Friday, June 13, 2014


Somehow it all comes down to this now, at: ~ ~ AND AT: ~ ~ If you think that I AM is still only playing the stand up BJ joker card in Las Vegas for the big money, etc. just ask Harrison Ford. Ouch. ~ ~ You're God damn right I AM. What? You think that I am in this just for my health? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEES CANDY NOTES: See: ~ ~ And see about that old school neocon Jew in DC named Cantor; who is now a dead man, metaphorically and politically speaking. ~ ~ You laugh at Jesus, The Jesus laughs back at you. ~ ~ FALSE PROPHET NOTES: Everyone who believes in the false prophet in REV.16 is going to die. And I AM is not speaking metaphorically now. ~ ~ PLAN B ICON PRODUCTIONS NOTES: Name your price and I will double it. Since I got more money than God now, to coin an expression. ~ ~ Plus, I need your priceless talents and experience of the past 40 years. ~ ~ Believe me, I know. No young new 19ish Hollywood starlet would ever suck on my cock in a thousand years if there was not something in it for her too. That is if the 15% manager money is right for their mothers too of course. ~ ~ BACKSTORY NOTES: My own private Utah movie entitled BARTON FINK was filmed when I was still living in an upstairs room that looked exactly just like Barton Fink's cheap hotel room in the movie; peeling wallpaper and all, like at: ~ ~ "I'm hiding from my crazy wife and her two kids up in Portland..." to paraphrase Humph/rey Bogie in DARK PASSAGE; regarding the film's open-all-night HASTY TASTY greasy spoon scene at Post and Fillmore. ~ ~ [Per the opening all night shots in THE BIG LEBOWSKI, etc.]

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