cocks sucked by topless underaged children; i.e. 15, 16, 17 year-old native girls in the off-shore tax-free islands of Fiji. ~ ~ God damn!! I hope and pray unto Jesus that it's all true. But you never know these days. When everyone in the born again fascist media won't even talk about Obama getting his cock sucked every day for the past 50 years or so. ~ ~ HARD NEWS NOTES: Looks like my trusty sidekick is going to have to drop a few big ones on top of my enemies in Iraq now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I watched DARK PASSAGE last night, that was about the upcoming physical transfiguration. Co-starring the future 29ish looking pre-nose-job Keira Knightley and an older and wiser looking yours truly, circa 1947. ~ ~ I know, hard to believe that he was only 47 when they made this movie. And to this day, I look younger than that. ~ ~ This being the one where that creepy old plastic surgeon prefers to work in the middle of the night; when he asked Bogart, "How old would you like to look?" ~ ~ And for only 200 bucks at that; as just confirmed at: ~ ~ Wherein I escape from the San Francisco Bay area's future 666 captivity status quo by hiding inside of a day 1290 Middle East oil barrel; and immediately get picked up by my old partner in small time crime, Ken Keisler. Who is now a big time importer of wrought iron gates from Russia. ~ ~ Even the same ones that we see in the background of my last Emma Watson link; per LEPRECHAUN 2. ~ ~ Anyways. Later, I read that the T.G.I.F. [3-card-Monty] shooter at that pizza joint in Vegas was identified as "Jared Miller". So I hastily googled his images and saw some royal stud dude at: ~ ~ No way, I thought. So I rechecked my spelling and found out that the Las Vegas Joker wanna be looked a lot like the famous stand up joker named Jerry Signfeld. Which made a lot of sense to me since the town is such a Mecca for Jewish guys who make millions cracking jokes in casinos, like at: ~ ~ "I haven't laughed so hard since I was a little girl." [Dr. Evil] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DARK NOTES: Here is the latest one about Bogart becoming inspired to have a couple kids of his own at the end of DARK PASSAGE, at: ~ ~ [In the FDR era movie, the new world of the 7 hills mobster of San Francisco, where Ken Keisler is now living a new life, killed off my wife and my best friend.] ~ ~ BIRTHDAY GIRL NOTES: After checking several of my google page search results on Elizabeth Hurley's 6.10 birthday, I still have no idea who is Jared Miller Brown, at: ~ ~ In other words, I have had only three best friends in my entire life. And all three of them were named Ken. [Kin] Who accidentally on purpose commit suicide at the end of DARK PASSAGE; just like that REV.17 woman does when she breaks through that future MICROSOFT WINDOWS metaphor behind the curtains. [Ken McLeod ended up becoming a curtains installer for SEARS, etc.]

Monday, June 9, 2014


During the prophetic 2014 GODZILLA movie remake chase scenario in 2002's GOLDMEMBER, Dr. Evil is wearing a Hawaii tourist trucker cap while he shouts into his 1975s disco era CB radio, saying; "...copy that ya son' bitch pile of monkey nuts!" ~ ~ Which was a direct email prophecy about that earlier Barack Obama monkey who had stuck his finger up his REV.9 butt; and then he smelled it and fell down from his genealogy tree of Israel. ~ ~ For example, see: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PLAYING CATCH UP NOTES: Here is Emma Watson walking by an ivy league college setting in London, at: ~ ~ Note the Renee Zellwegger car plate in the background. Who is the star of the Bridget Jones movies. ~ ~ GOLDMEMBRR NOTES: That is Ariana Grande at the beginning of Britney Spears video called, BOYS. ~ ~ We know this because of the video's prophetic black and white mulatto African zebra time-line. When there would be an African born Negro boy in the White House who is pretending to be an adult white man. And all the childish white men in Washington, Dick are acting like little boys. ~ ~ DARKSIDE TOUR NOTES: That is Oprah herself in LEP 2, who comes out of the first death house stop. ~ ~ In reference to the 1994 movie's "dead man" game after that free pizza delivery arrives. Hence, the two dead cops of Judah and Ephraim at the pizza joint in Senator Reid's Las Vegas. ~ ~ Based on the revelations recorded at that explain why there are so many crazy ass violent bipolar, schizos out there right now; i.e. too much white flour cheesy pizzas in our diet. ~ ~ AP: III NOTES: Oprah is the sole supreme court judge and jury at the United Nations' WO court in GOLDMEMBER. Which stands for the three woes in REV.11, etc. ~ ~ As in, "When the fat lady sings..." it's all over. ~ ~ In other words. When the time comes that you can walk into any STARBUCKS and see a large portrait of Oprah hanging on the wall, looking down on you, you will know that the time when Benito Mussolini's huge portraits were hanging on every trattoria and bar in Italy has come again. Lest anyone doubt that you love and honor and respect the supreme leader; which would be bad for business. ~ ~ If you know what I mean.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


