Monday, September 21, 2015


God damn people, IT WAS born in Africa already. ~ ~ Time to get over it and move on and try the next thing. ~ ~ "Shit..." MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ Repetition is hell, and all that. ~ ~ If you bimbos really wanted to hurt Donald Trump, you would take another tack. ~ ~ The man already has on hand a gazillion $$$$ in campaign cash. So why do you cheap bitches keep giving him all of your free publicity? ~ ~ Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BOOK OF MORMON STUD/IES: In the BM it says that the Catholic Church that sits upon the seven hills in Rome is the most abominable church of all churches. ~ ~ For example, watch OUR MAN IN LIKE FLINT; starring Woody Norris. My former flakey business partner in SLC, UT during the swinging 70s. Back when the new and improved RLDS church in Utah began to give the higher priesthood to the sons of Ham in their newly printed editions of the PEARL OF GREAT PRICE. Exactly as predicted in Gwyneth Paltrow's own private Idaho prophecy called CARNIVAL OF SOULS. ~ ~ Oddly enough, or not, they make her look like her mormon polygamist [HBO BIG LOVE] sister wife Nicole Kidman in the one sheet at: ~ ~ Whatever, I AM will probably get the hots for them all over again sometime during the upcoming physical transfiguration era. ~ ~ Fuck it, why not. ~ ~ I still have the pre transfiguration hots for Elizabeth Hurley and Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock. So why not I hook up with a couple of younger hotties in the meantime just to hold me over and keep me alive? King David style. ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Starting Sunday night, I began watching the 1976-1776 prophecy about your run for president in 2015; prophetically called LOGAN'S RUN. That casted you as a physically transfigured older tall character with a blond superior race hair job. Who always appreciates a good looking younger woman, just like I do, like at: ~ ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: Recently, Michael let me know that you and your sister wife in Vancouver, BC still have a good 5+ years left on you in the fame fatale department. Wherein I really do want to, and I really do have to, fuck you two and your two sisters at the same time first. Because you two are the best thing that ever happened to me. ~ ~ PS CHARLIZE: You get to get in on this deal too, if the money is right of course. ~ ~ Believe me you; I do know how much it would cost me to fuck you and your mother's teenager granddaughters from Africa too in AMERICAN GIGIOLO, etc. "We don't believe in idealistic Biblical principles and ideas. We just believe in helping lonely little boys and girls who don't know who their father is..." Paraphrasing the devil pope of the Roman church in MISSION IMMPOSSIBLE: III.

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