Thursday, June 26, 2014


That old 666 zoo RHINO named Jim Baker just died at the age of your typical president of the Mormon church in Utah. In confirmation of my recent surprise baked Alaska volcano postings regarding the huge baked cake that Woody Allen still owes me, big time. ~ ~ Here's the deal. I let you write, direct, and star in your next KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN meets BLAME IT ON RIO homage. Since you have pretty much already shot your wad in places like, London, Paris, Barcelona, and Roma. ~ ~ Heck, why not do Rio next? ~ ~ What do you got to lose? ~ ~ All those Jewish nazi lesbian nigger bitches at the NYT won't like you anymore? ~ ~ If the money is right of course. ~ ~ I'll pay full price for Woody's next WILD ORCHID remake only if I get to be in it; playing some kind of an Iggy Pop HARLEY DAVIDSON riding figure from the past. ~ ~ Whatever, just make sure that the underaged girls with small titties in the picture are hot. ~ ~ I'm not in this for my health. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

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