Thursday, June 19, 2014


The main reason why I love to listen to the older Jewish Michael Savage on old fashion AM radio is because he makes me laugh. ~ ~ Think RADIO DAYS meets THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM meets A TOUCH OF EVIL. ~ ~ And I get to play the prophetic Mexican border town's Sheriff Joe remake role in the latter film. ~ ~ Simply because I AM is paying for it all, and of course I am the only actor out there right now who could do it justice. ~ ~ Naturally, we would have to find a way to squeeze Selena Gomez into the picture. I'm not in this for my health. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FIVE REASONS WHY BARACK OBAMA IS ON MY SIDE: 1.) His birth certificate is a proven forgery, and not some Internet wacko theory. And nobody on talk radio is white enough to talk about it. 2.) It has been proven by an official government web site that Obama is using the stolen Social Security number of a deceased retiree in Hawaii, who was originally from Conn. 3.) Nobody on the radio, not even the Jewish Michael Savage, is man enough to admit that it is actually a very big deal that the President of America is not even a US citizen. 4.) Barack Obama likes me. And he doesn't like people like Michael Savage who mince words and don't always tell it like it is. 5.) Obama is a swinger, and so am I. ~ ~ FIREWORKS NOTES: Those huge fireworks explosions at ENTERTAINMENT FIREWORKS happened at the very north end of Hwy. 10.1, i.e. south of Olympia, Washington, USA. ~ ~ You Jew Jesus, Jesus Jews you. Hence, all those weird Batman joker wanna be clowns out there.

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