Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Now that I am flush beyond my wildest dreams, I can really start to tell it like it is. ~ ~ Talk about having fuck you money. ~ ~ For example, my contemporary exwife Taylor Swift got tossed into the mix with all of those rioting BLACK LIVES MATTER niggers during her Saturday night concert at PETCO in Nestorville, California. For the idea of sisters helping their sisters with the next day's VMAs debut of Miley Sire Us' new free wives album entitled MILEY CYRUS & HER DEAD PETZ. ~ ~ So then I immediately tried to watch 1989's misspelled PET SEMATARY prophecy. But apparently I had gotten into a bad glass of carrot juice or something. Because only around 33 minutes into the 4 wheels Indian medicine wheels movie about EZE.10, I AM forced me to spend the rest of the night flushing my flooded out REV.12 toilet over and over again. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CAPOTE NOTES: In the final act of this movie that was about me, Truman spends most of his days just laying around in bed while waiting for those two Kansas farm family killers to finally die. So that he can get on with his career as a sometimes screenwriter, sometimes novelist, and sometimes bit actor on the Johnny Carson show, etc. etc. ~ ~ PS BUD LIGHT: When you see my swift black 1979ish exwife stick-shift era twin turbo LOTUS 4-banger parked inside of Granny Grass' two car garage, don't assume that I AM is having a midlife crisis, or worse. ~ ~ Because my dying friend in Bonney Lake gave it to me for ten percent on the dollar as his final and last testament statement that was deliberately meant to fuck with the current 666 status quo folks. [He was the invisible hand genius who engineered all of DADDY DON'S drag racer cars in the 60s and 70s that broke the 200 mph 7 seconds barrier at EVERGREEN RACEWAY.] ~ ~ NEW NAIVE READERS: My new LOTUS is the same car that is featured in that George Bush look alike James Bond movie about my wolf pack submarines that will be based in the UK. ~ ~ In other words, I will utterly destroy you if you ever even try to harm the Holy Grail homeland of my pure white race forefathers. Which would include all of France, and the better half of northern Italy; not to mention Germany and white Russia.

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