Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The Jews thought that Jeb Bush had it in the bag. ~ ~ The Mormons in Utah, and the Evangelical anti-mormons in Dallas, thought that the two witnesses were going to appear in Old Jerusalem. ~ ~ And that somehow in the last days, Jerusalem would become the premier resort destination for gays. Even greater than say Key West, Florida or Cape Cod, Mass. ~ ~ No wonder that we now have a half Jew half negro Commander in Chief freak who is now in charge of America's US military. Who is not even an American citizen, much less a rock solid christian conservative. ~ ~ And today's neo cons are still pretending that, from a legalist point of view, "It doesn't matter." ~ ~ So what goes around comes around. ~ ~ "You can't always get what you want. But you get what you need..." ~ ~ You mock me, I mock you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SURPRISE MOVIE QUOTES: "Surprise surprise!!" AP:II: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME. ~ ~ "My name is Bond, James Bond." OCTOPUSSY meets A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ ~ "I'm actually 79, even though I look 39." THE DOCTOR'S 350SL prequel, per: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ "Daddy would hit that like Mike Tyson!" BOONDOCK SAINTS:II meets NAPOLEON DYNAMITE:II, per: ~ ~ PS ALISON ROTH: You are still my special [10% commission] screenwriter/Producer/director/actor's agent wife fuck buddy who is still located in the LA/NYC area, etc. etc. ~ ~ Going back to 1990 in Seattle. ~ ~ Therefore, anybody out there who wants to cast me in their next opus needs to go through you. ~ ~ Trust me on this one. If you don't like the pitch, then I don't want to be bothered with it either. ~ ~ So many friends, so little time, and all that.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Now that I think about it. That is the wealthy real estate golf club mogal who likes a good gamble, and who crashes the Jeb Bushwood, Florida country club party in CADDYSHACK, circa the presidential election of [Donald/Ronald] Reagan in 1980. ~ ~ When he shows up in his queer as orange English ROLLS that is sounding the trumps of warning. ~ ~ Where the underground trouble makers are coming into the golf course from his latest real estate development in Florida. ~ ~ According to the often quoted words of Bill Murray's crazy bomber character in the movie that go, "...Cinderella story... comes out of nowhere... to lead the pack." ~ ~ And in the end, the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim help the corrupt stonewalling birth certificate judge to find his checkbook. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RESTRICTED NOTES: Back in the anti communist AM radio days of the 1950s, many country clubs did not allow Jews to become members. ~ ~ Remember, this was the same era when the Ephraimites would not allow the negro to have the keys to the higher priesthood. ~ ~ And anybody who had a decent wage paying job could afford to buy a house and send his kids to college. ~ ~ SPIRITUAL NOTES: That TM meditation log lady spiritualist just died on my front porch in Bonney Lake, Washington of lung cancer or something, metaphorically speaking. Whatever, she was a hilariously prophetic birther symbol of my back to the future BB log postings on Natalie Merchant's official www web site. ~ ~ Close enough anyway; "Like anybody can ever even know that." paraphrasing Kip in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. ~ ~ PS JEFF: That 42 year-old Mormon prophetess kook down in Tuscan, Arizona looks exactly like your exwife. No wonder she turned you into a homosexual Chinatown slumlord boss in the U-District of Seattle. ~ ~ So now the only way out of your arrogant self righteous Saint Francis of Assisi poverty situation is to become a born again billionaire geek who possesses enough world wide destruction hacking skills to put an end to it.

Monday, September 28, 2015


Jerry Lewis laid down the facts of life for my prophetic figure in THE KING OF COMEDY. Since it was made in 1982, circa NAPOLEON DYNAMITE's email order crystal time machine theme in 2004. ~ ~ Per: ~ ~ Which came out in the same year that Miranda Kerr was born. Since she looked just like Napoleon Dynamite's incredible mannequin woman who he was taking to the dance, even if she didn't like it, at: ~ ~ For example, this video of Skip and LaFawnduh on their honeymoon has Sandy's 7.26 birthday it-girl date time-stamped on it, at: ~ ~ What did I tell you over ten years ago? Sandy has the kind of strong looking jaws that could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SANDMAN NOTES: The part about Donald Trump's unexpected escape from the swinging 70s 666 [negro priesthood] church cathedral in LOGAN'S RUN [Utah], will happen when he learns that the 16th Amendment was as phoney as Obama's birth certificate and S.S. number. Obviously, the above 1982/1983 one sheet for the iconic TAXI DRIVER movie meets THE KING OF COMEDY movie was a future win-it-all trump card thing. ~ ~ All is well that ends well. ~ ~ TAX NOTES: After enough N-bombs have exploded in enough major US cities, and softened up enough of the hearts of the white lost tribes of Israel; the tax rates for all Americans will be the same. ~ ~ Talk about the next east-meets-west liberal Jewish holocaust. ~ ~ And then I get the money to buy out the rights from under you and re-make any sequel to any movie that I want to. Including NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and BLUE VELVET; costarring Paris Hilton as Taylor Swift. ~ ~ Better yet, I finally get to make that Janis Joplin biopic starring Miley Cyrus for six figures all around. ~ ~ PS QT: Don't even bother showing your next no.9 screenplay symposia idea to those new world order hedge fund democrat Jews who control Hollywood today, circa 1940. They ain't it no more.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


That big ORANGE CRUSH soda pop [DENVER BRONCOS] omen happened at the SUMMER ENDS rock-rap music festival in Arizona because nowadays evevery day looks like summer in the final last days drought conditions of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ Meanwhile, some band named REBELUTION played on while the paramedics carried away the fallen 18 year-old female voting teenagers. ~ ~ Too bad. ~ ~ It did not have/half to be this way today, circa 9.27. ~ ~ The way I see it, if the neo con media at FOX et all had never initiated their lying jack asses campaign to belittle and slander the tea party and their brother brothers, this would never have happened. ~ ~ Which is why Bill Clinton is threatening to tell the truth about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate PDF file and his federal E-VERIFY confirmed stolen SS number if they do not back off. ~ ~ Always remember, and never forget, that it is by the wicked that the wicked are punished. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DYNAMITE NOTES: That is Miranda Kerr modeling my brick red three-piece polymer blend-threaded, typical early 1970s Italian Mormon missionary suit, at the GOODWILL look alike location in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE at circa 44:14 minutes into my used DVD copy. ~ ~ So what? ~ ~ Both of my former secret shortcut VICTORIA'S SECRET wives have already been around the world at least a few times. ~ ~ True enough, I have only had sexual intercourse with the wife of my youth. But that does not count my fare share of hand jobs and blow jobs from various singles mixer Mormon wives at dances, like at: . ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ PS SANDY: ND was about Napoleon's short little bro hooking up with your look alike gentile figure from Detroit. For your little sweet negro boy who is still shorter than you, who was also adopted by you at the same time, five years later; after you had thought that you had got married to the 666 man of your dreams. ~ ~

