Sunday, June 1, 2014


Why not? They are both around the same age. Plus they are both as gay as a three-way dollar bill. ~ ~ Maybe the title of this new post should be called, 'STEVEN SPEILBERG IS THE NEW JOHN WATERS'? ~ ~ Whatever, six mountain climbers from California just tumbled down the northwestern Liberty Ridge on 144 Mount Rainier for the tumbling down tumbleweed opening to my own private biography movie entitled THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Located off of Hwy.410, just up from Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~ Then those 7 mountains figures died in a fiery jet crash at the Minuteman Park north of Lincoln, Mass for that LINCOLN limo scene in the above 9.11 prophecy; wherein "The goddamn plane has just crashed into the mountain!!" Because today's false minutemen patriots are keeping silent about that illegal alien in DC. ~ ~ Who just cut an illegal deal with five of America's most savage enemies, WAG THE DOG style. ~ ~ Call me crazy. But obviously, you are the one who is crazy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRUE GRIT NOTES: Here is some new back story information for any of my new readers who are still not that familiar with Sheriff Joe's investigation into Barack Obama's birth certificate forgery and use of a dead person's Social Security number, at: ~ ~ All of which can no longer be found in the fictional relm of, "That's just your opinion man." ~ ~ MALIBU CHIEF OF POLICE NOTES: That hard ass white man Ephraimite police chief in THE BIG LEBOWSKI was a [RAISING ARIZONA] Sherif Joe prophecy. Who tells my sidekick drinking buddy to stay out of his quiet little beach paradise community, a.k.a. Washington, DC. ~ ~ Ergo, that polite society style Christian Mormon man at the end of the above 1998 movie tells the two upset tea party dudes to keep their voices down. And stop rocking the boat, yada yada. ~ ~ FUCKING RUG NOTES: Reportedly, Elliot Rod/gers' former roommate at the UCSB film school was a guy named Chris Rugg. This could be a liberal media [Christ] spoof for sure. If so, it's a damn good one. ~ ~ MEL GIBSON NOTES: Mel got busted by Malibu's Chief of Police because he was drinking too much of that Mexican whisky and not listening to me. ~ ~

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