They made my Malibu wife's MYSTIC PIZZA breakout movie right across the shores from Taylor Swift's recently purchased Watch Hill white house for an inspired Providence, RI reason. ~ ~ For example, in LEPRECHAUN 2, nothing tastes better than a free too-late home delivery pizza, like at: ~ ~ Which is why we see the continent of Africa in the background of this image number 71 at: ~ Which was posted on the Providential latter-day web site way back in 2009. ~ ~ Pretty much around the same time that I stopped watching the 30 ROCK bitch's decreasingly funny tv show. ~ ~ This being the rear ender [Greek homosexual] style REV.9 butt stinger job on TM's hearse limo crash at mile marker 71. ~ ~ "This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!!" [THE BIG LEBOWSKI] ~ ~ Meanwhile, yours truly gets to fuck all of that young underaged Hollywood ass onboard Michael Savage's twin VOLVO tied up in San Marin County. ~ ~ And you get to get stuck with the bill for all of those cases of boutique chard and rare smoked sockeye freshly flown in from Alaska's Copper River region. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION NOTES: Both Howard Stern and David Lynch are big fans of TM. Hey, whatever works. One way or the other, we are going to half to find a way to transcend LBJ's fascistic Civil Rights Act of 1964. ~ ~ 97 PER CENTERS NOTES: The new neo islamic President of Egypt was just elected to be president because 97% of the neo fascist mainline media Jews in the new Sodom and Egypt of America support Barack Obama. ~ ~ PS SAVAGE: Relax dude. I'll make sure that you get to get your cock sucked by a couple of teenagers too. Just like in Old Testament times, when they pulled out all the stops to keep the aging King David alive. If you don't believe me, have one of your younger production assistants go on Craig's List and buy that amazing fully restored classic 51' wooden yacht that is for sale in the Bay Area. ~ ~ Don't argue with me now. Just buy it online with your credit card, unseen, even if you don't really like it that much, and I'll cut you a check for it later. ~ ~ Meanwhile, sit back and relax and watch A VIEW TO A KILL. All is well that ends well. ~ ~ Besides, THE LADY IN RED was also a half Jewish prophecy about you too, not just me. ~ ~ MYSTIC PIZZA REMAKE NOTES: I play the older film critic in the above iconic 1980s indie film prophecy. Who loves to eat Emma Roberts' pussy.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Tracy Morgan's DARKSIDE DEATH TOURS limo hearse in LEPRECHAUN 2 just got rear ended by a semi south of New Brunswick for that smiling Negro comedian Leprechaun on the down low who gives Cody a fake milk chocolate gold coin in the men's room. ~ ~ Ergo that huge blaze near 30 Rock at THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY on Friday. Because Tracy's stand up BJ gig on Friday was at the DOVER DOWNS CASINO; for my TUMBLWEEDS TUMBLING DOWN posting. ~ ~ [The Jewish Sabbath starts on Friday.] ~ ~ No offense, but if you are an African American who was born in Africa, the US Constitution says that you can not be President. ~ ~ And why is that? ~ ~ Well. Negros are known to be wild at heart and childish, and therefore more power oriented; i.e. fascistic in nature. ~ ~ Just like most women are, both black and white, not to mention the Jews, both male and female. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUPERMEN/SCH NOTES: In GOLDMEMBER, Dr. Evil's short Jewish actor son named Scottie becomes so evil that he begins to lose his hair, like at: ~ ~ MARRED SERVANT NOTES: The marred Leprechaun character in the above six movie sequels reference represents the latter-day marred servant prophesied of in the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ THE LAW SCHOOL OF PROPHETS NOTES: You will suffer an excruciatingly painful and slow death, just like Jesus suffered, if you do not repent of your sins and abominations; and have faith in Jesus. ~ ~ EPHRAIMITE NOTES: According to Abraham et al, only the more white sons of Ephraim have the right to hold the leadership powers of the higher priesthood, and be President of America, etc. Sadly, that ain't saying that much these days.

