Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hillary Clinton's blockbuster diary book was launched in-between BRIDGET JONE'S DIARY in 2001 and BRIDGET JONE'S DIARY: II in 2004. ~ ~ First of all, Hillary has always had a weight problem. Secondly, both of her diary memoir books only covered a recently brief period in time. ~ ~ Which is why the first prophetic movie ends with Hillary coming out with two major diary books, not just one. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MAO'S LITTLE RED BOOK NOTES: Chairman Mao also turned out to be a third way capitalist fascist Marxist. ~ ~ "Fascism is modern socialism." Benito Mussolini. ~ ~ BIG JEW NOSE NOTES: See: ~ ~ VIA: ~ ~ BIG BONER NOTES: Nobody can touch my sidekick darkie in the Casa Blanca. Until and unless they admit publicly that he is not even a US citizen. Otherwise, you don't have a snowball's chance in hell. And that's the way I like it, ah huh. ~ ~ Read it and weep at: ~ ~ KAFKA NOTES: The original Hillary Clinton diary memoirs book-movie deal in 2001 was about middle-of-the-road Democrat millionaires accusing middle-of-the-road Republican millionaires of being greedy. God knows why. ~ ~ TWO WEEKS PRIOR NOTICES: About two weeks ago Jesus told me that Taylor Swift was the gold standard. ~ ~ Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson being the joint sterling pound standards on the other side of the pond of course. [Both Emma and Carey have brown eyes.] ~ ~ BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE NOTES: Both of the beautiful sexy fuck interests in NOTTING HILL and TWO WEEKS NOTICE have brown eyes.

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