Sunday, June 29, 2014


Have you ever had the pleasure of being fucked over and over again by an extremely excited 14 year-old school boy? If not, you are in for a real treat. ~ ~ Just ask my ex-wife who taught middle school for all those years in the wilderness in Hillsboro, Oregon. ~ ~ Yeah, I know. I still can't stop thinking about fucking her 7 times on our wedding night. And then telling my father all about it the next day at our traditional wedding morning brunch in Provo, Utah. And yet years later, my same father would be spreading the rumor all around Bonney Lake, Washington that I was Paul Nestor's homosexual lover. ~ ~ No wonder I didn't fee like speaking at his funeral on St.Patrict's Day in 2005. ~ ~ You diss me, I diss you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FATHER OF LIES NOTES: "Gordon B. Hinckley is light years ahead of us..." Gerald William Relf, circa 2004. ~ ~ My father was right of course, from a LOST IN SPACE meets STAR WARS meets 2001 A SPACE ODDITY point of view. See: ~ ~ "I am your father..." [Darth Vader in AP:II.] ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: According to scripture, there is nothing wrong with fucking 14 year-olds. No wonder everyone in polite Christian society needs to die and become born again. ~ ~ For example, if you do not believe in the truth, then the truth will come back around and fuck you in the ass, like at: ~ ~ Or to put it more nicely, "14 should be the legal age of consent..." Camille Paglia in SEXUAL PERSONAE, circa 1993-1996. ~ ~ GROUND SHAKING BOMBSHELL NOTES: That 5.2 in the White Mountains of Arizona hit due east of Solomon, off of Hwy.70 [weeks]. ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: How's your love life going these days? Let me know if I need to fix you up with a couple of extra special young ladies on the side. ~ ~ When my friends are not happy, I AM is not happy. ~ ~ That goes for you too David Lynch. ~ ~ "Be happy, not crappy..." Nyle Smith. ~ ~ 1980S MOVIE NOTES: My born again Hollywood movie career will start off with me writing, directing, and starring in my own private Janis Joplin diary memoirs movie; co-starring Miley Cyrus as a struggling look alike impersonator in some run down old casino in downtown Reno. ~ ~ What? You don't believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ? ~ ~ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: Personally, I think that Miley could easily do Janis Joplin's rough sounding WILD TURKEY whisky voice. Just as long as she has on the right thick rug wig look. ~ ~ Doesn't matter anyway. In my future international sensation blockbuster low budget movie, Ms. Montana's Janis Joplin hero will be openly using a karaoke machine anyway.

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