Friday, June 6, 2014


That wanna be Minuteman militia dude who shot those three naive Dudley Do Rights up in Monckton, New Brunswick represented the undeniable reports by Lord Monckton about Barack Obama's obviously forged birth certificate and confirmed use of a stolen Social Security number, per the latest one at: ~ ~ Ergo the title of Mike Myers' new movie that opens today in LA and NYC, etc. ~ ~ And just what is the title of his latest inspired film? ~ ~ Fuck you. Look it up for yourself. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1941 NOTES: The race riots in 1979's WW III prophecy probably have something to do with that tank which wrecked all the colors of the homogaysexual rainbow at the [Larry] SINCLAIR PAINT CO. ~ ~ LEP 2 NOTES: I get all those free slices of DOMINOS pizza in the 1994 movie because so many of the sons of Israel were too late. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: Last night at 12:33 am I was suddenly awaken by an eruption of loud FOURTH OF JULY type fireworks outside. ~ ~ Of course, when I sat up in my 1950s era sofa bed, I could hear only the complete sounds of silence. ~ ~ Which means, A) The long anticipated political fireworks are about to start. B) Maybe actually on July the 4th. C) Patriotic fireworks are traditionally a symbolic representation of the sounds of war. D) All of the above. ~ ~

Thursday, June 5, 2014


That symbolic 1941 military plane crashed in Imperial [Japan] California, at the end of Rt.111, after flying over the Chocolate Mountains on the same day that the darkie Barack Obama was attending the G7 mountains summit in Dr. Evil's home town in chocolate loving Belgium. ~ ~ No wonder that Steven Spielberg personally directed the star studded opening sequence to AUSTIN POWERS: III. ~ ~ See' em and weep, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO EXCUSES NOTES: I never need much of an excuse to update any one of the three prophetic AUSTIN POWERS movies. However, this time it's personal. ~ ~ Anyway you cut it, the best Israelitish Internet porn clip ever is still that one on, at: ~ ~ EARTH SHAKING NEWS NOTES: There was a strange 3.8 earthquake due west of Tumbling Shoals, Ark, due east of Clinton. According to all those spoken word revelations that have been posted on the Internet by the white trash trailer park prophets among the lost tribes of Israel. Which say that Mrs. Clinton is going to be instrumental in swallowing up the dirty waters rice paddy floods in REV.12; that are now threatening to drown the Mormon church lady with child in Utah. ~ ~ No wonder I have a rather special interest in young underaged teenage virgins who have no stretch marks on their tight little asses. ~ ~ Think Bill Murray goes to Thailand before and after his takes in LOST IN TRANSLATION. And Ms. Coppola was so naive about what was going on these days, that she didn't honestly know for sure if Bill would ever even show up on set in Tokyo, Japan.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Barack Obama is still a smoker you know. ~ ~ Who is the prophetic Asian monkey man metaphor in 1941 with the rising sun Jap trap politico logo; who causes Taylor Swift's beautiful white house on a hill above the sea to slide off of it's precarious perch. ~ ~ As predicated upon by Taylor's recently inspired Hwy.101 road trip up the northern coast of California with Lorde. ~ ~ Note the alien invader's same rising-dawn logo that Barack Obama uses on the bathrobe of the beautiful REV.17 woman who opens the 1979 movie. Which turned out to be a huge surprise disappointment; both artistically and economically. ~ ~ Because all the laughs were supposed to be about all those dumb Republicans from Orange County, etc. Even though FDR and his Jewish Communist infiltrators were running everything in Hollywood back then. ~ ~ Just like today, after the first fascist 666 beast had died. Who was then quickly replaced by the new and improved and more civilized Jewish beast. Even though the first one exterminated around 