Friday, September 11, 2015


At the end of 1999's STEPHEN KING'S STORM OF THE CENTURY on ABC, we see Relfie and his father of lies walking into Barack Obama's very own private homosexual Chinatown, USA. ~ ~ Where nobody at the NYT et al dare speak openly about Larry Sinclair's completely corroborated book about him sucking on Barry's cock while the future Commander in Chief was sucking on the crack pipe. ~ ~ Ergo, when President Trump's DOJ starts to investigate Obama's Social Security number, all of the post 1260 days darker skinned gentiles in REV.12 are going to start screaming about police brutality and slavery. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EAT ME NOTES: After all of these years, I have been believing that my 1990 vision of my Jewish wife rising up from the grave in EZE.37 was all about a physically transfigured Alison Roth. But now my big picture vision has become much more wider and wiser. ~ ~ Actually, that was the Jewish Gisele Bundchen who rose up from her filthy dirty grave site at the maple trees intersection of 52nd and 17th in northeast Seattle's University District. And then the G-d of Abraham promised me that if I would be willing to sacrifice my first born son, He would make my calling and [2016] election a sure thing. ~ ~ LAGGIES UPDATE: I had to know it, but I just did not remember it. Whatever, I grabbed a used 2.99 copy of THE BIG CHILL last Tuesday at GROCERY OUTLET. Wherein today's actors, who still have a career, were prophetically role playing themselves in the future as a group of physically transfigured thirty something people who get a second chance in life to do better. Because the day after I got it, Mr. Hope&Change was up at Michigan State University yacking about the fantasy island idea of everybody in America getting a free college education. While all of the university professors in the same 666 system get to become Jeffy Relf style slumdog millionaires. ~ ~ About 99% of the slumlord housing in Seattle's U District is now owned by the Chinese. Thank God that they have their own very secretive and private ways of not allowing any niggers to move into their units. ~ ~ Of course, the downside of this is that you have people urinating, deficating, and masterbating on the sidewalks and streets of San Francisco and Oak Town. ~ ~ PS JAMES BOND: I would rather round up innocent people and take them out into the woods and shoot them; rather than vote for that fascist free icecream cones Jew clown commedian from New Berlin, Vermont. ~ ~ Been there, done that, better dead than red. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: You are way too old to be worrying about any personal career ramifications if you cast me in TWIN PEAKS II: SHOWTIME. By then it will be too late for the devil in my own private BLUE VELVET movie to stop you. ~ ~ Seriously, they are going to have to give you what you want if they want the likes of you and me to go away and leave them alone. ~ ~ "BLUE VELVET was this year's best movie. I just liked everything about it." Woody Allen. ~ ~ Anyway, I'm thinking that you make me out to be the [uncompleted-film] Orson Welles devil look alike figure in your TV series homage to IT'S ALL TRUE. ~ ~ PS RUSH: Donald Trump said that he has never had to ask god for forgiveness because he has never committed any sins. Fuck me now Jesus. I knew the guy was pretty good, but not that good. ~ ~ No wonder that he is going to win it all in the 16th Ave N.E. year of our Lord. ~ ~ Talk about responding to left-wing absurdity with right-wing absurdity.

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