Saturday, June 21, 2014


AUSTIN POWERS: No.2 is probably my favorite one. Wherein Dr.Evil's volcano lair is located on some remote Hawaiian island; and all the armed guards look like homosexuals. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOB NOTES: I got half way through 1958's prophecy about the alien darkie mob that represents that huge blob that is now massing on the Texas border, thanks to Eva Longoria et al. And all of the young at heart white virgin kids try to warn all of their really old and forgetful FDR-LBJ era parents with bad hearing, like at: ~ ~ Which comes to a horrific and violent ending at that Jewish run Hollywood midnight horror movie theater in the 1958 movie. Ergo, A TOUCH OF EVIL also came out in 1958. ~ ~ LESBIAN RIGHTS UPDATE: Another two lesbians went missing in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, per: ~ ~ Right after Obama declared that homosexuals can now also be buried in our sacred military cemeteries. Since this is what they all are sacrificing their lives for now; i.e. the protection of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ In confirmation of that fiery fire engine truck crash south of Canyon Ferry in Montana on Nicole Kidman's family affair birthday. Given her symbolic royal coachman fly fishing signs and wonders of the past 12 years. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ ALSO: Now that Philip Seymour Hoffman has died from a heroin overdose, who looked a lot like my old long lost fishing buddy Kit Winn, I AM is going to have to go back to his MONTANA indie film prophecy. ~ ~ As if I had anything else better to do on a Saturday night. ~ ~ I WOULD DO IT IF I WANTED TO, BUT I WONT DO IT IF I DON'T WANT TO, NOTES: I will have any of my staff read any screenplay that anybody might send into my PLAN B PRODUCTIONS offices; even if I have to hire a thousand readers. However, any screenplay treatments or any abbreviated story outlines that we get in the mail will just get shit canned immediately. ~ ~ And that goes for you too J.K. Rowling. David Lynch being the rare exception, just as long as he keeps it under 800 words. A short telephone call from his secretary would even be much better. ~ ~ Although I do have a shit load of off-shore tax-free money, I really don't have that much time to think about what feature length movies I want to finance. ~ ~ In fact, just last night I was kind of surprised that two of my lower level female staff members went ahead and cut you out a check for 53 big ones for your next project. ~ ~ Oh well, can't wait to see it at some small town theater in Montana on the big screen. "I'm really not a hands on type..." to paraphrase Dr.Evil in AP:III. ~ ~ J2 NOTES: They don't let you say vagina at J2; so I'll repost my deleted vagina post here, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ LA COSA NOSTRA NOTES: The new third way populist pope from Evita's Argentina just excommunicated the populist third way Mel Gibson pope of Malibu from the apostate Catholic church in Rome. I haven't laughed this hard since I was a little girl. See:;_ylt=AwrBJR_AsaVTY1QAwG7QtDMD

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