Sunday, June 15, 2014


1969's original TRUE GRIT movie is about a symbolic "coon hunt" for a half white man with the black negro mark of Cain on his face. Because he had murdered his naive gay sex partner in Chicago named Donald Young. ~ ~ Wherein the cute little girl scout feminists who all voted for Obama get bitten by a Colorado rattlesnake in the end. ~ ~ Karma can be a bastard too... ~ ~ For example, I suddenly had to take a shit last night, out of the blue; right in the middle of some Michael Medved rerun. Which was just as suddenly interrupted by some PSA about the cruelty of gassing dogs at your local Nazi German Shepard dog pound. ~ ~ [Late night radio reruns are often times suddenly interrupted by commercials. So don't make too big of a deal out of this.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DARK PASSAGE NIGHTTIME NOTES: Irene looks through the vagina icon peep-hole on her door in DARK PASSAGE. For when my prophetic protagonist is hiding out at the KEAN MOTEL at street number 1018; per those earrings on Jen at no.1018 on at; ~ ~ THREE WOES NOTES: Those three virgin teenagers who were kidnapped in the West Bank are a three woes omen. If you do not protect your children from the devil, then you will lose them for all eternity. No shit. ~ ~ See LEPRECHAUN:3 meets SCREAM:3, if you don't believe me. ~ ~ DRIVERS' LICENSE NOTES: I have always been a little bit troubled by the fact that my Wash. DL expired a few years back. But now I see the light. Hello!! ~ ~ I AM is an illegal alien with no valid ID status even in my own native born country. So now I get the full drivers license birth certificate USA passport treatment; no questions asked. God! I was such an idiot! ~ ~ THE SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN NOTES: Donald Sterling does look a lot like Arizona's true grit Sheriff Joe. ~ ~ So maybe if I feel like it, and I have the time, I just might buy out all of the James Bond 007 rights from the Broccoli family for a cool couple billion, cash on the barrel. ~ ~ Because then I would get to make all of the direct-to-video 0014 James Bond sex pictures that I wanna make. Co-starring Chloe Moretz and Haile Steinfeld of course. ~ ~ Oh yeah. The money will be right. ~ ~ And there is not one Jew nigger out there who can stop me. Just as long as I don't forget to slip the man a little cash on the side too; a rising tide floats all boats.

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