Sunday, June 22, 2014


THE BLOB beast who had a huge appetite for naive white people arrived on earth in 1958, and again in 1988, hidden inside one of those famous Italian nut crunch chocolate bon bons that have a squirrelly nut in the middle. Which are presented very elegantly in plastic boxes and fake gold tin foil wrap. ~ ~ And pretty much taste like all of those cheap chocolate candies full of lard that they sell by the semi truck load every Christmas at WAL*MART. ~ ~ Therefore, God has allowed that illegal UFO alien in the White House to advance the illegal alien invasion of Israel in EZE.38 because all the old white men in Washington, DC are just to gay to stand up to him. ~ ~ Hey, you like that long slim black boner job up your butt? You got it, in spades. ~ ~ Have fun while it lasts, and take notes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUDGING JEW NIGGER NOTES: The NYT is reporting that the white conservative Gov. Walker of Germanic Wisconsin is a corrupt politician; because that is what Jews do, most of whom are homosexuals and Communists. [The Josephite Senator Joe McCarthy was from Wisconsin, etc.] ~ ~ Hence, satan is described as the everlasting accuser in REV.12. ~ ~ DARK MOB NOTES: At the end of THE BLOB prophecy, Steve McQueen says that the invading dark chocolate fudgers blob full of nuts will only be contained up and until the time when the Arctic ice starts to melt, per D&C 133. And then the only thing that will be able to stop it is the CO-2 treatment of the two fire extinguisher witnesses of Judah and Joseph. ~ ~ Ergo, THE BLOB takes place in small town Downington, USA for when the time will come when the new leader of the new world's Sodom and Egypt will be a Greek government type illegal alien who is on the down low.

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