Monday, June 2, 2014


The paranoid Jewish media are in such a panic that they have self-imposed a blackout on all of the news that might sink their ships. ~ ~ Ergo, Donald Trump offers a $50,000,000 reward on the head of Barack Obama, and we get nothing but silence from them. ~ ~ Better red than dead, yada yada. See: ~ ~ "Comedy is never funny unless it has some basis in the truth." Rush Limbaugh. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LEP 2 NOTES: Since Conan's late night Irish talk show is now based out of LA, I decided to watch LEP 2 again, which takes place in Los Angeles. Based on the film's midnight death tours in a hearse, etc. etc. Ergo, the 1994 prophecy featured the DARKSIDE TOURS hearse for the time when there would be a very spooky and scary darkie in the West Wing. Per: ~ ~ THERE IS A REASON WHY NOTES: Some of the pix of that US military deserter who was just traded for crass political reasons make him look just like Jim Carrey for a reason. ~ ~ For starters, John Kerry was also a phony Viet Nam war deserter in spirit. According to multiple witnesses who were on the scene back then; both Democrat and Republican. ~ ~ Plus, the former POW Senator John McCain is also a phony Republican conservative who claims to support the US Constitution. Kind of like Michael Medved or Mark Levin. Not to mention Clyde Lewis or Michael Moore et al. ~ ~ TWO FACED HALF JEW NOTES: Probably the two best talk radio hosts out there right now are that Jewish Canadian guy who frequently guests for Rush Limbaugh; and Michael Savage. Who is currently still banned from entering England. ~ ~ CULT FILM QUOTATIONS: "He's starting to crack..." Says King Ralph, regarding all those purple jumpsuit [Jews For Jesus] sex perverts in the North Hollywood media. ~ ~ 1941 NEWSREEL NOTES: Barack Obama will be attending the G7 mountains summit in Brussels starting on Wednesday. For that plane that crashes into the mountain in THE BIG LEBOWSKI; the other Lebowski of course, not the Dude.

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