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Now we can finally understand why Donald Trump blew up the up-und-coming 2016 election last summer. Per the 2004 NAPOLEON DYNAMITE prophecy finale that was about a blond physically transfigured Hillary Clinton campaign banner that said, "WITH ME IT WILL BE SUMMER ALL YEAR LONG!" Complete with double REV.11 sunrise smiley face icons; double 666 number in the hands thing, and those two gay ass rainbow icons too; that were confirmed by the gay wedding scene that comes two months later after the end credits. ~ ~ Note the number 09 on Napoleon Dynamite's mixed taper that he got from his brother's 666 Internet amazon lover from Mitt Romney's Detroit. Her being one of those well bred negro ladies from the Troy, Michigan suburbs. ~ ~ Nothing wrong with that, per se. ~ ~ Even Joseph Smith once said that, "The negro is a natural gentleman." ~ ~ KING RALPH NOTES: Napoleon Dynamite gets the most explosive ball-buster orgasim of his life when the phoney baloney mail-order crystals time machine from West Palm Beach, Florida is set for 1982. ~ ~ Which was the exact same year that God strapped me down onto his dentist clinic chair throne and electrocuted me to death. Because I deserved it, like at: ~ ~ Sorry about being such a repetitive and negative sounding bore who is always right; but, "I don't know what else I can say..." Truman Capote. ~ ~ PBS JIM CAR/REY: Even my closest it-girl friends, and my most private collaborator confidants, like Gus Van Sant and David Lynch, never call me anymore, and they don't even want to have anything to do with me in their latest movies. ~ ~ "What am I, chopped liver?" THE BIG CHILL funeral film festival film, 1982-1983. ~ ~ At least I have Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld et al to fall back on and have a good time until things change for the better. ~ ~ SEE THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING AT: ~ ~ So what, half of your friends and family will end up hating you and leaving you, circa MATT.10: 34-39. ~ ~ Who needs them anyway to have a really good time? ~ ~ COKEVILLE NOTES: Cokeville, Wyoming is a prophetic part of today's NAPOLEON DYNOMITE election season context because it is located in Barack Obama's Lincoln County. ~ ~ In other words, the only reason why you all are still behaving like a bunch of white polite society adult Republicans in a John Hughes movie, set in Chicago in the 1980s, is because you still believe that Barack Obama is a moderate liberal Tom Hanks type Democrat; contrary to the actual BIG LOVE HBO facts, like at: ~ ~ Listen, just because I like to hang around the downstairs singles bar at the French [LAST TANGO IN PARIS] château pensioners hotel in LA, because obviously that is where most of the hottest young bar flies in Hollywood are to be found and discovered, I'm not crazy. ~ ~

Friday, September 25, 2015


Francis Pope's duckmobile crashed on Seattle's Aurora bridge to the future in confirmation of Aurora, Colorado's 42 mouths [outrage] theater 9 beginning on a certain girl's July 20th birthday. ~ In confirmation of the 42 months [YOGI THE BEAR] lake dividing line that separates Providence, Utah from COCA COLA's Soda Springs, Idaho. ~ ~ This being the sexy climax to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. Wherein I help get Donald Trump elected as El Seniore Class President of the LA/man/its in the last days of the BM, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POPE NOTES: Every illegal alien who does not belong in America was hurt really bad when their way overloaded SUV crashed hard in Gibson County, Indian/a on the same day that the Pope was hanging out with Obama. Not to mention all those illegals who were also killed in some over-the-top heavy man crash down in Texas on the same day. Therefore that queer looking Republican catholic Mormon leader resigned the next day. ~ ~ PS WILL: You need to meet privately with grandma Sanders and the boys and explain the facts of life to them; Jew boy to Jew boy. ~ ~ Marxism being the church of the devil. The United Order being the Church of the Lamb. ~ ~ You do this for me, I finance your next three stupid waisted talent unfunny movies. ~ ~ God damn dude. I want to be loved and accepted and admired just as much as you do. But I can't do it if the [TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN] is not right.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


My own private 2BC:91 highway in 1995's LOST HIGHWAY prophecy runs through Cash [Cache] County, Utah, west of Rich County and Star Valley, because Logan is a landmark roadmap prophecy about the blond LOGAN'S RUN hero who becomes the really rich boss man of what will be left of God's promised land sanctuary in the BM. ~ ~ Consider this to be the CITIZEN KANE prophecy that was about a Donald Trump figure being born with a silver spoon up his butt in 1891 Park City, Utah; for Obama's Telluride, Colorado, circa 2015. Because that traditionally fascistic looking 1919ish movie director of THE HATEFUL 8 1/2 is already causing huge organisms among the LA audiences in his pre-release screenings. ~ ~ This happening at the same time that the red third way boss from the east came to the sanctuary on the same day that the pink third way boss from the west came to the sanctuary. ~ ~ Ergo, that deluded Catholic cathedral [FOX NEWS] church lady who tried to stop Trump in the 1776 LOGAN'S RUN allegory was named Francis. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NUMBERS NOTES: I'm waiting until the numbers run around the millennial number of 1000 before I say anything about running the numbers on what just happened in Rt.111 Mecca, [California]. ~ ~ FACT CHECK NOTES: Now that everybody knows that it is a confirmed fact that Obama was born in Africa, and he is using a stolen Social Security number, etc. etc. it's time to move on to the next big boring thing. ~ ~ Hey, why not start comparing Trump's own private bankruptcy history with the current widely accepted idea of living in comfort and ease with the reality of a bankrupt federal government in DC? ~ ~ Works for me. ~ ~ FBI NOTES: At the end of those two [Boston Irish cops] Pistol Annie movies, the dying Catholic Pope named Francis confesses, "Logan, you're an Elder." ~ ~ DAILEY JEWISH NEWSPAPER NOTES: Almost every [Ellen] page of today's final No.56,999 issue made Trump out to look like he has a crazy Napoleon complex like my character has in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, 2004. ~ ~ Darling, sweetheart, you never half to let me fuck you in the mouth if you don't like it. ~ ~ I may be the king of the country, but you still get to be the queen of the castle. ~ ~ Please be patient with me. ~ ~ Now that Donald Trump is running for President, I'm probably going to have to do a whole new series of updates about NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and HARD CANDY. The pleasure is mine of course.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

