Saturday, June 7, 2014


Tracy Morgan's DARKSIDE DEATH TOURS limo hearse in LEPRECHAUN 2 just got rear ended by a semi south of New Brunswick for that smiling Negro comedian Leprechaun on the down low who gives Cody a fake milk chocolate gold coin in the men's room. ~ ~ Ergo that huge blaze near 30 Rock at THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY on Friday. Because Tracy's stand up BJ gig on Friday was at the DOVER DOWNS CASINO; for my TUMBLWEEDS TUMBLING DOWN posting. ~ ~ [The Jewish Sabbath starts on Friday.] ~ ~ No offense, but if you are an African American who was born in Africa, the US Constitution says that you can not be President. ~ ~ And why is that? ~ ~ Well. Negros are known to be wild at heart and childish, and therefore more power oriented; i.e. fascistic in nature. ~ ~ Just like most women are, both black and white, not to mention the Jews, both male and female. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUPERMEN/SCH NOTES: In GOLDMEMBER, Dr. Evil's short Jewish actor son named Scottie becomes so evil that he begins to lose his hair, like at: ~ ~ MARRED SERVANT NOTES: The marred Leprechaun character in the above six movie sequels reference represents the latter-day marred servant prophesied of in the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ THE LAW SCHOOL OF PROPHETS NOTES: You will suffer an excruciatingly painful and slow death, just like Jesus suffered, if you do not repent of your sins and abominations; and have faith in Jesus. ~ ~ EPHRAIMITE NOTES: According to Abraham et al, only the more white sons of Ephraim have the right to hold the leadership powers of the higher priesthood, and be President of America, etc. Sadly, that ain't saying that much these days.

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