6,666,666 of their fellow back-stabbing Jews. ~ ~ In other words, the first thing that the Allies did after destroying National Socialism, was meet with the German's democratic socialist parties and give them a blank check to rebuild Western Europe. ~ ~ And over in England, the labor party marxists immediately got rid of Winston Churchill. ~ ~ Exactly like the FDR/JFK/LBJ/MLK David Letterman backed abomination of desolation did when he moved into the White House, and got rid of that bronze bust of Churchill. ~ ~ What goes around comes around. Karma is a bitch. ~ ~ Yada Yada. ~ ~ No wonder 1941 was not that funny. ~ ~ And with the passage of time, it even becomes less funny. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1941 NOTES: This O/hi/o woman walked into propeller blades in confirmation of that metaphorical B-17 loving REV.17 babe who gets turned on by Barack Obama's "Commander in Chief" military planes in 1941, which oddly enough look a lot like Asian Japanese planes, at: ~ ~ Oh yeah, she voted for Obama; just like all those handsome Jim Carrey look alikes out there wearing USO military uniforms. ~ ~ Note the Watch Hill, Rhode Island location name reference. The large white house above the REV.13:1 sea in 1941 was a WW II watch house. I.e. watch out for the new AREA CODE 310 beast. Whose head was once severely wounded, but then it suddenly became born again. Just like in all those German 1930s Frankenstein moves.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Miley's four door MASERATI was recovered in Simi Valley in confirmation of the double ringer in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Because my apostate Polish Catholic Muslim sidekick, who secretly supports the false prophet in REV.16, was visiting Poland at the same time. ~ ~ The same place where David Lynch made his last feature length movie using a home video SONY camera. And it looked pretty damn good too. ~ ~ Talk about the death of Hollywood homogaysexuality shot on .35mm . ~ ~ Since the 35 line in Israel is about the time when Judah is going to get cut right down the middle of the gut. ~ ~ Just ask my former furniture salesman friend Net BiBi; you screw America, America screws you right back. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1941 NOTES: I'm only about half way through 1941, which opens with a Taylor Swift time-stamp birth date reference to her being born and growing up in Pennsylvania [6-5000] on a Christmas tree farm. And already I have seen the prophetic 1979's Hollywood movie spectacular that takes place on [Michael] Douglas' childhood home located in AREA CODE 310. Because he just showed up on the same day at some half Jewish sectarian liberal peace-nick convention in San Francisco. Per the line in the movie that goes, "You dug your own grave." ~ ~ KING OF CALIFORNIA NOTES: My forerunner actor figure, Michael Douglas, finds a pot of Spanish gold buried underneath a COSTCO warehouse store. ~ ~ BYU FILM SCHOOL NOTES: When I was attending Mr.D's Polish filmmaker workshops at BYU, sometimes I would show up carrying my $1,000 aluminum briefcase, and sometimes I would just have my $500 leather attaché with me. So the Coen brothers just went ahead and used both of them in my Simi Valley scenario in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Where in the future Ms. Montana would be kidnapping herself and digging her own grave. ~ ~ FUNNY MONEY NOTES: The idea of Gwyneth Paltrow investing in that secret fly fisherman's bed and breakfast paradise [BB] in northwestern Spain is rooted in the inspired idea that today's real estate market for millionaires is extremely hot right now. Therefore, she could easily charge $1000 a night; fresh basil-garlic-butter pan fried trout champagne brunch included. Of course. ~ ~ Ironically, the most amazing top-fly mayfly hatches in the world usually happen in June. ~ ~ REV.15 NOTES: Seattle's new populist third way $15 fascism law is confirmation that the things in REV.15 are now here, not later.