86 IT

There are many Catholics and mormons who are members in good standing of the Church of the Lamb, which is the only truely original christian church in the world. Per the BOOK OF MORMON's description of the latter day saints. ~ ~ When there would be only two churches in the world before the second coming of Christ; i.e. the Church of the Lamb in D&C 86 and the abominable Church of the Devil in D&C 86. ~ ~ One need not be unrighteously judgemental in order to guess which one Pope Francis belongs too at this point in time. ~ ~ Of course, only God knows what is in the heart of a man. ~ ~ But if you have enough humility and faith to ask Him, He will tell you by the Holy Spirit exactly who the mother fuckers are who are trying to deceive you; like in THE BOONDOCK SAINTS:I,II,&III. ~ ~ Since it says in ISAIAH etc. that God will dry up the rivers and cause the fish in them to die of thirst in the latter days of the two witnesses of sodom and Egypt. ~ ~ And today's infallible Pope from Rome, who speaks with a destinctively soft and weak female voice is saying not so fast; these are not the last days; and so forth. ~ ~ Obviously, this is that old priest who is sound asleep in the audience during fashion week in Milano. While all of the women who are losing their looks are weeping with Joy in Federico Fellini's 1973 LDS missionary impossible documentary film. That he made about me getting a great D&C 58 free meal from Gisele Bunchen. And a nice fucking afterwards too, entitled ROMA. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEQUEL NOTES: They shot THE BOONDOCK SAINTS:II prophecy in late 2008; a few years before Bonney Lake's PISTOL ANNIE'S was just some funky Italian [mob] restaurant and bar. ~ ~ Off hand, I don't recall seeing one single nigger in the movie, not even some extra in the background. ~ ~ PS SCOTT WALKER: The only thing that concerns me about Donald Trump is that the guy is just a little too much on the positive side. ~ ~ But hey, you do what you gotta do to get elected. ~ ~ NO.8 NOTES: Yogi died when the Pope arrived in the promised land of the BM because 8 is the true age of baptism for your average filthy little Yogi Bear cub in Chicago... Therefore, the concept of baptizing innocent little sinless new born babies into today's filthy dirty paganistic catholic church full of false idols is an abomination in the eyes of God. ~ ~ For this fact alone, today's humble little negro baptist churches throughout the southern states of America are actually a cut above the French Catholic Church down in N.O. Louisiana. ~ ~ "I can't even speak Donald Trump's name out loud." said Salma Hayek once upon a time. ~ ~ That being before her Americano husband beat the cow crap out of her. ~ ~ Darling, sweetheart, you are either going to obey your husband, or else. ~ ~ "How many drivers does a buggy have?.." MULHOLLAND DR.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Yesterday I went over to WAL*MART again to get Granny Grass two bottles of liquid vitamins for a total of $19.02 with sales tax. ~ ~ Whereupon I was surprised to see THE BOONDOCK SAINTS:II lying on top of the stack in their $5 DVDs bin. ~ ~ So I quickly ran the numbers and realized that I was exactly two pennies short of being able to buy it. ~ ~ So I stuffed it down underneath the stack to the side, thinking I'll come back tomorrow morning and get it for sure. ~ ~ Then I found a 1989 quarter in the outside COKE machine's coin slot. ~ ~ Where about ten minutes later an amazing Christ/pher Wood look alike walked by it. ~ ~ Obviously, it was a sign from God that I needed to interrupt my screening about the 1776 movie that portrays Donald Trump escaping from that weirdo apostate christian 666 crystal cathedral in Will Ferrell's native Orange County, California. ~ ~ [His father played the traditional homosexual Greek flute for THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS' band.] ~ ~ So I go back and get the DVD. And when I am buying it I accidently kick something on the floor, that turns out to be one of two Lincoln money pennies. ~ ~ And since it was a half moon werewolf night, I decided to watch the first half of it that same night. ~ ~ Given the fact that the apostate Christ Pope of the abominable church of Rome would be arriving in America today to pay tribute to the abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12. The same day when the Jewish Day of Judgment starts at sundown. ~ ~ "I just love sunsets." Jennifer Anniston. Who is Greek of course. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEQUEL NOTES: In the BOONDOCK SAINTS:II prophecy, the red horse helps the white horse destroy the 666 black horse beast. ~ ~ RIGHTEOUS DUDE NOTES: Logan, Utah is located on your R/M road map of Judah and Ephraim right below the 42 months line. Where they made that miraculously successful low budget spoof of yours truly entitled NAPOLEON DYNAMITE meets MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO. ~ ~ For example, the ten best prophecy comedies of all time were made for peanuts; including EATING RAOUL, TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, THE FRONT, BANANAS, SLEEPER, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, BLAZZING SADDLES, HANNA AND HER SISTERS, THAT SINKING FEELING, SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT, LEPRECHAUN 1,2,3,4,5,6... AUSTIN POWERS: I,II,III... both of the pre two witnesses' 10% earthquake WAYNES WORLD movies that where made just outside of Chicago, yada yada... Yeah I know, that is literally more than ten movies, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ But I AM is talking about the ten virgins prophecy here, and not some immature literal translation comic book version of REVELATION that you might hear about on some late night anti communist Jew hater nigger lover AM gay ass retro 50s radio show out of Texas.

Monday, September 21, 2015


God damn people, IT WAS born in Africa already. ~ ~ Time to get over it and move on and try the next thing. ~ ~ "Shit..." MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ Repetition is hell, and all that. ~ ~ If you bimbos really wanted to hurt Donald Trump, you would take another tack. ~ ~ The man already has on hand a gazillion $$$$ in campaign cash. So why do you cheap bitches keep giving him all of your free publicity? ~ ~ Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BOOK OF MORMON STUD/IES: In the BM it says that the Catholic Church that sits upon the seven hills in Rome is the most abominable church of all churches. ~ ~ For example, watch OUR MAN IN LIKE FLINT; starring Woody Norris. My former flakey business partner in SLC, UT during the swinging 70s. Back when the new and improved RLDS church in Utah began to give the higher priesthood to the sons of Ham in their newly printed editions of the PEARL OF GREAT PRICE. Exactly as predicted in Gwyneth Paltrow's own private Idaho prophecy called CARNIVAL OF SOULS. ~ ~ Oddly enough, or not, they make her look like her mormon polygamist [HBO BIG LOVE] sister wife Nicole Kidman in the one sheet at: ~ ~ Whatever, I AM will probably get the hots for them all over again sometime during the upcoming physical transfiguration era. ~ ~ Fuck it, why not. ~ ~ I still have the pre transfiguration hots for Elizabeth Hurley and Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock. So why not I hook up with a couple of younger hotties in the meantime just to hold me over and keep me alive? King David style. ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Starting Sunday night, I began watching the 1976-1776 prophecy about your run for president in 2015; prophetically called LOGAN'S RUN. That casted you as a physically transfigured older tall character with a blond superior race hair job. Who always appreciates a good looking younger woman, just like I do, like at: ~ ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: Recently, Michael let me know that you and your sister wife in Vancouver, BC still have a good 5+ years left on you in the fame fatale department. Wherein I really do want to, and I really do have to, fuck you two and your two sisters at the same time first. Because you two are the best thing that ever happened to me. ~ ~ PS CHARLIZE: You get to get in on this deal too, if the money is right of course. ~ ~ Believe me you; I do know how much it would cost me to fuck you and your mother's teenager granddaughters from Africa too in AMERICAN GIGIOLO, etc. "We don't believe in idealistic Biblical principles and ideas. We just believe in helping lonely little boys and girls who don't know who their father is..." Paraphrasing the devil pope of the Roman church in MISSION IMMPOSSIBLE: III.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


At the end of the greatest cinematic prophecy that God evrrr caused to be made, the film's futuristic Republican Party poster boy Bruce Jenner sings his/her heart out to George W Bush. If you don't believe it or not, see the literal spoken word lyrics in writing at: ~ ~ Because by The Hand Job Of God, the effeminate Pope from the seven hills of Rome arrived on the Roman/tic fascistic fantasy island of Cuba on the same day of this, and that, at: ~ ~ AND THIS LESBOS ISLAND THING TOO AT: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Damn straight, if not for the women, America would not be the [42 months long] Orwellian 666 nightmare that it is today. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS IRAN: Basically, it is the over bearing liberal Jewish women in Israel who do not want the Jewish men to bomb you. So now the bitches need to get some sense beat into them. ~ ~ "We don't know why we beat our wives. But sometimes we just have to do it." Tad Danielevski, NBC/BYU/USC, double EMMYS award winner. ~ ~ Of course, a nice and vigorous and thorough mouthwash fucking is always a better alternative. Taking your leather belt off completely, like in THE OBJECT OF BEAUTY, should only be a last resort. ~ ~ PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO NOTES: See this clip of Miley Sire Us giving me the royal purple hand job at: ~ ~ And no, my erect 7" pinkie finger cock does not look that freakishly blue or purple. ~ ~ Whatever, here is the Peter Principle movie poster one-sheet for the 1985 movie at: ~ BIRTHDAY BOY NOTES: They were literally setting up the cameras and lights to start shooting PAT AND MIKE on the day that I was born. Which was about a Donald Trump sound alike becoming the coach and manager of my future wife who plays on a TRUMP style casino club gambler's resort golf course at: ~ ~ Talk about me laughing all the way to the bank.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


