Wednesday, June 25, 2014


That monster earthquake in Alaska was a surprise baked Alaska reference to the end of the James Bond sodomite prophecy called DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. See Dr. Evil's remote island volcano lair cake at: ~ ~ Oh yeah. Woody Allen owes me some serious cake. And he better hurry up about it because he ain't getting any younger. ~ ~ For a rat islands example, the tea party just lost down in day 1290 Mississippi by .005% because the liberal Democrat Party rats got together and voted for that old FDR homo RHINO. ~ ~ Which is the same kind of stuff that the secret loving Jews in the media never talk about in open society. ~ ~ Think THE FRONT meets SLEEPER, the latter filmed in Colorado, back when the Wood man was making his funny movies. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLACK MOB NOTES: Note that the royal queen's grass courts crown that they place on top of McQueen's head in THE BLOB's first act looks just like that women's trophy rosewater bowl at Whimbledon, per: ~ ~ Talk about driving backwards. ~ ~ See the latter-day SEES chocolates 666 mob in action at: ~ ~ NO JEWS POLICY NOTES: In the millennial Kingdom of God, only Ephraim will be allowed to hold the keys to the higher priesthood. While Judah et al will probably be the ones who are having the most fun. ~ ~ I can't stand sitting in a chair in priesthood administration meetings that go on and on for at least ten hours a week or more. And I don't like spending three hours, two times a week, sitting in the temple watching that same old boring play. ~ ~ For example, the Ephraimite Rush Limbaugh has spent the better part of his life just sitting in a chair and talking; kind of like Spencer Kimball and Gordon B. Hinckley. ~ ~ Because that is what God had always wanted them to be doing, for the good of mankind. ~ ~ After all, somebody has to be the adult in the room, while all the little rug rats are playing with their toys on the floor. ~ ~ RAT FINK NOTES: In the BARTON FINK prophecy, King Ralph tells that arrogant Brooklyn, NY Jew fink fuck that he is completely out of his element when it comes to understanding the common white man salesman, surviving strictly on sales commission results, from places like Wisconsin; in so many words. ~ ~ No wonder I figure I got at least 53 big ones coming to me right now in back [19%] commissions. Relax, you can pay me the rest later. ~ ~ Just put together one of those flaky 1980s type Hollywood limited partnerships and have all of YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS who hate the IRS chip in a cool million or so just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ AP:III NOTES: Dr. Evil plans on melting the Alaskan/Russian arctic ice and setting the alien invader blob free again in his last movie.

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