Monday, June 2, 2014


The paranoid Jewish media are in such a panic that they have self-imposed a blackout on all of the news that might sink their ships. ~ ~ Ergo, Donald Trump offers a $50,000,000 reward on the head of Barack Obama, and we get nothing but silence from them. ~ ~ Better red than dead, yada yada. See: ~ ~ "Comedy is never funny unless it has some basis in the truth." Rush Limbaugh. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LEP 2 NOTES: Since Conan's late night Irish talk show is now based out of LA, I decided to watch LEP 2 again, which takes place in Los Angeles. Based on the film's midnight death tours in a hearse, etc. etc. Ergo, the 1994 prophecy featured the DARKSIDE TOURS hearse for the time when there would be a very spooky and scary darkie in the West Wing. Per: ~ ~ THERE IS A REASON WHY NOTES: Some of the pix of that US military deserter who was just traded for crass political reasons make him look just like Jim Carrey for a reason. ~ ~ For starters, John Kerry was also a phony Viet Nam war deserter in spirit. According to multiple witnesses who were on the scene back then; both Democrat and Republican. ~ ~ Plus, the former POW Senator John McCain is also a phony Republican conservative who claims to support the US Constitution. Kind of like Michael Medved or Mark Levin. Not to mention Clyde Lewis or Michael Moore et al. ~ ~ TWO FACED HALF JEW NOTES: Probably the two best talk radio hosts out there right now are that Jewish Canadian guy who frequently guests for Rush Limbaugh; and Michael Savage. Who is currently still banned from entering England. ~ ~ CULT FILM QUOTATIONS: "He's starting to crack..." Says King Ralph, regarding all those purple jumpsuit [Jews For Jesus] sex perverts in the North Hollywood media. ~ ~ 1941 NEWSREEL NOTES: Barack Obama will be attending the G7 mountains summit in Brussels starting on Wednesday. For that plane that crashes into the mountain in THE BIG LEBOWSKI; the other Lebowski of course, not the Dude.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Why not? They are both around the same age. Plus they are both as gay as a three-way dollar bill. ~ ~ Maybe the title of this new post should be called, 'STEVEN SPEILBERG IS THE NEW JOHN WATERS'? ~ ~ Whatever, six mountain climbers from California just tumbled down the northwestern Liberty Ridge on 144 Mount Rainier for the tumbling down tumbleweed opening to my own private biography movie entitled THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Located off of Hwy.410, just up from Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~ Then those 7 mountains figures died in a fiery jet crash at the Minuteman Park north of Lincoln, Mass for that LINCOLN limo scene in the above 9.11 prophecy; wherein "The goddamn plane has just crashed into the mountain!!" Because today's false minutemen patriots are keeping silent about that illegal alien in DC. ~ ~ Who just cut an illegal deal with five of America's most savage enemies, WAG THE DOG style. ~ ~ Call me crazy. But obviously, you are the one who is crazy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRUE GRIT NOTES: Here is some new back story information for any of my new readers who are still not that familiar with Sheriff Joe's investigation into Barack Obama's birth certificate forgery and use of a dead person's Social Security number, at: ~ ~ All of which can no longer be found in the fictional relm of, "That's just your opinion man." ~ ~ MALIBU CHIEF OF POLICE NOTES: That hard ass white man Ephraimite police chief in THE BIG LEBOWSKI was a [RAISING ARIZONA] Sherif Joe prophecy. Who tells my sidekick drinking buddy to stay out of his quiet little beach paradise community, a.k.a. Washington, DC. ~ ~ Ergo, that polite society style Christian Mormon man at the end of the above 1998 movie tells the two upset tea party dudes to keep their voices down. And stop rocking the boat, yada yada. ~ ~ FUCKING RUG NOTES: Reportedly, Elliot Rod/gers' former roommate at the UCSB film school was a guy named Chris Rugg. This could be a liberal media [Christ] spoof for sure. If so, it's a damn good one. ~ ~ MEL GIBSON NOTES: Mel got busted by Malibu's Chief of Police because he was drinking too much of that Mexican whisky and not listening to me. ~ ~