The fact that Brad Pitt is still not shooting his final SON OF LEBOWSKI opus on John Wayne's restored 91' yatch in Seattle [Valued around two big ones.] is all you need to know about where we are right now. ~ ~ Think THE ELEPHANT MAN theater in London preceded KING CHARLES III, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ In order that THE OBJECT OF BEAUTY's pre GSR/TWN prophecy would be taken in the right way; and not the left way. ~ ~ Some of the best independently financed films that I have ever seen had six figure plus budgets. ~ ~ "Some of the things that my husband invests his money into are pretty crazy." Angelina Jolie. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RED HORSE PROPHECY NOTES: That wealthy billionaire standing in the background, sporting a socialistic single red rose on his Taylor [Swift] RL suit lapel, represents the red horse who helps the white horse fight the black horse in Joseph Smith's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. ~ ~ CORRECTION: Male homosexuality is what is punished by stoning to death in the Kingdom of God. Hot fucking to-the-max lesbianism, not so much. ~ ~ In other words; there is no such thing as bisexuality, et. There is only good or bad humanistic sexuality. ~ ~ PS MS PALTROW: Your award winning movie called SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE was about you making me feel all new and young again. And because of that, you get to look and feel like you are in your sexy horny twenties all over again for the next 50/50 years. ~ ~ Believe you me. You give me 10%, I make you look way more than 10% younger in the next 12 months. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Everything is going to go wrong that could possibly go wrong during your SHOWTIME shooting schedule can also mean that everything will start to go wrong around the world at the time. ~ ~ Which is not necessarily happening to you and your crew in North Bend in that order. ~ ~ Sorry about the head fake. I was thinking about my stepfather Leslie Winn. Who back in the late 50s slipped on a mossy rock and wounded his REV.13 forehead while fishing for native rainbow trout outside of North Bend on the upper middle [third way] fork of the Snoqualmie River. ~ ~ Hitler was right of course; too bad that he was also so much of a self righteous shortie idiot that he did not know how to help the lesser people with darker skin who were not as good as him. ~ ~ According to the BM, sometimes the niggers are even better than the Jews, yada yada.

Friday, September 18, 2015


Today's fake Republican party icecream cone clowns like to talk about what a fake conservative Donald Trump is. ~ ~ And they are right of course; but every time that they open their mouths and start lying about Barack Obama's fake PDF file birth certificate, they give my man with the blond hair job another billion dollars in free publicity. ~ ~ In other words, today's CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964 anti communist conservativism is as fake as the abomination of desolation's day 1290 birth certificate on the official White House web site. ~ ~ And if any you naive white christian morons out there on talk radio disagree with me, then prove it. ~ ~ The way I see it, why not just vote for the real thing? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MEL: Your really good GET THE GRINGO Internet movie was a DANIEL 9 prophecy about the time when Donald Trump would build a fence between the Nephites and the Lamanites in ALMA. Hence that plane crash near [frozen] Rt.32 in Alma, Georgia. ~ ~ ALMA being the BM book that is about the last days' civil war [EZEKIEL 38] invasion between the more civilized white people and the more wild at heart and savage and lawless black people. ~ ~ Ergo, when we two finally meet in person, I will be paying you to make a movie with me. Not the other way around. ~ ~ Of course, you would get final cut rights, etc. ~ ~ Since I would not even have the time on my schedule to have a look at your dailies. ~ ~ Get real dude. ~ ~ AM I more interested in making some LOVE BOAT CONNECTION rip off sailboat movie about me fucking my two underaged costars Chloe Moretz and Hailee Seinfeld? Or do I want to spend all of my time talking on the phone with some old Jewish fucker in Hollywood?

Thursday, September 17, 2015


That 8.3 below the sea hit at CAR 54 past the hour on the day 1260 anniversary for a Divine confirmation of those two witnesses beating back the beast with their flame thrower mouthes in IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA. That was starting to attack the Jew commie ferries of Sodom and Egypt around Berkley and San Francisco in 1955. ~ ~ Chile being a BIG CHILL classic rock reference to Howard Stern and the boys. ~ ~ And the shock radio joker of Judah has correctly predicted that the midnight cowboy is going to win the REV.16 earthquake election of 2016. ~ ~ Wherein the holy city breaks up into three parts. ~ ~ Talk about THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, at:,_the_Bad_and_the_Ugly ~ ~ Oh yeah, sometimes when a really good Republican candidate comes down the pike, he can get at least a good third of the Jewish vote. ~ ~ Come on!! Everybody knows that the Jews love good theater. ~ ~ I'm not just talking here about the homosexual communist Jews. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ UNDENIABLE NOTES: That overweight Latino [Chile] lady went crazy on some AMERICAN flight from Miami to Chicago, and so they had to land in Indianapolous' Indian medicine wheel landmark, during the next/same day's free publicity event for Donald Trump that took place in front of Ronald Reagan's own private jet airliner. ~ ~ FUDGE ROYALE NOTES: Things get held up for my protagonist who is fucking another man's wife in THE OBJECT OF BEAUTY, due to his chocolate cocoa shipment getting stonewalled in Africa. ~ ~ Thank you Jesus very much. ~ ~ At the end of the 1991 movie, you know who standing in the back of the room gives me 28 big ones just to hold me over until that problem from Africa is solved. ~ ~ Per the prophecy in DANIEL 9 happens about America's border fences getting rebuilt in troubling times.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Think ET meets IT darling. ~ ~ I may not be talking about you so much lately, but you are never that far from my mind in the long run. For starters see: ~ ~ Jesus baby, I had never even thought about an ET remake, prequel, sequel rip off. And then you come along and make me feel all new again. ~ ~ Now I'm thinking DUNE:II meets ET:II, written and directed by Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ Yeah yeah, dude knows shit about prophecy and politics; but he does seem to have a corner on the geek market. ~ ~ Meanwhile, last night I saw THE OBJECT OF BEAUTY. ~ ~ Which was about my limited 1/9 9" long trout issued marred servant sculpture by Henry Moore; that knows how to speak to the deaf daughters of Israel in 2NEPHI,8 etc. at: ~ ~ Note the [genealogy] oak tree stump on the dark bronze skinned art object. ~ ~ The wide-apart UFO alien eyes. ~ ~ Remember girl, once upon a time in 1979 I too was living in the lap of luxury in Stanwood, Washington; while having about $46 and change in my wallet and pocket. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MALE SEX GOD NOTES: Do you want a real manly man who really listens to you and knows how you feel? Of course you do. ~ ~ Then why not have Divinely intimate married relations with a sanctified stud/being in the Celestial Kingdom of the BOOK OF MORMON? Who has been given the godly super powers of God to go ahead and fuck his 100 pairs of wives at the same time? ~ ~ Just remember, the sin of adultery is the 2nd most grevious sin next to murder. ~ ~ Then comes homosexuality. ~ ~

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


One of those two old black and white movies on TV in THE BIG CHILL prophecy is called IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA, at: ~ ~ As confirmed by those 13 self righteous Ephraimites among the seven hills of Hildale and Colorado City who were washed away on 9.14 in a symbolic REV.11-12-13 flash vision type flood. ~ ~ At the start of the feast of trumpets. When Trump was speaking to a huge political rally at the AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER in midnight cowboy Dallas, Texas. ~ ~ Because much like George C/Looney et al, they too believe that Trump is a thing of naught. ~ ~ Exactly like those high society Navy brass think in IT CAME FROM THE [REV.13:1] SEA after the research scientists discover on day 13 that it was a huge OCTOPUSY beast that had attacked the under-the-sea 666 atomic submarine from 666 Oakland, California; via 666 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Where Barack Obama was born, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ Think FANTASY ISLAND meets THE MAN WITH GOLDEN GUN. Get it? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE BIG TURN ON NOTES: The first draft for THE BIG CHILL had Annalynne McCord's 7.16 birthday date on it. ~ ~ As per, for example, when Sam asks Nick what the old movie on late night television is about, in the above 1983 movie, he does not know, and he does not care to know. Kind of like today's former left-wing college radical liberals who now have high paying jobs in the liberal media. Who don't want to know anything about the fact that Obama was born in Africa, and is now using a stolen 666 S.S. number. ~ ~ NOTES FOR SQUARES: Sometimes I AM is the Bobby character in Lynch's WILD AT HEART meets BLUE VELVET Big Tuna, Texas prophecy. Who can't wait to fuck Taylor Swift et al. ~ ~ That is if and when the timing is right, and the money is right. ~ ~ Think Louisiana Jack is now living in the lap of luxury on his wooded acreage property located in North Bend, Washington; after he had got a cool $2,000,000 in some quick cash payoff deal for his Hwy.410 property in Bonney Lake. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Everything that could possibly go wrong with your SHOWTIME shoot in Twin Peaks is going to happen. ~ ~ In other words; give me what I want, and I will leave you alone. ~ ~

