Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Miley's four door MASERATI was recovered in Simi Valley in confirmation of the double ringer in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Because my apostate Polish Catholic Muslim sidekick, who secretly supports the false prophet in REV.16, was visiting Poland at the same time. ~ ~ The same place where David Lynch made his last feature length movie using a home video SONY camera. And it looked pretty damn good too. ~ ~ Talk about the death of Hollywood homogaysexuality shot on .35mm . ~ ~ Since the 35 line in Israel is about the time when Judah is going to get cut right down the middle of the gut. ~ ~ Just ask my former furniture salesman friend Net BiBi; you screw America, America screws you right back. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1941 NOTES: I'm only about half way through 1941, which opens with a Taylor Swift time-stamp birth date reference to her being born and growing up in Pennsylvania [6-5000] on a Christmas tree farm. And already I have seen the prophetic 1979's Hollywood movie spectacular that takes place on [Michael] Douglas' childhood home located in AREA CODE 310. Because he just showed up on the same day at some half Jewish sectarian liberal peace-nick convention in San Francisco. Per the line in the movie that goes, "You dug your own grave." ~ ~ KING OF CALIFORNIA NOTES: My forerunner actor figure, Michael Douglas, finds a pot of Spanish gold buried underneath a COSTCO warehouse store. ~ ~ BYU FILM SCHOOL NOTES: When I was attending Mr.D's Polish filmmaker workshops at BYU, sometimes I would show up carrying my $1,000 aluminum briefcase, and sometimes I would just have my $500 leather attaché with me. So the Coen brothers just went ahead and used both of them in my Simi Valley scenario in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Where in the future Ms. Montana would be kidnapping herself and digging her own grave. ~ ~ FUNNY MONEY NOTES: The idea of Gwyneth Paltrow investing in that secret fly fisherman's bed and breakfast paradise [BB] in northwestern Spain is rooted in the inspired idea that today's real estate market for millionaires is extremely hot right now. Therefore, she could easily charge $1000 a night; fresh basil-garlic-butter pan fried trout champagne brunch included. Of course. ~ ~ Ironically, the most amazing top-fly mayfly hatches in the world usually happen in June. ~ ~ REV.15 NOTES: Seattle's new populist third way $15 fascism law is confirmation that the things in REV.15 are now here, not later.

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