Saturday, September 12, 2015


Stop and think about it. Stephen King's many books and movies about last days prophecy have a very basic and simple minded essence to them. ~ ~ For instance; his 1980s Reagone era hangover GRAVEYARD SHIFT is a perfect allegory about the millennial "share the shares" business model that is laid out by the Lord at ~ ~ Which is what my father figure in LAGGIES is talking about when he tells Keira Knightley that it is now high time to shift gears. After 30 years of being married to some cold Jewish bitch of a wife who won't even let him fuck Miley and Cara at the same time on my Mercer Island moored 51' sailboat. ~ ~ Because why? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG CHILL OUT NOTES: Even my wife in THE BIG CHILL prophecy let's me fuck her sister wife in order to give her a child; according to the Biblical law of Abraham's wife named Sarah. ~ ~ For example, both of my aging sister wives Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock have adopted unto me a couple of really cute negro slave babies. And I don't really have a problem with that. Just as long they get a 10% inheritance in the deal, and I get control over the other 90%. ~ ~ Being temporaryly married to 4 pairs of wives, for 5 years at a time, at the same time, does have it's expenses. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Perhaps I did not make myself clear. You don't have/half to cast me in your miraculous TWIN PEAKS II: SHOWTIME series unless and until those two curiously horny teenagers from the neighbourhood knock on your production lot trailer door. ~ ~ I AM is not the kind of person who believes in getting something for nothing. ~ ~ "Faith without works is dead." Yada yada. ~ ~ SECRET SHORTCUT NOTES: What have I been telling all of you immature Jew boys at the NYT etc. for the past 42 months? ~ ~ Both of the two late night hosts named Jimmy are secret agent type Republican Party voters, like at: ~ ~ See my all time favorite Woody Allen third wayer movie called THE FRONT, at: ~ ~ Even unto this day, Woody Allen is still trying to make rather dubious UFO citing type excuses for all those red Jewish homosexual fuckers who had betrayed America back in the era of all of those cheap low budget 1950s horror movies about atomic bomb radiation fallout. ~ ~ Fast forward to today when both Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are still doing the same thing. ~ ~ Meanwhile, Trump is going to win the next election without even having to spend one single FDR dime of his own money. ~ ~ After all, who would ever want to throw good money after bad money? ~ ~ [Except of course for that additional 10% in transportation costs that is mentioned in the opening act of KING OF NEW YORK.]

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