Monday, September 14, 2015


Megan looks like Jennifer Anniston to me in THE BIG CHILL's inspired casting that was behind the historically successful FRIENDS reunion sitcom network series. Per her transfigured 30 something no.914 image at BOB'S HOUSE OF PORN that was done by some pirate figure who uses the same sunrise theme logo motif that was used in the iconic 1983 movie, at: ~ ~ Oh yeah, I get 10% of everything. But only after the above movie's opening sequence about the Donald Trump Superboy getting baptized in the bathtub; when his mother/wife gets a telephone call from Jesus; like in MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG CHILL VIEWER'S NOTES: Jeff Goldblum is the primary half-jew GSR character in THE BIG CHILL. The same one who is wearing an I/VOICE Tee way back in 1993, and tries to rationalize his PC problem with being too direct and honest. ~ ~ PS JEN: The only problem that I have with the above fake computerized image no.914 is that her tits are a bit too big. ~ ~ Personally, I like'em a little bit smaller and a little bit more pointed. ~ ~ PS DAVID: When you are finishing up your two witnesses location shooting in North Bend. I AM is going to be buying up all of the rights to any prequels, sequels, or remakes to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. ~ ~ Fuck you very much. ~ ~ FUCK IT NOTES: If Donald Trump never does one of those gay ass election tv debates again, or even ever spends a single FDR dime on advertising, he is still going to win it all. ~ ~ Today's white race populist people of America have become very weary of today's old tired white men leaders who speak with the effeminate voice of authority. ~ ~ DON JUAN NOTES: You give me instead that cool 10% in media advertising stash that you were planning on giving to those homosexual liberal Jew fucks in the upcoming 16 election anyway. I make sure that you get elected. ~ ~ Think about it. Is there anything more boring in this life than endless and repetitive political ads on TV and radio?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

DON'T! .. STOP IT! .. DON'T!.. STOP IT! .. DON'T STOP IT!!...

What do you suppose is the most exciting thing about fucking a couple of underaged virgin hotties on your vintage restored 51' sailboat in Lake Washington? ~ ~ Is it the fantasy island idea about having a lucrative dream role union scale based salary, with full medical and dental benefits? ~ ~ And you see yourself in David Lynch's up and coming reborn again TWIN PEAKS Internet reality tv alternative extended-life career series? Just for the satisfaction of sticking to that bald Dr.Evil Jew fuck at ~ ~ Maybe. Maybe not. ~ ~ But I do know this. Matt Drudge posted that physically transfigured look alike image of Kenny Kemp for a reason, at: ~ ~ "You are fucking money baby!!" Vince Vaughn, SWINGERS, whenever, 1996 meets 20016. ~ ~ And I AM is no more of a crackpot than that inspired by God director who cast his Alison Roth look alike wife as the jet airliner stewardess in THE BIG CHILL meets SNAKES ON A PLANE. ~ ~ For example, Nick drives an old and aging pre-transfiguration 911 with a 9.14 liscence plate. That we see at half6time; when he gets stopped by a CAR 54 cop for speeding on meth/od actor type actor type cocaine. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FEAST OF TRUMPETS NOTES. This month's Jewish feast of trumpets in Brooklyn, NYC is going to be all about Donal Trump. Who is 99% Jewish of course; let's not kid ourselves. Never kid a kidder. ~ ~ PS REDFORD: Your new pint sized movie about the half-truth liberal media is about why you yourself is only about half as tall as a John Wayne or a Ronald Reagan. ~ ~ Therefore, this is why God wanted you to make it. ~ ~ Get it? ~ ~ Remember, my older and more shorter browneyed bipolar brother, Steven Relf, once barged into your round table discussion primerib restaurant chat at SUNDANCE; just to ask you for his back wages as a dishwasher.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Stop and think about it. Stephen King's many books and movies about last days prophecy have a very basic and simple minded essence to them. ~ ~ For instance; his 1980s Reagone era hangover GRAVEYARD SHIFT is a perfect allegory about the millennial "share the shares" business model that is laid out by the Lord at ~ ~ Which is what my father figure in LAGGIES is talking about when he tells Keira Knightley that it is now high time to shift gears. After 30 years of being married to some cold Jewish bitch of a wife who won't even let him fuck Miley and Cara at the same time on my Mercer Island moored 51' sailboat. ~ ~ Because why? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG CHILL OUT NOTES: Even my wife in THE BIG CHILL prophecy let's me fuck her sister wife in order to give her a child; according to the Biblical law of Abraham's wife named Sarah. ~ ~ For example, both of my aging sister wives Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock have adopted unto me a couple of really cute negro slave babies. And I don't really have a problem with that. Just as long they get a 10% inheritance in the deal, and I get control over the other 90%. ~ ~ Being temporaryly married to 4 pairs of wives, for 5 years at a time, at the same time, does have it's expenses. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Perhaps I did not make myself clear. You don't have/half to cast me in your miraculous TWIN PEAKS II: SHOWTIME series unless and until those two curiously horny teenagers from the neighbourhood knock on your production lot trailer door. ~ ~ I AM is not the kind of person who believes in getting something for nothing. ~ ~ "Faith without works is dead." Yada yada. ~ ~ SECRET SHORTCUT NOTES: What have I been telling all of you immature Jew boys at the NYT etc. for the past 42 months? ~ ~ Both of the two late night hosts named Jimmy are secret agent type Republican Party voters, like at: ~ ~ See my all time favorite Woody Allen third wayer movie called THE FRONT, at: ~ ~ Even unto this day, Woody Allen is still trying to make rather dubious UFO citing type excuses for all those red Jewish homosexual fuckers who had betrayed America back in the era of all of those cheap low budget 1950s horror movies about atomic bomb radiation fallout. ~ ~ Fast forward to today when both Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are still doing the same thing. ~ ~ Meanwhile, Trump is going to win the next election without even having to spend one single FDR dime of his own money. ~ ~ After all, who would ever want to throw good money after bad money? ~ ~ [Except of course for that additional 10% in transportation costs that is mentioned in the opening act of KING OF NEW YORK.]

Friday, September 11, 2015


At the end of 1999's STEPHEN KING'S STORM OF THE CENTURY on ABC, we see Relfie and his father of lies walking into Barack Obama's very own private homosexual Chinatown, USA. ~ ~ Where nobody at the NYT et al dare speak openly about Larry Sinclair's completely corroborated book about him sucking on Barry's cock while the future Commander in Chief was sucking on the crack pipe. ~ ~ Ergo, when President Trump's DOJ starts to investigate Obama's Social Security number, all of the post 1260 days darker skinned gentiles in REV.12 are going to start screaming about police brutality and slavery. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EAT ME NOTES: After all of these years, I have been believing that my 1990 vision of my Jewish wife rising up from the grave in EZE.37 was all about a physically transfigured Alison Roth. But now my big picture vision has become much more wider and wiser. ~ ~ Actually, that was the Jewish Gisele Bundchen who rose up from her filthy dirty grave site at the maple trees intersection of 52nd and 17th in northeast Seattle's University District. And then the G-d of Abraham promised me that if I would be willing to sacrifice my first born son, He would make my calling and [2016] election a sure thing. ~ ~ LAGGIES UPDATE: I had to know it, but I just did not remember it. Whatever, I grabbed a used 2.99 copy of THE BIG CHILL last Tuesday at GROCERY OUTLET. Wherein today's actors, who still have a career, were prophetically role playing themselves in the future as a group of physically transfigured thirty something people who get a second chance in life to do better. Because the day after I got it, Mr. Hope&Change was up at Michigan State University yacking about the fantasy island idea of everybody in America getting a free college education. While all of the university professors in the same 666 system get to become Jeffy Relf style slumdog millionaires. ~ ~ About 99% of the slumlord housing in Seattle's U District is now owned by the Chinese. Thank God that they have their own very secretive and private ways of not allowing any niggers to move into their units. ~ ~ Of course, the downside of this is that you have people urinating, deficating, and masterbating on the sidewalks and streets of San Francisco and Oak Town. ~ ~ PS JAMES BOND: I would rather round up innocent people and take them out into the woods and shoot them; rather than vote for that fascist free icecream cones Jew clown commedian from New Berlin, Vermont. ~ ~ Been there, done that, better dead than red. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: You are way too old to be worrying about any personal career ramifications if you cast me in TWIN PEAKS II: SHOWTIME. By then it will be too late for the devil in my own private BLUE VELVET movie to stop you. ~ ~ Seriously, they are going to have to give you what you want if they want the likes of you and me to go away and leave them alone. ~ ~ "BLUE VELVET was this year's best movie. I just liked everything about it." Woody Allen. ~ ~ Anyway, I'm thinking that you make me out to be the [uncompleted-film] Orson Welles devil look alike figure in your TV series homage to IT'S ALL TRUE. ~ ~ PS RUSH: Donald Trump said that he has never had to ask god for forgiveness because he has never committed any sins. Fuck me now Jesus. I knew the guy was pretty good, but not that good. ~ ~ No wonder that he is going to win it all in the 16th Ave N.E. year of our Lord. ~ ~ Talk about responding to left-wing absurdity with right-wing absurdity.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


That spoken word revelation in the 2BC about today's RLDS leaders in Utah selling fake jewelry is why STEPHEN KING'S STORM OF THE CENTURY takes place in a small town meeting house that looks like the great and abominable church of the devil described in 1NEPHI and MULHOLLAND DR. etc. ~ ~ Remember, today's White House in DC is a Greek temple columns metaphor for all of the desacrated Mormon temples in the last days. Per the spoken word of God that says what goes on in there is "vomit". ~ ~ Therefore, Miley Cyrus was feeling sicky yesterday, but today she is feeling better. ~ ~ Talk about having your cake and eating it too... What's next? Woody Allen is going to cast Smiley in his next movie about me fucking two underaged girls at the same time on my boat in Lake Washington? ~ ~ Just because he knows in his heart that he owes me some really serious cake? ~ ~ And he knows in his heart that I never ever take no for an answer. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS NICKY: You were the figuratively mindless tv media bimbo co-star in the TO DIE FOR prophecy that was about the time when the midnight cowboy in NYC, Donald Trump, would be running for President in 16. ~ ~ So then you die in the future time again and then you become born again in the future time as one of my future wives who likes to keep the three way passion alive in her never ending sexually charged up marriage. For example, my physically transfigurated antihero in STEPHEN KING'S STORM OF THE CENTURY is seen walking along the sidewalk with my son Sean Relf in the end. ~ ~

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Hillary Clinton tried that whole 'own it' thing in her latest comments about her own private email spy network withing the agency. ~ ~ See Pierce Brosnan's latest spy movie about a parallel government operation operating behind the scenes of a legitimate government front agency. ~ ~ And if that doesn't do it for you, see DIE ANOTHER DAY meets almost every spy movie made in the past ten years. ~ ~ To paraphrase my dual personality anti protagonist in ADAPTATION, costarring Nicolas Cage and Nick Cage. ~ ~ That was just another one of my own private crackpot movies made by some arrogant Jew prick at: ~ ~ Whose own career suddenly died in the same way that Stephen King died over and over again on the operating table in 1999. ~ ~ 'Hell is repetition.' ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KING MAKER NOTES: King's three part ABC TV movie about Mr.Anderson's general store was about the 6.8 Ash Wednesday earthquake on Anderson Island, Washington in the same 2001 year of the 9.11 actacks on those two dark towers of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: The abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 and DANIEL 12 gets what he wants for 42 months. Because it is going to take that long for today's foolish and naive old white men in polite society to start talking openly about Obama's stolen Social Security number. ~ ~ Of course, FDR's Socialist Security and LBJ's civil rights madness is all ridiculously unconstitutional in the first place; but one has to start somewhere. Beggers can't be choosers. ~ ~ 666ER NOTES: The book of ISAIAH has 66 chapters because it is about the 66.6+ era of me in the last days. For example, the abominable church's snowman Pope from the 7-hills of ROMA, who was featured in the two 1966s OUR MAN IN LIKE FLINT movies, will be making his suddenly prophetic appearance in 1776 Philadelphia during the 42 months of PC tyranny cited in REV.11-13. ~ ~ Remember guys, it doesn't really matter that much if the new half Jew Saudi Arabian king, who fully backs Obama, speaks in the same old effeminate voice of the apostate pope of Rome in the latter days of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. Or even if Hillary Clinton is a Supreme Court type overweight and aging lesbian; and her dying fake husband is a killer and a rapist from the past, etc. ~ ~ Their deal ends after 42 months. ~ ~ Around the same time when my 42 months of fucking Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevigne starts to happen. Per that VAMPIRE HAPPENING Andy Warhole rip-off prophecy that has just be confirmed over again at:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


STEPHEN KING'S STORM OF THE CENTURY in 1999 was the one about the silver wolf-cane devil abducting little 'Relfie'. And then some 15 years later he is living in the Oak Town area and is ready to wreck havock on the world. ~ ~ Given King's amazingly accurate track record in the area of artistic prophecy, this is something that we should all take very seriously. ~ ~ For example, only a few months after the above TV movie played on ABC in three installments, Stephen was hit in the back by a big black [Big Foot nigger] dog named Bullet while walking along Rt.5 in Maine. The very same state that is shaped like a cut off dog's head when you turn your road map upside down. ~ ~ Ergo, my anti hero in CAPOTE states very matter of factly that he has been self-tested and proven to be right about "94% of the time". ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRACKING NOTES: When I brought up my own private autobiography movie called CAPOTE on this newsletter blog, hundreds of pink [gay] flamingos were killed in Spain by an apocalyptic hail storm. For the idea that the Muslims like to kill homosexuals by stoning, yada yada. See: ~ ~ STOCK NOTE TIPS: King's DEAD ZONE prophecy opens with a roller coaster ride that represents the time in 2015-16 when the stock market's casino gambler Donald Trump status quo will die. And that's a good thing; from the point of view that the only politician that I would vote for right now is Donald Trump. ~ ~ LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL NOTES: That little boy who drowned on a symbolic beach in Malibu was the very same age as little 'Relfie' in STEPHEN KING'S STORM OF THE CENTURY. Hence that Area Code 310 5-dead plane crash north of Silverdale, Colorado; around where Taratino Italiano just made his last will and testament homage to Federico Fellini at: . ~ ~ I kid you not, just southwest of there is a Colorado red rock landmark called Lizard Head. ~ ~

Monday, September 7, 2015


Starting this very Labour Day night, I AM probably going to be forced to dig into STEPHEN KING'S STORM OF THE CENTURY. Because it will probably take at least 3 1/2 days to completely work my way through all 4+ hours of it. ~ ~ "Bobby Peru don't come up for air." when he is eating out Adriana Lima's pussy and all that thing in WILD AT HEART meets WILD ORCHID. ~ ~ I mean think about it. When that ugly overweight Christian church lady was sent into politically correct prison in Kentucky; all that Donald Trump had to say about it was; "It's the law of the land." ~ ~ Which is why at the beginning of KING OF NEW YORK, Donald Trump takes a catholic church style baptism shower. ~ ~ In order to get the 666 prison smell off him. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AMBER ALERT NOTES: Here is a nice new shot of my wife Amber wondering what it would be like to have a 3-way with Greg, at: ~ ~ Note the amber sun glasses frames that are intended to hide what the shaddy lady is really thinking. ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: The high court decision about gay marriage being a right was made by three overweight old lesbians and two very old men. Don't kid yourself. It is an "EXTREMELY CONTROVERSIAL ISSUE!!" to paraphrase my plain talking character in the opening to CAPOTE. ~ ~ You may be the king of all the nigger lovers in Jew York for now. But way out in the west of Big Tuna, Texas and Willis, Oklahoma, the midnight cowboys there will drop you like a hot plate if they ever think that you are trying to pull one over on them. ~ ~ Remember, I am the one who is in charge of everything now. ~ ~ Some stupid mindless low budget indie film plays at SUNDANCE, or at VENICE, or on the Internet channel; I get a piece of it. ~ ~ He who pays the fiddler calls the tune. ~ ~ Mick Jagger is a 666 style control freak, says Keith Richards. ~ ~ It's pretttttty hard to argue with that, one way or the other, when you think about it. ~ ~

Sunday, September 6, 2015


My longtime graveyard shift girlfriends who get it in the end at TWN/GSR will understand the significance of the abomination of desolation awarding Stephen King and Sally Fields with a gold framed copy of his fake birth certificate on 9.10. ~ ~ Talk about stepping in it. ~ ~ Meanwhile back in Malibu, a hammer head shark bit the DAN.2 foot of a surfer in Woody Allen's upcoming period piece about Pierce Brosnan getting his head hammered. In confirmation of all of those HAMMER FILMs made in the UK in the 50s and 60s. ~ ~ Not to mention my own private Malibu Beach fuck film starring Miranda Kerr; that was made especially for me and her around the time, called... Oh shit, I can't even remembered what it was called right now; something about Paul Newman busting Jennifer Anniston, or something like that. And then my Mr.Bros. has a million dollar garage fire sale on "Beach Front Drive" that was to die for. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NFL ÑOTES: Could be complete bullshit. But I did hear something on the radio about Stephen King's New England PATRIOTS having their opening game against Rush Limbaugh's STEELERS this Thursday. Could this be a mega dittos confirmation of King's STORM OF THE CENTURY prophecy? Wherein the Jewish Bibi type right-wing populist Donald Trump goes head to head with that left-wing populist from Queens, Brooklyn named Bernie Sanders? ~ ~ Fuck it. This is September. The only month left in my life that really interests me anymore on a deep personal level. When I traditionally get the ROYAL COACHMAN peacock no.12 buckhair bug to go fly fishing for those tasty native rainbow trout in the Upper Stilly; and those exotic black spotted Montana cutthroats below the two Jordan Lakes of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Yeah whatever. Call me a geek, call me a queer, call me a Nazi homo; just don't call me late for dinner. ~ ~ ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME NOTES: In that movie about me, wherein we see a huge beer-lovers bithers billboard of Barack Obama in Saigon, Viet Nam, on the southern side of America... Fuck it. I can't even remember what I was going to say. Or even which iconic [INGLORIOUS BASTERDS meets M.A.S.H.] movie I was thinking about. Which reminds me, that old short balding Jew fuck who is still in change of what happens at SNL and the NYT has cast my wife Miley Cyrus as the host of their fall/winter season opening hunting season show. ~ ~ In my world, we hunt upland grouse in the fall, and we hunt ducks in the winter. ~ ~ PRODUCER NOTES: Last night I dreamed that any low budget film that has a character in it who wears a cowboy hat should hold off for now. Which would not preclude any TV Internet series or indie film prequel-sequel-remake series that features some character wearing a cowboy hat in the right context of my dream. ~ ~ In other words, THE HATEFUL 8 is probably a completely inspired SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL type deception inspiration from the devil in winter time; along the lines of Spencer W Kimball's swinging 70s revelation about the negro priesthood. Remember now, these were the years when I thought that I was married to Laurence Pierson in the Provo, Utah temple for all time and eternity. But it only lasted for just 5 of my younger foolish years; starting out with us living in a basement apartment on 5th South in Provo. At the very same time that Stephen and Ornellq Fresh were also liviving in a basement apartment in Provo off of 7th East. And then her 16ish sister Donatella came along from Napoli, Italia and spred her legs for me in her skin tight white denims, thereby completely knocking me out of my senses. ~ ~ PS DONNATELA: I am going to rescue and save every single one of your precious lost girlfriend sisters in Napoli and Roma. For let me know if I am forgetting anyone of them. ~ ~ If you are not happy with me, then I am not happy with me. ~ ~ For good sakes, who wants to make love with someone who does not love you?

Saturday, September 5, 2015


See what I mean what I AM saying in the opening sequence to CAPOTE? I may be a little bit controversial to some people. But come on! Even my negro homosexual half Jew drinking buddy in the White House is going to be honoring me for my artistic honesty this next Thursday. ~ ~ Talk about becoming mainstream in the end with a touch of spicy evil edginess. In order to keep it not too boring and self centered from an autobiograhical point of view. ~ ~ For example, at the end of the credits to Stephen King's low budget B actors [1990] GRAVEYARD SHIFT movie, I get a special [last but not least] thank you for my 12 years of working the GSR/TWN graveyard shift in Granny Grass' cluttered basement. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: Two nights ago I dreamed that I AM YOU gave me an exclusive look at the first rough-cut version of your 9th and final will and testament movie. ~ ~ Actually, to my own private home movie [super-8mm] surprise, I thought that it was a pretty OK film; all things considered. And while I was walking out of the small room screening, Michael you-know-who said simply, "BUY IT". ~ ~ So now I see my wife at the Venezia film festival saying the very same thing that I would say about your latest opus. For instance, at: ~ ~ And no, I am not interested in having a private time reading of the your really secret screenplay for your next project. I only want to know who is in it, and how much will it cost me. ~ ~ PS KEN KEMP: Your little PIPER CHEROKEE plane crashed after takeoff at the Gillespie airport in Santee [sainted] Nestorville on Thursday, killing those men in their late 50s, because that is what is going to happen to the mainstream religion Mormonism of Larry King et al in Utah County. ~ ~ Relax dude, the current refugee invasion of northeastern Europe is about the lost tribes of Israel escaping from Assyria [Syria] and pushing their way all across western Europe. ~ ~ So here is what you need to do if you ever want a nice and generous slice of my kind of money. ~ ~ You need to track down Paul Nestor and hire him as your video camera man on your upcoming 12 part-series about the lost 12 tribes of Israel on Thursdays at THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL.

Friday, September 4, 2015


When that iconic Catholic nun bimbo [media reporter] actress Sally Field won an OSCAR it changed everything in Hollywood. ~ ~ Try to remember now. It was the marxist unionist arm-of-flesh muscle that put both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini into power in the 1930s. ~ ~ Which is why today's Jewish wonder child director of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS looks exactly like some ugly mean spirited union thug straight from central casting; circa 1942-1943. ~ ~ And then just a few years later, all of those Jewish scientist traitors at America's atomic bomb laboratories were sneaking their secrets out the back door to their communist running dog kin in red Russia. ~ ~ And to this very day, Clyde Lewis and all of his down-winder kin in Utah still believe that there is no difference between white people and Jews; not to mention niggers. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS REDFORD: My gut says that you are going to make it; dead or alive. Same thing goes for Woody Allen, Alan Alda, Michael Caine, Michael Moore, [maybe] Michael Medved, [for sure] Paul Newman, Roger Moore, Mel Brooks, Meathead's legendary Hollywood sitcom father from Brooklyn, NY, Mel Gibson, David Lynch, yada yada. That is unless of course they agree to give me ten percent of their assets in tax free cash money; no questions asked about what I AM is going to do with the money. ~ ~ In other words, I don't care anymore about your extremely grevious personal offenses against me. Since I get a billion dollars in free publicity money for my first three fuck films wherein I look like a more scary version of me at: ~ ~ So close your eyes and fantasize that I AM is Iggy Pop who is fucking you in the mouth at first. Knowing full well that things are going to get really better in the not so distant future. ~ ~ PS ANGELINE LILLY AND CHARLIZE THERON: Don't worry about the politically correct 7-HILLS authorities looking into your personal private bank accounts. By the time that they figure out what you are up to it will already be TOO LATE. And I will be having a shit load of hot monkey sex fun fucking Ellen Page in the mouth mouth while her favorite girlfriend sister wife is serving both of us on a silver platter plate of rare aged cheeses with rare aged red wines.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


My SILVER BULLET notes about Justin Beiber getting a speeding ticket in Beverly Hills rolled out on a full moon weekend. Therefore, today's Half Moon, North Car/olina confirmation happened near the very same place where they shot their Big Foot vampire prophecy in 1983 about today's NBA size giant niggers who are trying to take over America. ~ ~ Exactly like in the days of Noah. ~ ~ Rember, this is where today's U.S. Marines are dedicated to protecting Barack Obama, and not the U.S. Constitution. ~ ~ Talk about having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAD DIET NOTES: In King's misspelled PET SEMATARY, the children suffer and die because of their parents' bad seed diets. Hence the spiritually and physically crippled birth defect kid in SILVER BULLET; filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, yada, yada. ~ ~ P.S. SEINFELD: I read about your local small town sheriff shutting down your kids' lemonade stand right after I saw one of the locals in SILVER BULLET make lemonade in his pants when he gets attacked by the half moon werewolf. ~ ~ P.S.KING: I know that your heart is in the right place. But just like Truman Capote, your widowed mother dragged you around from town to town while seeking after strange flesh sex. Much like what my exwives wives Sandra Bullock and Charlie Theron are doing these days; not to mention my more current wife Miley Cyrus and her sister wife Taylor Swift; for a more contemporary example. ~ ~ ANTI-COMMUNIST RADIO CALLER NOTES: Non of you conservative talk radio half Jew hosts out there have a prayer against Donald Trump as long as you all insist on lying about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate and stole Social Security number. ~ ~ P.S. KEN KEMP: Your biggest career mistake as a struggling talented novelist was your ignorant Mormon gay ass devotion to writing books that were nothing but butt kiss to apostate Christianity. Too bad; all of this time you could have been writing novels that were a more worthy rip off of what your hero Stephen King started back in the 1980s. ~ ~ Thank God for the physical transfiguration! Now you get a second chance to one up it; with Bruce Willis appearing on stage no less in your next off Broadway play, like at: ~ ~ Never be afraid to try new things. ~ ~ INSIDE BASEBALL POLITICS: Trump is going to win the next big REV.16TH Ave. N.E. earthquake election in Seattle, Washington, King County in 2016. ~ ~ Deal with it. ~ ~ Get over it. ~ ~ Move on. ~ ~ The end is near. ~ ~ Barack Obama was born in Kenya. ~ ~ Everybody knows it. ~ ~ I get 10% even though I don't really need it. ~ ~ My niggers get 90% of it because God knows they need it much more than I do. ~ ~ RECENT REVELATION NOTES: The other night, God revealed to me in a flash vision that the lost tribe of Dan was more Asian than Caucasian. Hence, he is not mentioned in REV.9's chapter about the 144 million white people coming to their senses in the last days of the darkies invasion in EZE.38 etc. ~ ~ P.S. PIERCE BRONSAN: Come on bro, have a sense of humor. Tell the rest of us vicarious living losers out there in tv land how you got that bruising on your forehead.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


America's unknown homosexual leader from Mercer Island, Washington Lake, just renamed the 20,237' Mt.McKinley for a reason. ~ ~ By that I mean of course, CAPOTE opens with me making a joke about some future well educated negro queer fucking some white Jewish mama's boy queer in the butt in Brooklyn, NY. ~ ~ Which later ends after Capote goes over to that sleazy hotel and gay bar in Dodge City, Kansas at street number 237. ~ ~ And they still say to this day that I AM is the one who is controversial, not them. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DODGING THE ISSUE NOTES: Not only is Barack Obama a confirmed illegal alien, who is using a proven stolen Social Security number, and a proven fake birth certificate; but we now know beyond any doubt that he is also more of your typical liberal truth-dodger than most Americans were lead to believe back in 2008. See: ~ ~ For example, STARDUST MEMORIES was a prophecy about the metaphorical and spiritual death of Woody Allen. Wherein I got so much fuck-you money deposited into Angeline Lilly's private account at THE BANK OF CANADA that I get to pick and choose which projects I want to be involved with in the future. And I could give a flying fuck if the money is right. Just as long as I get union scale and a respectable cash payout per diem. ~ ~ Just like my sidekick in today's desecrated temple, let me worry about any side deals I may make with my two wives of Sienna Miller and Charlie Theron. ~ ~ Fuck it. ~ ~ I do what I want. ~ ~ PS ELLEN PAGE: When the cats named 'Church' go into the confession booth at their local church and admit that they are sexually nutered he/she lesbians, they immediately feel more relaxed and liberated when they come out and only have to say a dozen or so hail Mary prayers. ~ ~ Whatever, you get what you pay for in movies like THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE meets KING OF NEW YORK.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Now that I am flush beyond my wildest dreams, I can really start to tell it like it is. ~ ~ Talk about having fuck you money. ~ ~ For example, my contemporary exwife Taylor Swift got tossed into the mix with all of those rioting BLACK LIVES MATTER niggers during her Saturday night concert at PETCO in Nestorville, California. For the idea of sisters helping their sisters with the next day's VMAs debut of Miley Sire Us' new free wives album entitled MILEY CYRUS & HER DEAD PETZ. ~ ~ So then I immediately tried to watch 1989's misspelled PET SEMATARY prophecy. But apparently I had gotten into a bad glass of carrot juice or something. Because only around 33 minutes into the 4 wheels Indian medicine wheels movie about EZE.10, I AM forced me to spend the rest of the night flushing my flooded out REV.12 toilet over and over again. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CAPOTE NOTES: In the final act of this movie that was about me, Truman spends most of his days just laying around in bed while waiting for those two Kansas farm family killers to finally die. So that he can get on with his career as a sometimes screenwriter, sometimes novelist, and sometimes bit actor on the Johnny Carson show, etc. etc. ~ ~ PS BUD LIGHT: When you see my swift black 1979ish exwife stick-shift era twin turbo LOTUS 4-banger parked inside of Granny Grass' two car garage, don't assume that I AM is having a midlife crisis, or worse. ~ ~ Because my dying friend in Bonney Lake gave it to me for ten percent on the dollar as his final and last testament statement that was deliberately meant to fuck with the current 666 status quo folks. [He was the invisible hand genius who engineered all of DADDY DON'S drag racer cars in the 60s and 70s that broke the 200 mph 7 seconds barrier at EVERGREEN RACEWAY.] ~ ~ NEW NAIVE READERS: My new LOTUS is the same car that is featured in that George Bush look alike James Bond movie about my wolf pack submarines that will be based in the UK. ~ ~ In other words, I will utterly destroy you if you ever even try to harm the Holy Grail homeland of my pure white race forefathers. Which would include all of France, and the better half of northern Italy; not to mention Germany and white Russia.